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How to Archive Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive?

If you are searching for a quick solution to archive Yahoo emails to hard drive. Then, this blog will surely be beneficial for you. Here, we will explain the step by step procedure to backup Yahoo Mail to external hard drive.

We are going to have detailed knowledge about two ways manual and automated. If user wants fast and accurate results they can go for the professional tool.

Let us understand the situation with the user’s query.

User Query-How Can I Download Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive?

“Hello! I am a college student and working on a project. My friend is also assisting me with this project. I have been using Yahoo Mail for a very long time and now I need to backup all my emails to the hard drive so that I can forward that mail to my friend for further work on the assignment.

We have to submit that on time without any delay. To backup these emails to hard drive is very hectic to me. Please suggest me a quick and reliable solution to this problem. Thanks!”.

“Hey! I am a Sales Executive. I have an old Yahoo mail account. Yesterday my important client came to me regarding some project. Now, I have to send yahoo mails to that client and I want to save these emails to my hard drive in portable file format. Because these are confidential mails I need to keep it in password protected files. For this I need a method to export these emails. Please suggest a solution ASAP! Thanks in advance”.

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From the above user’s query we clearly understand that he/she wants an instant solution. And there is only one direct and advanced Yahoo Email Backup Wizard which will help to archive Yahoo mail to hard drive.

The tool is the best solution for the users to take backup emails to hard drive. The software is very easy to use and gives very quick and accurate results to the users. It archives the emails along with their attachments.

Steps to Archive Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive Using the Software

Step 1. Download the wizard and start it. Now, enter your login credentials

Step 2. After that, select the type of file format you want to choose

Step 3. Choose the location for storing the data and hit the Export button.

Highlighted Features of the Software

  1. Archive Mails in External Hard Drive: The file after backup can easily be accessed anywhere. The user can save the Yahoo emails,edit , and print without any problem.
  2. Backup of Multiple Accounts: It is the remarkable solution that provides the option to backup emails from single or multiple Yahoo accounts.
  3. Supports Multiple Languages: This wizard allows the user to choose preferred language while downloading it.
  4. Download Yahoo Emails to Multiple File Format: It provides you the option to export the Yahoo Mails to external hard drive in different file formats.

Steps to Save Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive Manually

There is a manual approach through which you can download Yahoo mail to external hard drive.

Step 1. Start Yahoo Mail in any browser.

Step 2. Choose the emails you want to archive

Step 3. Tap on three dots available above

Step 4. Click on the Print option.

Step 5. Hit on the Save button to archive Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  • If you have multiple Yahoo emails in your account. Then, it is very difficult to save each mails one by one. This can ruin your valuable time.
  • While performing the manual procedure there are chances of data loss but by using software you won’t lose a digit of information.
  • This approach will give you only one option of file format to save the Yahoo mails that is PDF.

Need to Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive

To Backup the necessary emails to hard drive is the simplest way to access your emails without an internet connection. There are various features to export Yahoo emails to hard drive. Some of them are discussed below:

    • It might be possible that your emails are hacked, and all the information is lost. And no option to restore the account again.
    • This is the smart way before any virus attack.
    • Intentionally/unintentionally deleted data, by taking backup of your data will help you to access the information at any time.
    • Before the internet crashes and it deletes your important data. It is advisable to take backup of Yahoo emails to hard drive.


In the article, we suggest two ways to archive Yahoo emails to hard drive in a detailed manner. Both Manual and automated approaches have their importance but manual methods have a number of drawbacks. So, for a safe and instant result use an automated approach.


Q1. How do I download Yahoo mail to hard drive?

Ans. You can use the professional software for quick and instant results.

Q2. Do I backup Yahoo emails to hard drive directly?

Ans. Yes, of course you can save the mail to the hard drive. You just need to give the desired location during the conversion process.

Q3. Does this automated tool install on Windows 10?

Ans. Yes, the software is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating System.

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