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4 Types Of Mobile Apps You’d Better Build With React Native

Types Of Mobile Apps You’d Better Build With React Native

Are you looking to develop a mobile application with react native? Do you feel that react native is one of the latest developing languages? Anyone who wants to create a mobile app must choose between hiring native developers and using a cross-platform solution. The latter used to be sluggish, lacked functionality, and had a poor user experience. However, you can now create React Native apps with cross-platform flexibility and a native appearance and feel.

What is react native?

React Native has been embraced by hundreds of companies worldwide, including Uber, Microsoft, and Facebook, and it is utilized in various sectors. There are a lot of applications that are developed using the concept of react-native. This process makes it unique for businesses as it keeps them connected with the ongoing trends in the market. If you are a developer, you must be aware of the demand that the technology holds.

However, before deciding to go all-in on React Native app development services, you need the first grasp of how it works and whether it is the right fit for your project.

React Native (often referred to as RN) is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework to build native-looking iOS and Android apps. You may create applications for various platforms with the same codebase if you use the framework. 

The best 4 applications that you can make with react native

Let us have a look at the best 4 applications that one can make using react-native: 

Working prototypes

The bulk of React Native apps started as simple prototypes. However, getting a functional product to market is your first goal if you’re a fast-growing business.

One of the Agile development pillars is to solve before your rivals do, get more people to use it, and iterate fast based on their input. This method helps you determine whether your concept is practical while wasting the least amount of time and money.

For such situations, React Native is the superior technology. It enables you to quickly create a prototype compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, development time may be reduced by 30% compared to using the native tech stack. Finally, unlike hybrid solutions, your RN app will provide a genuinely native experience to test users. 

Streamlined UI 

Apps built using React Native can appear and function equally as those built with Android or iOS.

Best Android app development Company user interface comprises native Java or Swift/Objective-C code that runs on the main thread. At the same time, a second JavaScript thread executes the majority of the application, including the business logic.

Both threads are pretty fast on their own. They can only converse over a bridge, though. So your app will be slowed down if you send huge volumes of data through the bridges.

We all care about the environment, and printing many conference booklets or maps is terrible for the environment and the trees. But there’s a simple remedy right around the corner! Almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone. So there’s always something new on the horizon; utilize push notifications to keep everyone up to date on any changes or news.

One of the most well-known fashion magazines globally, Vogue has launched a lifestyle app called Vogue world. Choosing native development to obtain the ability to view videos, bookmark favorite photographs, receive story/news alerts, and share information might be overkill. The developers made an excellent choice by opting for more lightweight alternatives like React Native. 4 Types Of  App You’d Better Cerate With React Native

Cross-platform applications

Going native may be a preferable option if your software has a lot of platform-specific functionality like multithreading and audio/video processing. Recognition is the foundation of your brand’s strength. Modern user interfaces are defined by uniformity across all platforms, giving the consumer a sense of comfort with the complete product experience. With app Development Company, a superset of JS with static typing features, the Redmond-based startup has significantly influenced the JavaScript community.

Microsoft chose to make mobile goods using their programming language, which is feasible. React Native developers that use TS are becoming increasingly popular, and it has the added benefit of allowing them to write safer, less flaky code. 

The APIs are not the base for reliability.

React Native apps must rely on native APIs for features like the camera and GPS. To use them, you’ll need to develop bridges, which take time, requires native knowledge, and might impact the app’s speed. React Native is a good choice if your app doesn’t need a lot of native APIs (for example, an eCommerce app). 


React Native is continually being developed, so anything that appears challenging now may become accessible in the future. This framework undoubtedly addresses many mobile development challenges, but it must be utilized with caution, as with any robust tool.

With all of the advantages, you should keep in mind that React Native is still a young platform that is continuously evolving, and there have been a few significant modifications in the past. Therefore, it necessitates an excellent working connection with your chosen React Native development business, as they will be familiar with the codebase and will be able to make the necessary adjustments in the least amount of time. The keys to success are collaboration and trust!


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