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Dubai Municipality Accommodation Fee

“Dubai Municipality” Dubai is a favorite among the city’s cosmopolitan residents. That’s why the emirate is on their list of places to rent or purchase. However, Expats living in Dubai should be aware of the apparent accommodation prices and the hidden levies such as the Dubai Municipality accommodation fee.

For those not aware of this additional price, the most common question is, “what is the Dubai Municipality accommodation fee on my monthly DEWA bill?” The long wait is over, and we can now provide an answer to that frequently asked question. Continue reading to learn more about the cost that Dubai residents must pay.

Expats who have found the perfect place to call home in the United Arab Emirates are required to pay a housing charge each year. Moreover, The Dubai Municipality levies a monthly housing tax in addition to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s utility bill (DEWA).

Residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must pay the Dubai Municipality’s housing charge in monthly installments. However, The annual municipality fee, for example, is AED 2,500 if you rent a DAMAC Hills flat for AED 50k per year. A total of 12 equal payments are then included in the DEWA bill.

The payment includes cleaning, pollution reduction, food safety, recreational facility opening and maintenance, waste management services, and a burial cemetery. Regardless of whether you rent a Dubai townhouse on the cheap or a Palm Jumeirah mansion, you’ll have to pay these city taxes.

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Home in Dubai?

There is a accommodation tax in Dubai for expats who want to live in their ideal home in the emirate. The Dubai Municipality levies a monthly accommodation tax with the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) bill.

The Dubai Municipality accommodation fee is 5% of the annual rent and is paid in monthly installments for tenants and homeowners. For example, if you rent an apartment in DAMAC Hills for AED 50k a year, the municipality fee is AED 2,500 per year. The total is then divided into 12 equal payments, which are included in the DEWA bill.

An administrative fee is levied to cover the cost of providing civic services such as garbage collection, pollution reduction, food safety, recreation facility opening and maintenance, and waste management. This means that regardless of whether you live in an affordable Dubai townhouse or an elegant Palm Jumeirah condominium, you will be required to pay municipal fees.

Who is Responsible for the Dubai municipality Accommodation fee?

The exemption from Dubai’s accommodation fees is exclusively available to UAE citizens

Expatriates who own or rent a home in Dubai are subject to the Dubai accommodation fee. The Dubai Municipality accommodation cost is waived for UAE citizens.

The tenant is liable for paying the accommodation charge if the property has been rented out. If this is not the case, the homeowner is still responsible for the accommodation cost.

What’s the Formula for the Dubai Accommodation Fee?

Tenants in Dubai pay a accommodation charge of 5% of their annual rent, as stipulated in their leasing agreement with Ejari.

The average rental value of a homeowner’s property is used by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to calculate the Dubai Municipality accommodation charge (RERA). To determine how much their apartment or villa is renting for, homeowners can utilize the RERA rent calculator. The accommodation charge in Dubai will be 5 percent of the total amount due.

In Dubai, How do you Submit your Accommodation fee?

Your monthly DEWA utility bill will include the annual accommodation charge. It’s generally divided into 12 equal installments, with each installment due on a different day of the year.

The accommodation fee is immediately added to your electricity account when you set up a DEWA connection in your home to save time. As a result, when you pay your DEWA bill, you’ll discover that the fees are divided into four categories: water, electricity, sewage, and the Dubai Municipality accommodation tax.

In Dubai, the municipal accommodation charge is included in the DEWA bill.

Dubai Accommodation Fees: How do you Change Them?

Depending on whether your landlord has increased or decreased your rent, or if the average rental value of your home has changed, your accommodation charge will adjust.

To ensure that your DEWA bills reflect the correct cost, you’ll need to update your residential information with the Dubai Municipality. If your rent has decreased, you are eligible for a Dubai Municipality accommodation fee reduction.

Here are the Methods to Alter your Dubai Municipality Accommodation Fee:

  • Navigate to ‘Services’ on the Dubai Municipality’s official website.
  • Then click ‘Apply to Amend Dubai Municipality Residential Fee’ under Individual Services to submit your request to the Dubai Municipality.
  • Complete the form with the requested information and upload the appropriate files (for tenants, new Ejari and last DEWA bill).
  • You’ll get an e-mail with a receipt on it. This receipt does not need to be printed; a soft copy will do if you need it at a later time.
  • The Dubai Municipality’s system will be updated with your new address in three business days.
  • If you were overcharged for accommodation, you would receive DEWA credit for the difference.

The Dubai Paperless Strategy enables this kind of online service. To reduce the amount of paper used in government, all procedures have been converted to electronic ones.

So now you’re prepared if your monthly rent has increased. Self-explanatory and straightforward, that’s how it works.

What Resources do You have for Finding Out More About the Costs?

If you’d want to learn more about Dubai Municipality’s ex-pat accommodation fees, call 800-900 to reach the appropriate department. If you have any problems with Dubai municipality accommodation fees, you can reach out to them as well.

How to Get a Dubai Municipality Housing Fee Refund ?

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) must be notified immediately. Moreover, if a resident believes they have been overcharged for Dubai’s housing cost. The Municipality of Dubai will review and amend this application.

The renter must also include the title deed and the other needed documents. If the amount paid is incorrect, any extra money paid will be refunded to the person’s bank account. Individuals will continue to pay the same monthly cost if the calculation is correct.

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