How to make learning less boring.

One of the main reasons people don’t like reading is boredom. He found the process very painful and interesting. But we want to dispel this myth: if reading makes you feel bored. Try to follow the advice from our article.

Looking for an interest in a topic?

The key is to be prepared to learn the most detailed and profound aspects of the subject. You should pay attention to this first. People like to read The Lord of the Rings before entering the history of the Middle Earth, and no one learns to program in Python unless they want to create something in that language.

The best teachers in the world understand this very well. That’s why science anchor and journalist Bill Nai has shown in a very colorful way how electricity behaves. Instead of knowing Ohm’s law, naturalist David Attenborough does so with his wildlife plan. He describes how sharks catch prey, ignoring the flow of their wings.

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Bring a “way to grow”.

In her book Mind: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology, explores different angles. Student in education

Some people stick to a certain way of thinking: they think that intelligence and abilities are genetically determined and unchanged. When he encounters a difficult mathematical problem, he quickly gives up and explains, “I’m not a mathematician.”

Evolutionary students, on the other hand, believe that they can bring about change and improvement in all areas of life. If they have a difficult task ahead of them, they will think, “If I can get through it, I can handle it better.”

Adherence to a particular style also plays an important role in learning interests. Here’s how Carol Duke coherently describes student behavior:

“Students with a fixed mindset perform best and immediately focus on a subject. If something doesn’t work, they won’t be able to take advantage of it if they are interested in studying without intelligence and I saw a sudden decrease in pleasure. “

Emotional students behave differently:

“They also show a high level of interest. However, they found the subject very difficult. At the same time, there are challenges and benefits.”

So, if you want to be successful and enjoy your studies, you should reconsider your attitude towards them. Instead, think of the lesson as a series of tests that show you are smart. Think of these lessons as an ongoing opportunity to learn and grow.

Find a partner to learn from.

Participation is a great way to promote motivation, control, focus, and innovative learning methods such as the Feynman Method. The best way to understand and remember yourself is to put something into words. You are with someone else and you see that is what we are trying to do. We are happy to work with partners.

However, there are two dangers to this approach that could jeopardize your efforts.

In the beginning, being a partner encourages each other, but you can easily engage. Second, you may have a very smart friend who ignores you and you can’t stand it. There is only one way out of this – choose your fellow trainees carefully.

Find places of interest.

An environment that encourages intense attention and concentration to enjoy your work. For example, instead of reading in a noisy room where your neighbors play video games. Go to the library or coffee shop. Find a place that will impress you and create a fun atmosphere.

Another way is to include appropriate music to increase your concentration, according to a study [Anelli B. Haake, 2011]. The song should be organized and free from words. An example is a playlist created specifically for learning.

Use creative teaching methods.

You may get bored with boring lessons. It is worth trying out modern teaching methods, memorizing a lot of boring notes and boring definitions. Not only will this increase your productivity but it will also keep you from getting boring and give you more attention and enjoyment. We’ve already talked about the fan man method, but here are some techniques.

  • Memory card;
  • Smart card (brain map);
  • Concept diagram
  • Memo
  • Cornell Summary

Create a Money Reward System.

Your motivation to complete it depends on your reward. During your studies, you expect grades, diplomas, and generally relatively long returns. It may be an interesting and well-paying job in the future, but in many cases, the opportunity that is far away is not enough to motivate you. However, you can make it yourself.

For example, you might have breakfast to learn a portion of a book or watch your favorite TV show in the evening after doing your homework.

It is important to plan your rewards. As psychologist Pierce Steele explains in his book The Procrastination Equation, these planned rewards create specific expectations that motivate you further. In the depths of your soul, you know that there is joy and happiness in front of you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Create game elements to keep the learning process from getting boring and keep you motivated. You need to follow these instructions:

  • Particular attention is paid to this issue, which is an important factor in participating in learning.
  • See education as an opportunity for development.
  • Find friends who will inspire you and help you study.
  • Study where it affects you.
  • Try non-standard and creative teaching methods.

But the key to success here is not to guide but to make learning an exciting activity. If so, you can do it very easily, but otherwise, you can’t afford it. I miss you so much, we wish you success!

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