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Causes and Treatment and Symptoms of Telogen effluvium

As per the normal hair cycle, 80 to 90 percent of hairs grow on your head on average. The growing stage of hair is known as the anagen phase. The rest of them go into the Telogen phase, which is stopping of hair growth. The hairs remain in the anagen stage for up to 4 years and then enter the Telogen stage. The Telogen phase remains for 4 months, and then the hair falls to regrow again. The normal hair cycle works like this, and an average person has a hair fall of 100 hairs daily. But, if you are suffering from the condition of Telogen effluvium, then 30 percent of hairs will remain in the Telogen phase. This means that you can experience approximately 300 hair falls in a day which is greater than the average number.
However, there are a number of causes that can trigger this condition. So let’s find them below.


You could experience Telogen effluvium hair loss if you underwent surgical treatment. It could divert the nutrients from the imperative organs that could stop hair regrowth.

Extreme stress

Stress is often not good for the health of hair, and if you are going through major psychological stress, you can experience TE. It can stop the hair follicles from growing new hair. 

Severe illness

Severe illnesses like high fever, infection, and hemorrhage can lead to such conditions due to trauma.

Extreme weight loss

Weight loss is good to stay healthy, but it can sometimes become a possible reason for Telogen effluvium. The possible reason behind this could be a restrictive diet that can cause a loss of nutrients in the body. An unhealthy diet can also let you experience this condition for hairs.

Hormonal changes

This is a possible cause among women due to hormonal changes that are backed up by childbirth or menopause.

Symptoms of Telogen effluvium hair loss

Hair thinning

You can visibly experience thinning of hairs when you are suffering from TE. You can notice that the hairs are gradually becoming thin that are prone to break or fall easily.

Hair dryness

TE can also cause hair dryness to a significant extent. It can steal the shine of your hair that can make you really annoying.

Hair loss during normal activities

Hair washing and combing are normal activities. But, they seem abnormal when you notice the huge amount of hair falls during washing and combing. This could be alarming and signifies the TE condition.

Abnormal hair fall

Losing up to 100 hairs a day is a normal thing. But, when you notice the amount of hair fall that is in larger amount, it could upset you. You may possibly be suffering from Telogen effluvium then.

Possible treatment for resting phase of hairs

Well, if you are suffering from this condition, you might think that you have lost hair permanently. But, there is no requirement to lose hope as you can possibly treat this condition to reverse the resting phase. Here are possible treatments that really work.

Get examined

You can consider a blood test to recognize the underlying cause of Telogen effluvium hair loss if it is due to nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, or thyroid, etc. Then you can start medication. Treating the underlying condition can deliver positive outcomes.


Supplements are good to address the issue of vitamin deficiency. TE could be the result of vitamin deficiency that can be eliminated with supplements. You can get tested again to know what your body is lacking.

Healthy diet

Diet is an excellent source that can provide your hair with the healthy nutrients to grow properly. You must include fish, eggs, and nuts in your routine diet to get the essential hair growth nutrients.


It is a topical that you can apply to the scalp for the growth of hairs. However, you should consult the doctor first before using it.

To Wind Up

Telogen effluvium is a temporary phase of the hair cycle that could reverse possibly. These are the causes, symptoms, and treatments that you can understand properly. Consultation with a good hair surgeon is the best way to address this issue.

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