11 Ways to an Improved Sex Life

Your body changes physically with age, and so does your sex life. A reduction of hormone levels, alterations in the circulatory system and neurological effects may trigger pain in the vagina or erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes, these physical changes can reduce your interest in sex during midlife and old age, unlike when you were much younger. The good thing is that you can harness all you’ve gained during maturity, including more self-confidence, active communication, and reduced inhibitions to have a better and satisfactory experience sexually.

Most people don’t know the fulfillment later-life sex brings. So, when you fully understand the essential elements, both physical and emotional, that impact your sexuality, it gets easier to handle issues that may come up.

Fortunately, correcting sexual health problems is simpler now than it was in the past. Come to think of it, there are advanced treatments and sex therapies that are invaluable if needed. That said, you may not require sophisticated methods to resolve issues with sexuality; a few changes in the way you engage sexually can straighten up minor problems with your sex life.

Go through this blog post to know the certain steps you can take to help you attain a healthy sexual experience.

  • Self-education for an improved sex life:

    The internet and book stores are fully loaded with varying materials you can read to help with any sexual health issue. Simply surf the net or get to that bookshop, select materials that address your problem and read them to get more insight for you and your partner. If you find it challenging to communicate directly with your partner, simply mark up contents that you’re interested in and let your partner see. It should be both ways.

  • Be patient in your sex life:

    Time is that factor that changes everything. You and your partner may no longer be experiencing that burning desire to get under the sheets so fast – the physical strength to get crazy may fail you. So, get to it slowly and in a quiet place.

Most importantly, sexual arousal and reaching climax may now take time. Understand this and incorporate it into your sex routine. Who knows, it may get more exciting.

  • Lubricate:

    The period before menopause may come with vaginal dryness. Lubricants in the form of gel and liquid can help. These reduce painful intercourse and the negative aftermaths that could follow. Where lubricants are no longer effective, talk about other options with your healthcare provider.

  • Keep physical attraction alive in your sexual life:

    The absence of your sexual fire may cause tension in the relationship. Even so, don’t downplay physical touches, cuddling and kissing. All these build physical and emotional connections.

  • Do more touching in your sex life:

    Physical intimacy can be restored using the technique of sensate focus applied by sex therapists. You can learn varying styles of this from most self-help books and instructional videos. Asking your partner to touch you just the way you like it is a good idea. Both of you can learn what amount of pressure to apply to each touch.

  • Use different positions:

    Making love at different angles will not only make it enjoyable but orgasmic-oriented. Look for positions that can help your woman reach climax easily.

  • Share your fantasies in your sexual life:

    Through this approach, you can research different activities that can put your partner in the mood. Dig up memories of a movie or encounter that incensed your sexual arousal and let your partner know. For those with low libido (sexual desire), this strategy might work best.

  • Kegel exercises are great:

    These exercises are great for increased sexual fitness. Here, the pelvic floor muscles are worked on. Focus on trying to contract the muscles you would use to interrupt urine midway. Hold them for 2 to 3 seconds and release them – you can repeat it ten times. Doing five sets a day won’t be bad, and you can do Kegels anywhere. Vaginal weights may be applied at home by women to build muscle resistance. Discuss Kegels with your sex therapist or doctor for better understanding.

  • Relax:

    Yoga, deep breathing exercises, or any other stress-relieving activity before sex is a good start off point.

  • Use a vibrator:

    A woman may learn more about her arousal using this device and educate her partner on the same.

  • Don’t relent in your sexual life:

    Nothing seems to be working for you? Keep pushing. From diagnosis, the doctor can get a good treatment for your sexual health issue. Also, there are times when your doctor may refer you to a sex therapist for better solutions to the problem.

You can book your consultation at a private sexual health clinic in  London. It could be that STDs are the reason for an unsatisfactory sexual experience. At our walk in clinic, our doctors will take care of you.

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