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6 tips to keep your neck skin young and silky smooth

The neck skin needs as much care as the face. We often worry about our faces and how to prevent wrinkles and expression lines. But we forget about the skin of the neck. And It has been shown that the skin on the neck is the first area to start to age.

It has a thinner skin and fewer sebaceous cells. It loses elasticity and firmness faster than other skin.

These simple tips will help you to reduce the negative effects on your neck skin. You will be able to keep your skin smooth and youthful for longer.

How to care for your neck skin


  1. Hydration is essential

Moisturize the neck every day, as well as the face. Best Way to Tighten Neck Skin Without Surgery . This task does not require you to purchase special products. Simply apply the same moisturizing cream that you use.

You can also hydrate it using natural products like coconut, almond, and olive oil, as well as rosehip oil.

  • It is important to use them twice daily: once in the morning before you get dressed and again at night before you go to bed.
  • It will take just a few movements of your hands to move the water from top-to-bottom until it is absorbed.


  1. Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is required for the skin around the neck (at least once per week). You can get rid of the dead cells that have accumulated over the days.

  • You can make a natural exfoliant by mixing these ingredients with honey, natural oils, and yogurt. It’s great for the skin around the neck.
  • Start at the top of your chin and work your way down to the bottom. The same applies to the back of your neck.
  • All traces of exfoliant should then be washed off with cold water. This will result in deep skin cleansing.


  1. Avoid bad posture

Poor posture can lead to more severe skin damage. Poor posture can also lead to neck pain and headache.

However, wrinkles can be made worse by keeping your neck bent for extended periods. Keep your head up while you’re looking at your tablet or mobile.


  1. A good diet

Keep a healthy diet rich in Omega 3. This will enable your body to increase collagen production. This will encourage the regeneration and elasticating of tissues.

Some studies suggest that consuming foods high in fatty acids can help the body regenerate cell membranes.

Consuming ingredients like flaxseed oil and avocado at night can have very positive effects on our skin and hair.


  1. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen should not be applied only to your face, but to all areas exposed to the sun. sun exposure accelerates premature aging.


  1. Do a regular exercise routine

You can help your neck stay smoother and younger with a quick exercise routine that takes only a few minutes.

  • It is very simple to do, and it will be of great assistance: Stand straight with your sword and move your lower jaw forward and back.
  • Another simple exercise is to stand straight up and tilt your head forward with your neck extended. Next, extend your lower lips as far as possible to reach your upper lip. Repeat this several times without touching your teeth.
  • Also, you can move your mouth like you are pronouncing O. For at least five seconds, hold the position. Repeat the process several times.


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