10 Ways to Teach Innovation

Innovative ways to teach

Teaching is an essential part of youth. Every human being spends a decade and a half in the learning process. The responsibility of teaching lies with teachers and parents. Modern time means the contemporary method of teaching. It is no longer adequate to fill the mind and copies of students with lectures and notes. Quality is important than quantity. Innovative ways to teach are being introduced all over the world. The sole aim of this innovation is to have a better generation to face the challenges involved in the modern way of living. Ninis Lahore is actively providing home tutors for all programs offered in Pakistan. English tutor is also available to help ease the burden of understanding.

Conceptual learning

Instead of paraphrasing the text given in the coursebook, it is far better to provide a practical demonstration of the topic. Students retain and understand practical demonstrations far longer than theory explanations. Every teacher should apply innovative ways to teach their class.

Reward on discovery

Assigning tasks after the explanation and awarding success points on the solution of worksheets and practice questions will create a healthy competitive environment in the class.

Continuous learning process

Making students realize the importance of helping each other in their weak aspects is essential. This way, they will not wait for the teacher to come and help them. They will turn to each other, and soon there will be a chain reaction where everyone will be helping each other out.

Let them teach

Controlling fear means gaining confidence. Assigning students to take the teacher’s place to teach an already covered topic will cover two aspects; recall and confidence build-up. New ideas of teaching make it interesting for students.

Cross questioning

A teacher should never move on to the next topic of the syllabus unless they are sure that their class has understood it. Cross question session is a way for the assurance of the understanding level of the student. Teaching innovative is the need of modern education.

Audio-video aid

Visual aid has primarily changed the system of education. It is no longer the same as in the past. Complex topics that were difficult to explain due to the absence of essential components; are now done by making animated videos (teachers can hire video animators to create animations on anything).


If you do for them, they will not be able to do it themselves. When you solve the whole exercise on board, many of the students won’t do it when you call them to do a similar question. It is of paramount importance to let students try themselves.

Case-based study

Employing case-based studies is beneficial for developing critical thinking in students. This strategy breaks the routine and makes the pupil think out of the box to answer the question. Case study questions help eradicate rote learning.


There are slow and fast learners in every class. Every student cannot be of the same caliber. Having patience and tolerance and matching the speed of understanding is another step towards a better learning environment.

Revision sessions

Another way to enforce learning progress is to have revision sessions of previous chapters or topics taught weeks ago. Studying the chapters that will be coming in the assessments is harmful in the long run.

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