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The best Sleigh beds size is as large as possible! The more space, the more comfort is my motto. The best length and width measurements for a bed depend on your own height and physique. If you are of average height (175 cm) a 200 cm long bed will do, but if you are taller a 210 cm long or even 220 cm long bed is nicer. You should take into account that you need a bed about 20 cm longer than your own height.

Posture also plays a role in the best bed size for you

Your posture also plays a role in determining the width and length of your bed. If you have a normal build, the standard size width of 80 cm is usually sufficient. If you are built broadly, a 90 cm or even 100 cm wide bed will suit you better. There are various sleigh beds sizes that you can choose from. The sizes of beds are; single beds 70- 80- 90- x 200-210-220. The double beds have the sizes 140-160-180 x 200-210-220. With somewhat older sizes, it is also possible that your bed is 120 cm wide or 180 or 190 cm long.

What types of beds are there?

  1. An adjustable bed. With this type of sleigh beds you can put the foot end and the head end electronically or manually
  2. in different positions. As a rule, it is only the bed base that can be adjusted
  3. An air mattress is nowadays often used to sleep on a bed, but there are also air mattresses that offer a lot of comfort
  4. A copper crib or bed is made of brass. With a copper bed, the iron is provided with a layer of brass
  5. A captain’s bed is a bed that is placed on a drawer substructure
  6. A camping bed is a simple and usually temporary place to sleep
  7. A four-poster bed is a bed with four poles in the corners over which a cloth or curtain is stretched
  8. A curtain bed is a fairly new term and is a bed with curtains similar to a four-poster bed

Serve as a bed

  1. A folding bed is a bed that is foldable. Usually a folding bed is a sofa that can also serve as a bed
  2. A futon bed is a Japanese bed and consists of a rolled-up mattress that is stored during the day
  3. A hammock is not really a bed but is used as a place to sleep. A hammock is a piece of fabric that is hung
  4. between two points. is a piece of suspended matter
  5. A hospital bed is a bed that is specially used in hospitals. A hospital bed can be adjusted in all kinds of
  6. positions and can usually also be raised and lowered. Today, hospital beds are also often used in nursing homes
  7. An iron or steel bed is a bed type that has already been developed in 1850, as the name suggests, this type of
  8. bed is made of iron and steel
  9. A king bed is a stove and bed in one. This type of bed is Chinese and is a stove that is used as a platform for a bed
  10. A Manjra bed is a bed made of tied ropes with a wooden frame

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