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WooCommerce v4.5 WordPress Plugin Reviews

WooCommerce v4.5 WordPress Plugin

The target audience

WooCommerce is a highly specialized plugin for creating online stores based on the WordPress engine. Nonetheless, there are no limitations inside this specialty: you can collect a site of any sort, sell products, or potentially benefit. The module is particularly famous among entrepreneurs. 

One of the fundamental reasons is the free dissemination, which permits you to make an internet-based store on WooCommerce without a huge monetary venture. The simplicity of the executives is likewise a significant component – no extraordinary abilities are needed to work with the augmentation.

Large companies also use WooCommerce to build online platforms but often settle for alternative solutions. If you look at the statistics of using the plugin in the top 10,000 sites, then the coverage here will be lower, but still very serious – every tenth large online store is made on WooCommerce.

Download WooCommerce Plugin Free

Other plugins and extensions can be installed to extend the basic functionality of WooCommerce. They can be paid or free. However, it will not be possible to build an online store without a budget. To manage your online store’s stock you can easily download and get the help of woocommerce stock manager plugin for free.

WooCommerce – expert review and user reviews


WooCommerce is a powerful extension that adds all the necessary e-commerce tools to WordPress. After activating it on the site, by default, the basic pages for online trading appear: “Shop”, “Cart”, “Checkout”, “My Account”. You just have to set the parameters of the store, customize its appearance and fill the catalog with goods.

Installation Wukommers

After installing WooCommerce, a new section appears in your WordPress dashboard. Inside it is settings for categories, products, tags, and attributes. The extension also has advanced options that allow you to control the display of prices, payment and delivery methods, taxes.

Setup wizard

Right after activating WooCommerce, the setup wizard appears. It helps to establish the main parameters of the store: country, currency, rules for the formation of value, units of weight and size, payment methods. These settings can then be changed in the admin panel. The wizard only offers a user-friendly interface for a comfortable start.

Extending functionality with plugins

WooCommerce is a functional plugin. But its capabilities can be expanded with other add-ons. 

Adding products

WooCommerce plugins make your online store highly scalable. For example, you can start with a small catalog and receive cash only on delivery and eventually grow into an online hypermarket with different payment options, your own pages on the largest trading platforms, and website versions in different languages.

Different methods of payment and delivery

Set up payments

By default, WooCommerce only offers two online payment systems – PayPal and Stripe. However, add-ons help solve this problem. In the plugins catalog, you will find add-ons for payment of orders by bank cards, transfers, and electronic money – in total there are more than 100 available methods.

Built-in marketing tools

WooCommerce provides a standard set of marketing tools to boost store sales. You can set up discounts and create coupons for customers, accrue bonuses after purchase, create lists of promotional products.

The extension has its own system for managing mailing lists. It collects data about customers, to whom you can then send useful letters with messages about promotions, discounts, special conditions, and new collections.

Own analytics system

It’s important to keep track of how your online store works. The built-in analytics system helps to solve this problem. It collects data about website visitors, catalog products, and orders. The information obtained is displayed in the form of graphs. Thanks to this system, you will know what products are bought most often, what the shipping costs are, who usually makes purchases in your store.

Information from the WooCommerce analytics system can be exported to CSV files and then imported into data applications. To get more information, you can connect analytics systems from Google.

Summarizing the possibilities

WooCommerce is a strong and advantageous instrument for making an internet-based store. It seamlessly integrates into the WordPress environment, keeping all the virtues of the most popular CMS. On WooCommerce, you can deftly oversee items, installment, and conveyance techniques, charges. The expansion additionally offers work in promoting devices and an investigation framework.

An important plus of WooCommerce is extensibility. You can install additional plugins to make your store more user-friendly or collect more information about traffic sources and customer behavior. With the help of other extensions, you can upload goods to large trading platforms in order to expand the audience of potential customers of your store.

Design and work with templates

The online business module is viable with all topics, notwithstanding, truly, a few layouts show mistakes. To avoid unnecessary hassles, look for themes that are definitely suitable for e-commerce. 

Free themes

On the off chance that you are utilizing the standard WordPress library to look for formats, then, at that point, enter the question “WooCommerce” in the pursuit bar. This will assist you to find subjects whose designers pronounce full similarity with the module. 

Moreover, for deeper customization of the template design. Utilizing this module, you can outwardly gather custom pages from squares and gadgets.

Furthermore, the customization choices for a WooCommerce online store are equivalent to some other WordPress webpage. In addition, the quantity of choices accessible for alteration relies upon the topic. 

The actual motor permits you to make and alter menus, add gadgets to pages, just as assemble the connection point of individual pages utilizing the Gutenberg block supervisor, which appeared in WordPress 5.0. Of the extra elements, we can just note the additional items that are accessible for topics in the “Appearance” area – with their assistance, for instance, a “Purchase” button and a shopping cart icon are added.


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