Django vs. Flask: Which One of Them Is Better Than the Other?


Both Django and Flask are two marvelous web application frameworks in the market. Both frameworks empower a web developer to develop superior web apps very quickly. Furthermore, both of them come with a remarkable set of features that make the work of a web developer kids play. In short, both frameworks are phenomenal and can be very useful for a web app developer. But which web development framework is superior to the other? To be completely honest, it is not an easy question to answer. So today, we are going to learn about both Django and Flask in-depth and see which one is better than the other.

Basic Difference:

Django is a remarkable Python web framework and is ideal for large projects. The framework empowers its users to develop secure and maintainable websites very easily and quickly. Furthermore, it is free to use web application framework and has a vast community. Using the framework, a developer can develop superior web apps rapidly and without writing large codes. To learn about the framework and its benefits in detail, feel free to join the Django Training in Gurgaon.


  • Open-Source web application framework
  • It is ideal for large projects
  • It features an in-built module library
  • Robust documentation, etc.

Flask is a fantastic lightweight Python web development framework and is ideal for rapid development. The framework enables a developer to develop web apps rapidly and quickly. Besides this, the framework offers lots of flexibility to its users. For example, it allows users to add any number of libraries to their apps. Moreover, it is very easy to use and configure.


  • Open-source lightweight web application framework
  • It enables a developer to develop web apps rapidly and quickly
  • Highly-flexible
  • Supports use of multiple databases


Django supports the ORM framework. However, it does not allow a developer to work with multiple databases. On the other hand, its competitor does not support the ORM framework and allows developers to work with various databases. So, if you are looking for a framework that can work with multiple databases, then you must use Flask.


Django features a ready-to-use admin interface using which you can quickly develop modules for your apps. Furthermore, it also allows you to customize your admin module as per your choice. In contrast, Flask does not feature an admin interface. What does this mean? It means that if you use this framework, then you will have to develop admin modules for your apps manually.


Django allows developers to divide the entire web app into small apps/parts. This makes the process of developing and managing app kids play for a developer. On the other hand, Flask does not allow developers to divide apps into small parts. However, it does allow its users to add multiple models and views to their apps. Thus, Flask appears to be inferior to its competitor in terms of flexibility.


Django is not ideal for developing scalable apps. On the other hand, Flask is suitable for developing scalable apps. The framework allows its users to expand their app and add more functionalities to it without any difficulty. Thus in terms of reliability, Flask appears to be a better option than its competitor.


Django is suitable for developing large apps that come with lots of functionality. On the other hand, Flask is ideal for developing simple apps that do not come with lots of functionality. So, in terms of suitability Django appears to be a better option than Flask.


Django comes with a web template engine that allows developers to develop web pages for their apps quickly. On the other hand, Flask comes with a Jinja2 engine that is built on the web template engine of Django. To learn more about the web template engine, feel free to join the Django Online Training in India.


Both Django and Flask are phenomenal web application frameworks. Moreover, both framework empowers a web developer to develop superior web apps very quickly. But overall, Django appears to be a better web application framework than Flask. So, make sure you use it rather than Flask to develop your web apps. It is a spectacular web framework and can make the process of developing web apps a lot quicker and easier.

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