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5 Signs You’re Buying 100% Flax Linen

If you are buying 100% flax linen, it is going to be an expensive one. Therefore, you will definitely not want to end up buying something which seems to be like flax linen. Linen is quite expensive, that is why dealers blend other fabrics with linen to get the best profit. Here’s how you can understand if you are purchasing 100% flax linen bath towels or not.

Natural creases

Flax linen is easy to understand because of its beauty and natural creases that are there throughout the linen fabric. The creases are there because real flax linen favorite is not elastic at all and does not come back to its original shape and size after being relaxed. It keeps on holding the folded rigid shape keeping up the natural fabric creases throughout. It gives the soft and cozy feeling that completes your linen choice.  If you find any line in linen fabric that is perfectly ironed,  it can be a sign that the fabric is not 100% flax linen. Though they look beautiful you are not likely to get impressed

Flax linen gets softer overtime

Yes, this is one of the important signs which you need to understand in order to differentiate real linen from a blend.  Make sure you know the fact that 100% genuine flags linen will always get softer with usage and time.  something that you need to keep your eye on is how your linen products are going to age with time. 100% real flax linen becomes softer after every single wash. You may find it a  little rough over the edges of the texture,  but with time the linen textiles are going to be much soft. Every time you give it a wash, you will find smooth and comfortable linen fabric to wear and sleep. This is one of the important signs that you need to realize whether you have purchased 100% flax linen or not.

Look for the slubs

When you purchase real flax linen you will find tiny little globules Of fabric imperfections that you can easily find dotted throughout the fabric weaving. These globules of imperfections are called slubs. They are naturally occurring and mark the genuine authenticity of genuine flax linen. Machine-made linen Fabric is all about fashionable polyester that will never have any kind of slubs present in the fabric. You can feel slubs only by running your hands over the linen fabric by paying close attention to all those little bumps and globules that speak about how genuine the linen is all about. It is a part of linen’s organic nature and appeals that mark the authenticity and quality of linen. This is truly an amazing kind of fabric for the perfect style of home décor and garments.

Spill some water and check

Check the quality of real flax linen by spilling some water. It is quite funny to carry a bottle of water along with you when you purchase linen. However, one best way to know that you are buying real linen is by splashing some water on the fabric. The way it absorbs water and how fast it absorbs will actually speak about how genuine the linen is. Linen is a highly moisture-wicking fabric and it will undoubtedly absorb water much faster than any other fabric.

Therefore, you can always try out this to find out if you are investing in a good deal. Other fabrics will become messy if you splash water on them. Linen will quickly absorb any amount of water that you spill on the fabric. In fact, linen is the finest fabric that allows you to absorb more than 20% of your own bodyweight before it starts to show how damp the fabric is all about.

The colour of the flax linen

When you decide to purchase real flax linen you need to pay close attention to the colour. When you purchase linen, you should check out the right colour and shade as it speaks a lot about the genuine fabric condition. You need to spread out the linen fabric at the time of purchasing it. The more you spread it, the better you get to see the texture and colour. Whether it is a fabric sheet or a clothing item, spread it well to check out the colour pattern. If there is any uneven colour pattern in the fabric you will see and notice it only when you spread the fabric evenly.

If you find uneven colour shade it can be because of fake linen fabric. Also, if you find any yellow tinge in the linen fabric this is particularly because of a blend of synthetic linen which is not genuine and high quality. It is a blend of linen and synthetic fabric. High-quality or high-end flax linen is all about some glorious colours and bright shade that will be evenly dyed throughout the fabric sheet of linen.

Finishing up

If you want to not overthink these signs and want to get ensured that you are buying 100% flax linen bath towels , visit Trident company today.

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