Why Is A Website A Must In Business?

Many business owners wonder why a website is a must in business.
How long did Toys R’ Us last without being online? There is some real food for thought.

Here you will see 5 important reasons you need to be online!

  1. ACCESSIBILITY – with a website you will be available to your customers 24/7.
    With a traditional brick and mortar, customers are confined to shop in a certain window of time. When your customers get off at 5 and you close at 5, they may go to your competitor to get the same product. EVEN IF ITS QUALITY IS NOT YOURS! Now imagine that you close at 5, and your customer gets off at 5, but at 5:12 you get an order for pick up tomorrow.
    With a website online your customer is able to come to look, shop and purchase at any hour of the day!

    Showing your business will be available no matter what time it is.
  2. BUILDS CUSTOMER TRUST- when you have a website your customer can look your business up. Everything is online nowadays, even dating. When a customer sees your product the first thing they are going to do is look at your website to see if you are trustworthy. If you have no site, you automatically get dismissed and never thought of again.
    You gain trust when people can see you.
  3. FIRST IMPRESSION- you never get a second chance on a first impression! If you had twenty people show up in your store and it wasn’t running correctly, you would have customers(your literal money) walk out the door. Why would you give that chance away? Most people in today’s day will go online and shop from the comfort of their own homes. If you are not online, how do they even have a chance of walking into your store? Make sure your website is clear, cut, and professional so when they visit, they look around, add to cart, and BUY your product!
  4. INCREASING SALES – here we are again. If you are not online, they will go to a competitor that is! Simple as that. No online store, no online sales. With a good website, you are able to gain new traffic, and get more sales! If you need help with converting those lookers into buyers visit AwAwesome Websites to get weekly tips & tricks right to your email.
    Get more sales when you have customers online!
  5. IMPORTANT FOR MARKETING- many small businesses are trying social media ads. Well if you have nowhere for that ad to convert, then why are you wasting your money on ad spend? With the right marketing and a great website you can turn those ad dollars into a huge return on investment. You need to have a great place for the online lookers to go , your website.
    You have to have somewhere for your ads to land!

    When putting your business online can be scary, think about how scary it is to not be online. Today it is critical for the survival of your business. There are so many options out there to even do it yourself. So take the first step, get your domain. Do your research, if you are able to build a website yourself, or if you should hire a professional. And get it done! Your business literally depends on it!

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