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5 Medical Request Forms for Healthcare Providers & Patients

Most people are aware of the various kinds of healthcare forms and will know how to fill them out when needed. 

However, medical request forms have recently become more popular in the medical industry because they are quicker and easier than traditional requests. 

There have been many advancements made in the industry, and this has led to easier and faster ways of providing care.

What are medical request forms?

Medical request forms are requested forms used to send requests related to the medical field. For example, in a hospital or a health care center, there is always a need to send various requests to anyone working in such a department. 

These request forms are used for requesting the medicines and facilities from other departments of the hospital, like laboratories, pharmacies, and others. In addition, it is used by either patients or healthcare providers to communicate information about the patient or their health. 

These forms are most commonly used in hospitals or other medical institutions that require the patient to get many tests. It helps collect specific information on various diseases, illnesses, and conditions.

Why is it important?

A medical request form is important for any healthcare provider to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their patients. The medical request form summarizes the patient’s health history.

It lets the doctor or nurse know what medicines the patient already takes and what may interact with any new drugs prescribed. 

Medical request forms make it possible to follow a formal, coordinated procedure for each request. They aid in simplifying the intake workflow and the organization of the complete job request process.

List out some medical request forms:

Five medical request forms for healthcare providers & patients:

  • Medical Appointment Form:

What is a medical appointment form?

Medical appointment forms are a collection of information used by medical facilities to keep up with the patients. The database uses to schedule appointments and seeks information from patients. 

The forms can use in several hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions that offer high-level care to their patients.

Why do you use intelyForms for it?

  • Our templates are generic and reusable.
  • These templates save time, and you will be doing something else.
  • Our templates are editable, and high-quality concepts have been well defined.


Benefits of it:

  • Patient appointment requests that are simple to use will improve the patient experience.
  • Easily customize the thank you page to leave a lasting impact on your patients.
  • When a new appointment request receives and processes, alert appropriate staff members by automated email notifications. 


  • Medical consent form: 

What is medical consent form?

A medical consent form includes a certified or legal individual’s permission to perform medical procedures on a person. This form permits you to go ahead with further procedures regarding medical treatment with the consent of patients and doctors. 

Why do you use intelyForms for it?

  • Our templates guarantee that information is consistent and clear.
  • These templates are useful to convey, distribute, and receive information.
  • Our templates are uncomplicated and easy to use.

Benefits of it:

  • When a person transmits all of the data to a single system, the likelihood of mistakes increases, it is a natural consequence when you have a lot of pending work. 
  • When you fill out the forms, it’s quite simple to change the information without anyone noticing.
  • The main focus is on the privacy and security of patients’ consent forms.  


  • Medical Authorization Form: 

What is a medical authorization form?

This form permits other medical facilities to access medical records from prior medical facilities where an individual has been treated.

Why do you use the intelyForms for it?

  • Our content templates are effective.
  • These templates provide a wealth of information.
  • Our templates have approval from HIPAA compliance.

Benefits of it:

  • Ensure complete compliance if any patient wants to know that the law is handling their information. The Enterprise plan of intelyForms allows you to create HIPAA-compliant web forms for your clinic.
  • Increase productivity with online forms and provide a better patient experience by allowing patients to fill out this form online from wherever they need to.
  • Completely customizable, and use the drag-and-drop tool to create forms precisely what you want.


  • Medical record transfer request form:

What is a medical record transfer request form?

A medical record transfer request form is the document that a medical facility or healthcare organization uses to request medical records from another medical facility or healthcare organization. 

It is easy to use to request information from another healthcare provider when a patient has received treatment at an outside facility.

Why do you use the intelyForms for it?

  • Easy to share these templates via mail and social media and embedded them with the website.
  • Our templates are easy to use and understand.
  • Patients and doctors easily fill out our forms, which is less time-consuming.

Benefits of it:

  • Create dynamic forms that change based on past replies and inputs, as not every request will require the same information or attachments.
  • Managing paper forms can lead to human mistakes, jeopardizing the authorization process. 
  • This form is useful in the healthcare profession; thus, it must be simple and understandable.


  • Clinical Record Request Form:

What is a clinical record request form?

Every medical office needs a clinical record request form. A clinical record request form is a legal document and legally binding. A clinical record request form has details about who is requesting information about the patient, why, and where that information can send?

Why do you use the intelyForms for it?

  • Easy to create and customize these templates with an attachment option to collect patient records.
  • Our templates are easy to integrate to collect clinical records.
  • These templates are easy to maintain and share via social media.

Benefits of it:

  • Create easily accessible forms that allow patients to seek a medical record from any location.
  • 100% customization with an extensive form builder tool, you have complete control over the forms you create.
  • Don’t waste time and money maintaining paperwork; instead, keep everything online!


Medical request forms are beneficial for small and big healthcare. It helps maintain records and data of patients’ health and their details. intelyForms provides you a better opportunity to create a form according to your need. 

Schedule a demo and connect with our team today. Then, start creating a form with a drag and drop method without coding skills. 

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Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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