Angry Birds Games: The Most Recent and Upcoming Titles

The Angry Birds Games has developed over the past 13 years from a simple video game to a sizable media property. Additionally, the Castle-inspired game has emerged as Rovio’s savior, saving company from approaching bankruptcy. Is the brand still relevant now despite 21 games, two successful movies, seven theme parks, an animated series, and thousands of products?

Are any new Angry Birds games currently being developed or released? Today, we will provide answers to all of those queries as we slingshot our way through the most recent and upcoming Angry Birds titles.

Angry Birds Games The Newest

Three Angry Birds-themed video games were released by Rovio by the year 2021. After that, the first one is an exact recreation of the first, the second one is an RPG simulator, and the third one is a puzzle game. After saying that, let’s quickly review each of the games, starting with the remake.


Angry Birds Reloaded, a subscription-based exclusive game that debuted on July 15, 2021, has labeled a semi-remake of the original two games. After that, due to the game’s plot based on the two Angry Birds movies, the term “semi-remake” coined. Similar to the movie, the game’s primary characters are Red, Bomb, Chuck, the Blues, Silver, Leonard, Gary, and Courtney.

Players must launch flightless birds to pop the pigs in their hiding place in Angry Birds Reloaded, which has gameplay that is identical to the first two games in the series. After that, players will also have the option of controlling Zeta and Zeta’s Eagles in addition to the aforementioned characters. Sadly, Mighty Eagle is a non-player character in this game.

Angry Birds Reloaded


The Roblox RPG game Angry Birds: Bird Island is not to confused with Angry Birds Island. The game, which released on December 16, 2021, was an official Rovio creation. That surfaced following a number of DMCA takedowns of unauthorized Angry Birds games in Roblox. After that, there are two game modes in Angry Birds: Bird Island: Mayhem Simulator and Destruction Simulator.

Players can create a hatchling army in Mayhem Simulator to employ against towers. On the other side, the destruction simulator is a game that functions similarly to the mayhem simulator. And includes a variety of structures that the player can destroy with their army of hatchlings.

Angry Birds Islands


Angry Birds Journey is the franchise’s 24th installment. It used to called Angry Birds Casual and uses the same timeless slingshot puzzle gameplay as the first games. After all, the key distinction is that this installment has newer graphics, smoother animation, and a better storyline.

On March 5, 2020, Angry Birds Journey received a soft launch in the US, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland. After that, on January 20, 2022, the game received an official launch around the globe. As soon as, the game has recently surpassed the 5 million download mark with overwhelmingly favorable reviews.

Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Games Upcoming

As of the year 2022, development work is being done on three Angry Birds games and one concept. The video games were made available on a wide variety of social media sites in 2021. However, along with all of the pertinent information. Despite this, there is still a possibility that the developer may shelve or scrap one of the games on the list that is about to shown.


It announced on Instagram on April 6, 2021 that Angry Birds Double Crossed will include gameplay that differed significantly from the series’ signature slingshot puzzle format. After that, the new game, which being marketed as an action-reality game show. However, contains a spoof of PewDiePie called BirdDiePie and Dr. Disrespect rebranded as Dr. PigRespect. Both of these characters are pigs.

After all, the game described as a reality competition in which a team of five birds will compete against a team of five piggies to see which can construct the highest tower. According to the original description, the game will take place in an arena. Players will given the option to take part in the game as either a builder, a shooter. Or a saboteur in the effort to bring down the tower that the other side has constructed. In addition, as the host of the tournament. However, you will have access to elements that allow for considerable customization and control over the game. As of the time this article written, there has no announcement about an official release date for the game.

Double Crossed Angry Birds


An egg-stealing competition takes place over six different islands in the online game Angry Birds Launch It!. Which has a multiplayer mode with six teams of four players each. Most importantly, it released on the same day as the Angry Birds Double Crossed expansion pack. The challenge for the players is to get oneself into the air and then to the floating islands where the eggs hidden. Once there, they may collect their reward.

The group that is able to collect the most eggs will declared the winner. Every character in the game that may controlled by the player has a set of hidden abilities that can unlocked as the game progresses. In a manner similar to that of Angry Birds Double Crossed. There has no information divulged about the game’s official release.

Anrgy Birds Launch it


Bad Piggies 2 is a straight successor to the puzzle game of the same name. From 2012 that announced in the middle of 2021 on TikTok. Above all, players will need to build a vehicle out of scarce resources in the same manner as the game’s predecessor.

The next step is for players to move their device around the specified level. In addition to weekly game modes with loot boxes, Bad Piggies 2 will have enhanced animation and graphics. The game’s official launch date is still unknown. Just like it is for the other games on the list of future releases.

Bad Piggies Angry Birds


Awful Birds On April 3, 2022, Crazy Golf visited gamers of Angry Birds 2. Piggy Mail immediately sent the players with an explanation of the concept. Along with a questionnaire that requested a response from them.

Within a two-dimensional environment that packed with hazards, players have the option of controlling either Red or Bomb. The goal of the game is to successfully deliver Red to the nest while taking the fewest possible hits. In the demonstration video, Bomb have the innate ability to bounce. While Red possesses the power to break through stone walls. Players have the opportunity to improve their scores by making use of various power-ups that are available within the game.

Angry Birds Crazy Golf

Angry Birds Franchise: The Future

The Angry Birds series is continually constantly developing and expanding in new directions. However, the fact that the series is looking at expanding. Into other types of video games is a very promising sign for its future. Above all else, the innovations introduced in Angry Birds Double Crossed and Angry Birds Launch Itmultiplayer! provide a fresh take on the long-running series of games known as Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds game franchise and the movie, in terms of other media, were both successful. It appears that the Angry Birds brand will keep expanding in the future. However, let’s hope that Rovio will come up with creative ideas to keep the brand relevant for years to come. Play this enjoyable endless running game like geometry dash right now on your PC!

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