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Best Hospitals In Zimbabwe Detailed Information From Mespoir

List Of Best Hospitals in Zimbabwe

  • Parirenyatwa General Hospital, Harare
  • United Bulawayo Hospital
  • Mater Dei Hospital, Bulawayo
  • Karanda Mission Hospital, Harare
  • Mpilo Central Hospital, Bulawayo
  • Baines Avenue Clinic, Harare
  • Harare Central Hospital
  • West End Hospital, Harare

While there are many private clinics in Zimbabwe, the government does not fund these. That is why foreign nationals should have private medical insurance to cover the cost of treatment and evacuation to other medical facilities, if necessary. The standards of care in Best hospitals in Zimbabwe vary greatly and are often questionable. Some hospitals will only treat patients who pay cash up front. Meanwhile, rationing of water in the country has forced the United Bulawayo hospital to curtail surgeries.

The Parirenyatwa Hospital has a general medical and surgical section, maternity wards, and several specialist pediatric wards. In addition, the hospital has over 5,000 beds. The hospitals are also home to three intakes of general nurses each year. Furthermore, the hospitals have two post-basic courses that train future nurses. For further information, visit their website. While there is a lack of quality healthcare in Zimbabwe, the government’s reliance on foreign-funded health care has led to a reduction in mortality rates.

The Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has undergone refurbishment and implemented a quality management program in 2005. The hospital’s leadership team consists of Thomas Zigora, Sydney Makarawo, and Max Hove. Godwin Mseka, the Hospital’s executive director, coordinates the quality management program. In 2005, the group’s leadership introduced a quality management programme.

The Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals is an excellent example of quality healthcare in the country. The health system is lacking the capacity to contain diseases such as cholera. This means that basic hospital supplies like needles, gloves, and painkillers should be available to patients. It is also critical that hospitals provide clean water to the patients. In the meantime, the hope of economic reform in Zimbabwe has not yet been fulfilled.

The Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals is undergoing refurbishment, and the quality management program was implemented in 2005. This hospital has a standard of care, despite the lack of resources. The staff at Mashoko Christian Mission are well-trained and well-educated. The staff is highly skilled, and they are able to deal with the various challenges facing patients. However, the lack of quality in these hospitals has limited the country’s ability to fight diseases.

During World War II, Dennis Pruett was a prisoner of war. He and his brother John Pemberton were working together to establish Mashoko Christian Mission in Southern Rhodesia. They needed a pharmacist, and Don Pruett took his family to Zimbabwe. The mission now has three best hospitals in Zimbabwe.  The parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, the Mashoko Group of Hospitals are also the best in the country.

Apart from the Mashoko Christian Mission, the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has many other facilities. It is a comprehensive healthcare facility with a pharmacy, maternity, and surgical sections. This is also has a dedicated eye clinic and a psychiatric annex. It has over 5000 beds and three general nursing intakes per year. It offers post-basic courses for pharmacists in Zimbabwe.

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