Do You Experience Post Dental Implant Surgery Swelling?

If you want a permanent replace of your missing tooth these days then dental implants seem to be only option! As surgery is involved with the procedure, you must know the proper recovery from swelling after surgery. This will let you know the right time to contact the dental surgeon.

Swelling after dental implant surgery naturally goes down after a day or two. The dentist will share post-operative instructions, tips and what to do for diminishing the side effect. So, continue reading this blog to know about them.

Is swelling common?

When you get a surgery, swelling is common as natural response of body to it! You can’t mistake surgery as injury it is a form to control trauma and injury. The surgeon will give anaesthetic injections in order to carry out the implant surgery.

Incision is necessary followed by sutures for placement of implants. Swelling is the fluid build up in tissues. Instead of perilous it is a usual factor of healing. Alike swelling bruising is normal at the time of healing. But there are many patients prone to easy bruise than others.

Expectation of swelling’s degree

Multiple aspects can affect the degree of swelling every patient will experience! Definitely there will a contingent reaction at the time of surgical procedure. As more number of implants you will receive as more discolouration and inflammation you are more likely to experience than getting one implant only.

Swelling is natural response of the body to injury and surgery. Not at all perilous it is a clear indication that the site is healing gradually. In fact you can have the swelling in facial sides, eyes, cheeks, jaws and mouth after surgery.

Once the surgery is over, swelling will be at its highest peak before starts lowering down from third or fourth day onwards. But it will consume a couple of days to subside down completely.

Regular infection signs

Expectations and assumptions can help a patient to cope up the post-operative complexities by minimising the infection risks! You should aware of changes which occur at the time of recovery. At this point of time you should evaluate discomfort level that you experience after getting implants.

After a day or two, swelling starts subsiding naturally. It never increases once it starts lowering. So swelling after subsiding of the initial inflammation is an indication of infection. You must visit the dentist or oral surgeon for suspicion of any infection at the site of surgery. Sometimes, dentist prescribes simple antibiotics for accelerating the recovery and healing.

Methods to get rid of swelling

Swelling is quite common at the time of recovery. But there are several ways for minimising the effect. After you get discharge from the home apply cold compress as suggested by the dentist all over the face and jaw for around 20 minutes. You have to follow this process multiple times for the first 24 hour.

Then icing must continue for another two days. After than you have to apply moist heat to the site! After getting dental implants you must keep the head in an elevation. Any OTC anti-inflammatories like naproxen or ibuprofen are efficient to deal with the post-surgical pain. Although these have nothing to do with the swelling but can combat against discomfort perfectly.

Witness the comfortable recovery

Despite of the methods use for combating bruising and swelling make sure that you follow the dentist’s guidelines strictly. Only this can promote quick recovery and optimal healing.

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