Online Quran Classes For Kids

Parents want the best online quran teacher for their children, both in this world as well as the Afterlife. The best thing parents can do for their children in this world and the next life is to teach them about the Book of Allah SWT.

As we all know, learning anything at a young age is the best because the teachings are still fresh in your mind. Many parents do their best to help their children learn Quran teaching and make it enjoyable and fun.

Riwaq Al Azhar Institute places great emphasis on Quran learning for children. They offer a unique selection of Quran classes online for kids, which are specifically designed to fit all ages and levels.

About this Course

This course is especially designed for children, and provides an exciting environment for learning Quran for them. Students will be able, at the end of the course, to accurately and precisely recite the Quran according to the Tajweed rules and to memorize it by heart without any pronunciation errors.

Our students who have enrolled in our online Quran classes for children complete the memorization of Quran in 3 to 5 years, depending on their determination and how many classes they attend each week.

What Your Child will Learn

To determine the level of students, a free evaluation session will be conducted. They will then be able to choose whether they want to start foundational classes, Hifz, or recitation classes.


These classes are for children who have never had any Quran education. We begin by learning Noorani Qaida, the basics of Arabic and then move on to the words of the Quran.

Students will be able to read Quran with a proper Arabic accent. They will also learn how to pronounce Arabic letters using their particular points of articulation. Our first day focuses on teaching Tajweed to children. This gives our learners a solid foundation in basic Tajweed rules, which will help them start their journey to learning Quran for children.

Students can complete this foundational course in one to three months, InshaAllah.


Our online Quran teachers will teach our students how to recite Quran with beauty and follow the Tajweed rules. This course will teach students how to read Quran lessons for children.


Children are better at remembering new information than adults. This is why we encourage parents and children to memorize the book.

Your children will find support and motivation from our loving and dedicated online Quran teachers every step of the journey. They will help your children improve their Quran memorization skills, and they will test them at every stage to ensure that they gain confidence.

Our online Quran classes are designed to make learning easy for children. Our tutors use a variety of strategies to make Quran teaching fun and engaging for children. They also incorporate fun methods to teach Quran memorization to kids.

For beginners, we have specially designed online Quran classes

This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of almost all children. It doesn’t matter what level your child is at in Quran or Arabic.

Our Quran for Children program uses interactive and fun teaching methods to make learning Quran for children easy for children. This will keep them excited about the book of Allah SWT.

Your child’s teacher will keep him/her focused during lessons. They will teach Tajweed and Quran for children step-by-step so that even 4-year-olds can follow the rules. InshaAllah, your child will have a positive Quran learning experience. This will help him/her to continue studying Quran with love and dedication.

Quran Teachers certified and well-experienced in native Arabs

We do our best to find the best Quran teachers online to teach Quran classes to kids. All our teachers, male and female, have been carefully screened before being given the responsibility.

Our tutors have high qualifications and are well-trained. Most of them are certified by Al-Azhar, one of the most prestigious Islamic universities. Our teachers are all certified by Al-Azhar, a group of scholars and Sheikhs in Egypt that allows them to teach the Quran.

It is also a great way for your child to learn from native Arab Quran teachers. Expert Arab Quran tutors can help your child pronounce the Arabic letters correctly from the specific points of articulation. This is crucial for proper Quran recitation.

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