A satirist from Poland cheers the world up

When he was about to be born, his grandfather Bogusław absolutely wanted him to be given the name Szczepan. The same name was used by a satirist known from radio programs and comedy films, which was loved by Poles before World War II. Maybe this is what made Szczepan Sadurski make other people laugh all his life?

Humorous drawings and caricatures

Apparently, when he was born, he held a crayon in his hand. First, he drew humorous comics. One of them printed a magazine when he was 14. On his 18th birthday, he made his debut with a humorous drawing, printed in the famous satirical magazine Szpilki. A few years later, he was the most frequently published cartoonist of this weekly, and his drawings were printed by the most famous newspapers in Poland.

At the beginning of the 21st century, companies organizing events began to come to Sadurski. He began to draw live caricatures. Soon he became a specialist in this trade and traveled professionally all over Poland. He was also invited to other countries: USA, Australia, Europe. In 2012, the press in New York wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. Today, he adds that he did not draw as fast as he does now.

Jokes and humor magazines

When Sadurski was 25, he founded a publishing house. Soon he started publishing Dobry Humor – a small newspaper with jokes and funny drawings. From 20,000 at the beginning, a few years later it became 200,000. I liked the jokes a lot. Readers from all over Poland started to set up fan clubs and sent several thousand letters to the editors a month. A small humorous empire was established, which simultaneously published 5 nationwide monthly magazines with humor and satire.

Then came the times of the Internet and less and less people bought the press. Today, Sadurski runs several websites with jokes, entertainment and satire – Dobryhumor.pl and others.

Good Humor Party

It was one of many ideas of the Polish satirist. Sadurski decided to set up a funny organization. The Good Humor Party made its debut in 2001. It was supposed to be a parody of serious politics, so it was never officially registered. Soon after, satirists living in other countries began to receive organization cards and became ambassadors of the happy party. Today, 6,000 people can boast of ID cards. The membership fee is still the same as it used to be: 3 smiles a day.

In 2012, Sadurski came up with another idea – he invented the smallest skyscraper in the world. The Happy Skyscraper was photographed during a happening in New York City. Soon the model hit the Internet and fans began to photograph it in other places around the world. The Happy Skyscraper, a symbol of the Good Humor Party, has been photographed to this day in almost 700 cities around the world, on all continents – except Antarctica.

The colorful life of Szczepan Sadurski will soon be revealed by watching a documentary of which he will be the protagonist. You will learn many anecdotes about his interesting life.

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