Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

If you have never utilized the services of an air duct cleaning company, you may not know whether your home needs such services. If you have recently moved into your home, you may be unaware of whether the previous tenants had had these services performed before you moved it. This does not mean, however, that you should just push aside the need to have your ducts clean assuming that it is already done. While it is not necessary to have your entire heating and cooling system thoroughly clean with the same frequency as you deep clean other areas of your home, it is important that this system is duct well-maintain in order to protect your family and in sure the lint dryer cleaning of the system as a whole.

Cleaning professional

A cleaning professional will tell you that there are certain ways that you can know that it is time to have your ducts cleaned if you are unsure of the last time that this system was maintained. Look for the following signs to determine if it is time to contact cleaning company:


    • The vents in the rooms of your home are dusty, and even after you clean them you can see dust and dirt coming out of them when you use the heating or cooling system


    • You can visibly see a growth of mold or fungi inside the ducts or on one of the components of the heating and cooling system


    • You can visibly see a large buildup of contamination and debris inside the air ducts or in the heating and cooling system


    • The insulation of the system is damp


    • There are small pools of water in the air ducts or in the components of the heating cooling system


  • Your duct system has become infested with bugs or rodents.


You may also want to consider an evaluation by a duct system cleaning professional if you have noticed worsening asthma or allergies symptoms, increased respiratory infections or other physical symptoms that you cannot explain. These may be an indication of the existence of pollen, toxic mold or other contaminants inside your heating and cooling system or ducts. A thorough air duct cleaning can remove these contaminants, helping to ease these symptoms (

Professional air duct cleaning services

Another aspect of professional air duct cleaning services is generally the evaluation and cleaning of the dryer vent. Your home’s dryer vent can easily become clogged with lint and fibers from your laundry, both reducing the functionality. Of the machine and creating a fire hazard. Having this dryer vent and the workings of the dryer properly cleaned. Will reduce the energy usage of the dryer, and protect your home from sudden fire. Frequently evaluate the efficiency of your dryer and check the vent located. On the outside of your home for a buildup of lint to. Determine if it may be time for these services.

Safe and clean environment

Making sure that you provide a healthy, safe and clean environment in which your family can live and grow is at the top of your priority list. You want to make sure you do everything that you can to create a home that will protect your family’s health and safety. This means both understanding the steps that you can take in order to keep your home clean and healthy, and knowing how often these steps should be performed to keep your space at its cleanest.

One step that many people choose to take in order to ensure that their home is as clean and healthy. As it possibly can be is utilizing the services of an air duct cleaning company. Duct cleaning helps to remove contamination and. Debris from your heating and cooling unit and duct system, therefore keeping. Traces of this contamination out of the living space and the air that your family breathes. One of the main questions that people have, however, is how often such a cleaning needs to be performed.

Cleaning and maintenance activities

Unlike other types of cleaning and maintenance activities, duct cleaning services do not need to be perform very often. In fact, a duct system that is properly clean and well-maintained only. Needs to have thorough cleanings perform every 3 to 7 years. The length of time between thorough cleanings will depend. On how often it heating and cooling system is use. Whether the family owns pets, the climate in which the home exists and other factors.

You should discuss with the cleaning technician that performs your cleaning how often. He believes that such cleaning services should be performe. Ask him to justify his answer, and give. You clear reasons as to why the cleaning should be perform as frequently as he recommends. A truly qualified duct cleaning professional will give you an honest answer depending on the type. Of debris in contamination that he sees in your system, as well as other factors.

Technician examining

To ensure that your family’s home requires thorough air duct cleaning services less frequently. While also keeping the air clean, your air duct system shouchnician examining the system. For any damage or signs of wear and tear, with replacing air filters and applying sanitizing solution. That will kill any bacteria, viruses, mold or fungi that have grown in the air ducts and. Keep them frontained duct system will continue to operate at peak functionality and provide clean. And healthy air for your family throughout the years.

Restoration contractors

Many restoration contractors are looking for ways to grow and expand their business. It makes sense to consider a service that has good long-term potential, a service that compliments existing services, a service that is not difficult to enter and a service that offers good profitability. Air duct cleaning is just such a service.

The concern and need for good indoor air quality and better energy efficiency will probably never go away, so the market for air duct cleaning should stay strong for a long time. Plus, many fire and mold contaminated restoration projects need the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system cleaned and coated. Duct cleaning/coating is a good way to expand a restoration business and get benefits like:


  • Excellent gross profit margins (40% to 60%).
  • Significant add-on revenues with existing clients.
  • Ability to attract new customers.
  • More diversification can help during challenging economic conditions.
  • Eliminating scheduling and quality control issues sometimes associated with using a subcontractor.
  • Easy integration with your existing business systems (estimating, marketing, accounting, etc.).


There are many questions restoration contractors have regarding this service. Some of these are:

What is air duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning is more than cleaning air ducts. A more appropriate term to use would be “HVAC system cleaning.” The HVAC system includes everything in the air stream. The goal is to remove all the accumulated dirt, debris and other contaminates found in the system. This is called source removal. A basic list of cleaning tasks for residential air duct cleaning include:


  • Visual inspection before and after cleaning.
  • Remove, clean and replace supply air vents and return air grilles.
  • Install access openings as needed and then re-seal after cleaning.
  •  supply air ductwork.
  •  return air ductwork.
  •  the blower/motor assembly in the furnace.
  • the air stream side of the heat exchanger.
  •  the secondary heat exchanger if present.
  • Clean evaporator coil and drain pan.
  • Wash air cleaner if present
  • Replace air filter
  • Coat the ductwork if needed.


What equipment is needed?

In generic terms a typical equipment package to inspect, clean and decontaminate a HVAC systems include:


  • Vacuum collection system to put the ductwork under suction.
  • Agitation and cleaning tools like power brushing systems, air washing/whipping systems.
  • HEPA filtered wet/dry vacuums for contact vacuuming.
  • Air compressor.
  • Duct accessing tools and service panels.
  • Visual inspection system or digital camera.
  • Sanitizer and fogger, coil cleaner, etc.
  • Equipment for applying coatings like cart or robotic spray systems and a commercial airless sprayer.
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Miscellaneous items like hand tools, drop cloths, ladders, etc.
  • Plus, a truck or trailer to transport the equipment.


What does it cost to add air duct cleaning services?

The cost to add air duct cleaning services will be determined by the type of services you want to offer (residential or commercial or both), the type of equipment you select and the level of cleaning and what services you want to offer.

For residential, a basic equipment package will cost from $6,000.00 to $7,500.00. For commercial, a basic package will cost from $9,500.00 to $12,000.00. Additionally, for coating ductwork you would need a spray cart or robotic system and an airless sprayer. Equipment suppliers can typically give you several options to choose from that will best fit your needs and budget.

What Clogs HVAC Ducts

Over time, the ducts within these systems – which can extend for hundreds of feet inside a building – become heavily lined with a dusty, dirty debris that resembles the lint from a clothes dryer. This occurs even with systems that excellent filtration systems. It is just a natural fact when it comes to HVAC systems.

Looked at more closely, the debris that builds up in these systems contain numerous types of materials, depending in part upon the nature of the industrial or commercial building environment and what is housed there. In general, this linty, dusty material caked onto the sides of the ducts consists of certain types of pollutants that can be harmful to the human respiratory systems, namely: pollen, mold, bacteria, spores, fungi, and dust mites.

These pollutants all have various origins and effects on the humans who live and work in their midst. A common name for these types of pollutants that clog HVAC ducts is bioaerosols. Bioaerosols can exacerbate allergies, as well as increase the chances of respiratory problems, including – but not limited to – asthma.

Benefits of Industrial Duct Cleaning

In addition to the human health-related benefits, there are a number of other benefits of using an industrial duct cleaning service. Here is a full list of benefits:

Allergy and asthma relief

  1. Control of dust
  2. Improved air flow throughout your facility
  3.  Up to 30% better overall HVAC system efficiency
  4.  A reduction in energy costs
  5.  Reduced chances of fire

What’s Involved in an Industrial Duct Cleaning Service

When your HVAC system is cleaned, the following steps are typically taken (not necessarily in this order):

1. Removal of registers.

2. Cleaning of supply vents to air handler.

3. Brushing, collecting and sweeping of debris in the system.

4. Antimicrobial treatment fogged into cold air return.

5. Cleaning of the evaporator coil.

6. Cleaning of washable filters.

7. Cleaning of flue exhaust vent.

8. Cleaning of the laundry exhaust vent for fire prevention.

Filtering system

There are several reasons why a home may require duct cleaning services. One of the main reasons is to ensure that the systems are able to function at their best. parts like the motor fans cannot be able to rotate properly if they are clogged by dust or covered by mold. The systems also have the filtering system which needs to be clean for it to function efficiently. In some cases since these systems are used to effect air circulation, allowing dust to settle on them or in some cases pollen grains from trees may lead to these getting blown into the house and thus being inhaled as part of the air.

This may result in allergies in some individuals or even respiratory diseases. Another reason why duct cleaning is important is to stop mold from accumulating on the systems especially if there is some dampness for the ones that happen to be insulated. Some ducts may even get infested by rodents and vermin because they find the suitable conditions for habitation.

Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning can be done in several ways depending on the type of system one is cleaning and what kind of dirt is being cleaned up. For starters, one needs to get access to the dirt. You can start by removing the covers off the vents and ducts so that you can be able to get to the dust. You can then use a sponge and any house cleaning agent to clean it off. Another way of cleaning the ducts is by using a hose pipe and a brush. You could attach the brush at the end of the pipe and scrub as you spray with water. For cases where mold has settled. Visit at:

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