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How to Pack an Overnight Box for a Move?

To make your relocation endgame a bit more happy and entertaining, keep the avengers of trauma at bay! Considering a move is actually a major move in your life in real time. No matter how much you plan or how tactfully you get the relocation process executed, the day of your move is going to end up being quite chaotic and stressful. An overnight box is surely going to rescue you in time of your need.

An overnight box is that valuable piece of consignment that is going to make your relocation process a rewarding one. It is the first box that you should pack in the beginning of the relocation process and it is also the first box that you unpack after the relocation process ends, as you move into your new house. An overnight box contains all the essentials required immediately after you move to the new place.

In case you are not sure what to pack, here are some recommendations that might be beneficial to you:

Dental Kit:

First thing’s first, we start our day brushing our teeth; we end our day brushing our teeth. At least that is recommended you seriously care about your oral health. So don’t forget to pack toothpaste, a mouthwash and toothbrushes of all your family members in the overnight box.

Mobile Phone Chargers:

One thing super important in our modern day lifestyle is our mobile phone. We practically can’t get enough of it even after using it all day, every day! But to keep it going, we need to charge it on time so you need to pack the mobile phone chargers packed together in the overnight box to prevent hunting it through all the innumerable boxes after being moved to the new place.


After a hectic day of shifting, all you wish for is a sound sleep for 8 hours. This will ensure that you wake up fresh and charged up for unpacking task next morning. So don’t forget to pack proper bedding in your overnight box. Bedding consisting of fresh bed-sheets, pillows, pillow-covers and a quilt are basic needs for a comfortable sleep.

Extra Set of Clothes:

Don’t miss out to pack a set of comfortable clothes for your first day in the new house. Include a pair of pajamas and most importantly a set of fresh undergarments for the next day.


Hand wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, moisturizing cream, body lotion and deodorant are some of the most essential toiletries. You just can’t miss to pack all of these in the overnight box.

Bath Towels:

At the end of the day of relocation services , you will be tired, drained and dirty after moving the boxes to their respective rooms. You will also experience mental stress after a full day of chaos. A shower is going to be the mandatory need as the day ends. Keeping your bath towels handy in the overnight box is highly advisable.

Paper Supplies:

Toilet papers, napkins, paper towels and tissues are some of the most important things that we need on an everyday basis. Your overnight box should have enough of these to make things easy for you.

Dusting Cloth and Disinfectant Spray:

Moving into a new house is actually moving into an uninhabited space. There can be a bed of dust lying on the chest where you would like to keep your phone or hand-bag as soon as you enter the new house. It is definitely not a great feeling unless and until you help yourself dust the surfaces of the immediately required areas.

Toilets, tubs, sinks and showers should be disinfected before using them. So keep a bottle of disinfectant spray and a dusting cloth in the overnight box for having a clean and hygienic first day as you move.

Torch or Flashlight:

You cannot predict the adversities of nature or luck. There can be a power-cut due to some bad weather conditions or because of some electrical failure. A torch or flashlight can save you from stumbling and struggling in the dark. So make it another content of the overnight box.

Lights and Bulbs:

Many a times in the new house, the lights and bulbs are not fixed initially though there is electrical connection done in advance. In that case it is highly recommended to keep a few bulbs and lights in the overnight box.

First Aid Kit:

“Prevention is better than cure” and we are all very much aware of it. But what happens when we meet some small accidents even after much awareness? Packing a first-aid kit in your overnight box helps you the most when you get small wounds, scars, bruises or muscle injuries in due course of the relocation process.

A few Band-Aids, cotton-balls, antiseptic liquid, bandages, antibiotic ointment and pain-relief spray are some basic constituents of a first aid kit.

Disposable Plates and Cutlery:

As soon as you make a move to your new house, you won’t be able to unpack your kitchen items immediately. You would probably order a take-away from a nearby restaurant and prefer using plates and cutlery that won’t require cleaning after use as you can simply dispose them off. Pack your overnight box with a set of disposable plates and cutlery for the entire family.

Garbage Bags:

There is going to be a lot of mess once the process of unpacking services begins. Cardboard pieces, bubble wraps plastic sheets, cello tape, soiled cleaning items as well as those things which might have been broken while shifting will need to get discarded. You would need a lot of garbage bags to do the needful. So pack a bunch of garbage bags in the overnight box for your further convenience.

Bottled Water:

As soon as you make a move into your new house, you won’t be getting a proper supply of drinking water as it won’t be possible for you to immediately get hold of the water purifying service providers. You might need to wait for a few days to get things sorted in this field. Till then you have to avail ample number of water bottles to meet your thirst. Don’t forget to pack a few water bottles in the overnight box to stay happy and hydrated.


An overnight box is like a Pandora’s Box in your relocation process; unboxing it would only bring out hope. So not forget to pack all the essentials into this box to get the benefits of its ultimate utility quotient. Do consider the above mentioned points to construct your overnight box before planning on making a move to a new house. Happy Shifting fellas!

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