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Googles John Mueller Total Number of Backlinks Doesnt Matter

Many people ask me this question, does Google Matter?

The short answer is no it does not. However there are certain Backlinks factors that can affect your ranking on Google. For example if you have a lot of links coming from sites with high PR i.e.

PageRank and your Backlinks site is frequently linked to by authority sites such as Wikipedia and the Washington Post, this will increase your rankings.

It will also show that you have a strong sense of expertise and this will be translate in the content that you produce.

But the real question that people have is “How do I get more links”. The answer is simple, join some of the high PageRank blogs.

The main reason why blogs are much higher ranked than sites like Squidoo and HubPages is because they receive regular updates from an authoritative source.

These high PR blogs usually have a loyal audience who follow the links on a daily basis. So it is easy to convince these people to link to you.

Another way is to submit your articles to article directories. Although you don’t get credit for these Backlinks, every one you create will help you build up your PR.

One thing to remember is that although you can submit to as many directories as you like, your goal should be to focus only on those that have a high page rank.

This will ensure that more link building will be generated and your traffic will increase.

The third strategy is to write more articles. Search engines love content and they love websites that change topic regularly.

If you keep producing new content then your PR will slowly start going up. However do remember that you should not submit any of your content to URL Spam or any site that may be ban by Google.

This will only cause your search engine submission sites that rank to drop.

To sum it up, the strategy to increase Google rankings is to get as many quality inbound links as you can. Focus on article marketing, social networking and submitting your content to directories.

All of this will help your search engines rankings and will increase your traffic.

The fourth strategy is to find good keywords that people are using to find products and services similar to yours. The reason for this is that people often search the Internet for specific items.

For example, if you sell watches online, then it makes sense that people would type “watches” into the search bar when looking for a company that sells the watches.

Once you have found keywords that are being search for frequently, then start looking for them in blogs and article directories.

The fifth strategy is to post your articles in prominent forums. Find a popular forum that has a high membership level. Then post relevant and useful articles in the threads.

You should try to do at least two articles per thread. You will not only gain valuable traffic from the forum members but from the search engine spiders once you have posted your articles.

These are all excellent strategies for increasing your website’s traffic and improving Backlinks its Google ranking. As you continue to develop your site, make sure that it offers value to visitors.

Always make sure that your website is easy to navigate and contains information that is of interest to your visitors. This will help you build a strong customer base.

The fourth strategy is for you to write more articles. Write as many articles as possible. One article is equal to 100 keyword searches, so the more articles you have publish, the better.

Article directories allow you to add a resource box at the bottom of each article that contains your name, a link to your website and a call to action.

The fifth strategy is for you to use social media. Social media allows you to create a brand, blog about your products and services and connect with your customers online.

This will not only draw in more traffic, but also generate backlinks to your website.

Googles John Martin is the creator of the original version of the Internet marketing tips mentioned above. He is a successful entrepreneur who is well known in the home-base business arena.

Now he is passing his knowledge down to future generations of Internet marketers. Visit his website for more Internet marketing tips.

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