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5 Things to do before getting a complete body health check-up

Health is wealth; we have all heard that. To maintain optimal health, your doctor will recommend that you go for a total body health check-up. This check-up is very effective for knowing how well the organs of your body are functioning. It is also very potent for diagnosing common diseases like thyroid and diabetes, which have severe effects and only become apparent later. Going for a health check-up later or when the condition is more pronounced makes it impossible to reverse the damage. This is why it is essential to get a total body health check-up regularly.

We have compiled a list of the everyday things you should consider before having a complete body check-up right now and what your doctor will expect from you during the test.

  1. Have a healthy sleep

It is possible to get worried about your test results, which can hinder your sleep. But you need to have enough rest and a good night’s sleep if your test results must be accurate. Else, your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature will be inaccurate.

  1. Don’t eat fatty or salty food

Eating fatty or salty foods can influence your blood pressure and triglycerides, making their results higher than usual. So, if you want to have the best result for your test, you must avoid fatty or salty foods for at least one day before the total body check-up. It is also essential to reduce the number of unhealthy foods you eat or eliminate them two to three days before the test. These changes will not affect the accuracy of your test.

  1. Don’t work out

Of course, exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind. However, to have an accurate result, you may want to avoid exercising before taking the test. Working out increases the heart rate, and this can influence your result.

  1. Avoid caffeinated products

The heart rate is influenced by caffeine. It can also alter your heart rate reading and blood pressure. To ensure that your result is accurate on the test, do not consume caffeinated products within a few hours before your test.

  1. Remember your medications

It is possible to forget the exact name of the medication you are taking. Some people also find it difficult to remember their dosages too. However, you need to have the names and dosages of these handy as your doctor or examiner will need them before they start the test.

Now that we have exhausted the five essential things you need to know before your test, let us look at the common questions.

 Why do you need to get an annual complete body health check-up?

Having a complete body health check-up is very vital for long-term health. It is a routine practice, and everyone must have it. It is also a very crucial step for the early detection of diseases.

Having a regular total body health check-up will help your doctor diagnose diseases, especially early, based on your symptoms and test results. Some conditions like high blood pressure as silent killers, and their symptoms do not show until they have gotten to an irreversible stage.

What do doctors consider during a complete body health check-up?

It can be pretty intimidating to undergo a full-body medical examination. However, your health care provider will guide you on what is happening throughout every step of the process. You should talk to your doctor and ask them about any concerns you have during your routine visit. This will help them do the proper test for you and have an even more accurate diagnosis.

Your doctor will consider the following things during a total body health check-up.

  • Family history

Doctors are very concerned about the family histories of their patients because they need to diagnose diseases that run in the bloodline. These diseases include diabetes and its likes.

  • Clinical history

It is important to go with your notes and prescriptions from the previous visit you had with your doctors to the test.

  • Medical history

Your doctor will be concerned and want to know about any previous disease or illness you’ve had.

  • Lifestyle and personal habits

Doctors will want to know if you drink or smoke. You need to be very truthful about them, as lying will make it more challenging for your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Book an appointment for a full-body check-up

Having a total body health check-up includes many tests like X-ray, urine, blood test, etc. It will likely take up your whole day, so you should dedicate a special day to it. To get a clinic to carry out this test, you may need to go to the hospital directly or any accredited lab. You can also simplify the process for yourself by booking an appointment online to get your test done at home. After you have completed your test and gotten your results, you can then visit your doctor.

When your health is concerned, you need to visit a doctor promptly. Your best chance for early diagnosis of a disease is by having a periodical complete body check-up. This will save you from future damages. For instance, people do not develop apparent symptoms of diabetes until it gets to a late stage. However, the disease continues to damage vital organs silently. People who are not aware of it can go on with their normal lives until they get to a stage of irreversible damage.

 Your take home

As much as it is essential to get this regular complete body health check-up, it is also very vital for you to have a healthy habit and lifestyle. This includes eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. Most times, your lifestyle habits and diet are the most responsible for the disease you develop. So, if you smoke, drink excessively, or have other bad habits, you need to cut down on them if you must have a healthy future. This means that with a few minor lifestyle changes, you can live long and disease-free throughout your life.

Book an appointment for full body check-up with us here.

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