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Nothing seems to be happening or changing these days, despite the fact that if we fall behind, we go behind in this rapidly developing technological world. If we want to keep up with the times, we must keep up with technology. Today, everything from online shopping to many other activities on the Internet is accomplished using computers and smartphones.

We can accomplish a lot of our work more quickly thanks to the internet, and since programming is used to complete all tasks before anybody else, we will explain it to you today. What is programming? And how you can learn programming, tell me about it.

Before you understand what computer programming is, you need to understand what a computer program is. The computer cannot do anything by itself if it is not given instructions.

Computer program or software tells what a computer is supposed to do and how it works. This means that your computer cannot do anything without programs or software. A computer program is also called software or a computer application.

In fact, a computer program is a collection of many instructions that tell the computer how to perform a task. Microsoft Word, web browser, movie player, etc. are all examples of computer programs. Similarly, an operating system is also the software that runs your entire computer.

Computer Programming

Programming tells the computer what to do, whatever we input into the computer and then what is displayed on the computer is programming. Programming is done with the help of computer and a lot of work is done.

The smartphone you have, the making of that smartphone and everything that happens there is done by programming, programming itself is also called coding, if you don’t know what coding is? So find out by clicking the link below.

Everyone is interested in computers and mobile phones these days and everyone wants to be updated today. If you are interested in learning and working with computer programs, mobile programs, websites, games or software, you must first learn programming. Programs are created in a programming language.

Steps of Programming

There are many steps in programming, out of which 5 main steps are given below:

Understanding the Problem: A programmer must first understand the problem the computer needs to solve.

Finding a solution: After that, a solution to the problem is found and a plan is made.

Coding a program: To do this work on a computer, you have to write a command, and for that you have to do the coding by choosing an appropriate programming language.

Program testing: The created program is tested in different ways and the result is analyzed.

Preparation of documentation: Separate documents are prepared for the program. For example, end-user documentation, developer documentation, user documentation, etc.

What is Programming Language

A programming language is a type of computer language used by a programmer to write code and create computer programs, programs, applications, etc.

As you know, our computer only understands binary ie. 1, 0 and start. , computer programming was done in this language of 1 and 0. But understanding this binary language is a very difficult task for us humans. This is why programming language was istanbul escort invented.

In fact, a programming language acts as a bridge between us and the computer. It should be emphasised that a computer requires software to translate a programming language into a second language in order to understand a command written in that language.

Types of Programming Language

  • Machine Language
  • Assembly Language
  • High Level Language

Machine Language

These languages ​​are closest to the computer hardware. Each unique computer has a unique machine language. A machine language program consists of several binary patterns (eg, 010011100) that represent simple operations that a computer can easily perform (eg, adding two operands, moving data into a memory location). move etc.).

Machine language programs are executable, which means they can be easily executed directly. If someone wants to write a program in machine language, he can do it, but for that, the programmer has to memorize a lot of binary codes, which is very difficult for a human.

Assembly Language

The sole purpose of bringing it was to make programming easier for people. In this machine language, the instructions are replaced by simple pneumonic compounds (eg, ADD, MOV). Therefore, assembly languages ​​are also unique to a particular computer.

Here, the assembly language program requires translation to machine language before execution. This translation is done using the computer program Assembler. Assemblers are written for all unique machine languages.

Advanced Language

This programming language is very easy to understand because it uses English keywords and symbols. This type of language requires an interpreter. The job of a compiler is to translate a high-level language into machine code. Examples of high-level languages ​​are C, C, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Most Popular Programming Languages

Although there are many programming languages ​​in the computer world, different languages ​​are used for different tasks. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
Today we will tell you about the most used and famous programming language in the world:


Python is a very popular programming language. Its special feature is that its syntax is very simple and easy to use, making it very easy to learn. That is why it is very popular among beginners.

It is a language with an open source. Everyone may learn it, and it is entirely free. It is easy to use and efficient. Additionally, it is utilised in industries like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and video games. Python is the number one language worldwide in October 2020, according to PYPL, a ranking website for, programming languages. This ranking is based on Google search data.


JavaScript is a very popular user interface programming language. It is used to create an interactive website. It can work both on server and client side. Node.js can be used to create web applications and games that run in the browser.

It is a very widely used language, so it is one of the best programming languages ​​in terms of popularity.

Java Programming

Java has existed for the last few years in the field of computer programming and is very popular among large organizations. Programs written in Java run on all devices that support Java.

It is known that the Android platform itself is very popular and Java is used to create Android applications. For this, Google created Android Studio, which is a Java-based Android development platform.

C# Language

C# (C Sharp) is a popular programming language created by Microsoft. It is a very powerful language for the .NET framework. Its syntax is like C and C, so if you know C programming, you can learn it easily.

C / C++ Programming

In the field of programming, C is very old and almost every programmer starts learning programming from it. It is the basis of languages ​​like C, Java, JavaScript. If you learn this computer language, learning any other programming language will be much easier.

PHP Language

PHP is a popular scripting language used in web development. It is an open source language that runs on the server. Millions of internet sites use PHP directly or indirectly. You must know about WordPress, it is the most used content management system and its backend uses the PHP language.


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