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How to Recover Master .mdf Password File – Two Easy Ways

Overview: Looking for a solution to recover master .mdf password file? If your answer yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the correct way to recover data. There are many users who want to reset the password of the SQL file to open a password protected database with all the data items, but they do not get better results. So please read this blog to learn more.

MS SQL Server is a relational database management system for storing information in the form of tables, views, indexes, triggers, constraints, and stored procedures. A master database file (MDF) is a master database file with the .mdf file extension used by SQL Server. This MDF data base file is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Sometimes users forget their passwords and lose access to their databases. This blog will discuss methods to recover MDF file passwords to access data stored in SQL Server databases.

User Query

Hello, I have a SQL Server database file and I don’t have a database backup. But the mdf file is password protected and I don’t remember what the password is, can anyone help me to recover the password data from the file? Can anyone tell me how to recover a password protected MDF file? Please help.

How to Recover Master .mdf Password File –  Manual Approach

First, you need to stop the SQL Server service to prevent SQL Server from locking the Master Data File (MDF) database. Here are some manual methods that can help you recover MDF file password:

  1. Using the SSMS Management Console

The method steps are as follows

  • To start SSMS Management Console, go to Start> All Programs> Microsoft SQL Server (with your version)> SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Login to SQL Server With Windows Authentication
  • In Object Explorer, go to Server Name> Security> Login. After selecting the SA account, right-click and go to Properties
  • The login properties window will open. Enter the desired password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes and click OK
  • The login properties window will open. Enter the desired password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes and click OK.
  1. Use of SQL Scripts

Proceed as follows:

  • Start SQL Server Management Studio
  • Open a new query and type the following command:


to go

use [main]

to go


to go


  1. Using the Command Prompt

The method of using Command Prompt includes the following steps:

  • Unlock Windows and type cmd to start the command prompt

Type osql -L at the command prompt

  • Copy the SQL Server full name and type OSQL -S -E
  • Run the following query: sp_password NULL, ”, ‘sa’

so go

4. How to Disable SA

The method when SA is disabled includes the following steps:

  • Start SQL Server as a single user using the -m flag on the command line
  • Run as administrator
  • Go to the ServerRoles page and select sysadmin to reset the password

Automatic Solution to Recover Master .mdf Password File

The above method seems a bit confusing and non-technical users might not understand the process. Therefore, novice users are not satisfied with manual solutions and continue to look for simple solutions. They can use Best MDF Password Recovery Software which is very easy to understand and its general steps. It also provides an easy solution to recover SQL Server database password and allows the reset SA password for SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 without limiting the database. With this utility you have the opportunity to recover/ reset your SQL Server SA password. SA or sysadmin password protects the entire server from password protection, providing access not only to the database but also to the server rules.

Note: You can view the password status and user account login ID when you are using the free trial version of the software. You need to purchase the paid version of the software to fully recover password protected MDB files.

Check Out the Easy Steps to Recover Master .mdf Password File

  • Download and Install SQL Database Password Recovery Tool

Download SQL Passwords Recovery

  • Click on the browse option to add an MDF file

Select Browse button

  • Find and select the MDF file. Click Open to upload the file
    choose MDF database
  • After that, the “Scan Completed Successfully” screen will appear in the software interface. To continue, click the OK button.
    completed scanning
  • Pick the user whose password you want to reset and press Reset Password

Select Reset button

  • The tool will prompt you to back up the Master.mdf files before continuing. Click OK

Select ok

Prominent Features of the Automatic Application

This software offers several great advantages that make it easy to recover and Reset password protected MDF database files.

  • Fast and accurate recovery results
  • The recovery process is simple and easy for novice users to understand
  • Simple migration, no dependency on any external tools
  • Friendly program and 100% results oriented
  • Ability to recover login passwords from MDF Master Offline files
  • SQL Server service must be stopped while loading master.mdf file
  • Restore and reset SQL server passwords of any length or type without fail
  • Provides tools in the software to set new passwords for user logins
  • Also, it is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • No additional installation of any kind is required during the conversion process. It works without technical guide.
  • Ability to successfully recover multilingual passwords from MDF files
  • Reset personal and SA user passwords from SQL file master.mdf
  • Reset SA password without MS SQL Server installation
  • Capable to restore login password for offline MDF master database file
  • The SQL Server service must be stopped while the master.mdf file is loading

Summing Up

In this article, we explain the complete process to recover master .mdf password file. If you want to understand the process and learn how to import data, read this article and get the solution now. You can use any of the methods above, but if you go with the manual solution, there are many downsides including the fear of losing your data. So we suggest you to use the second solution and get the result as soon as possible with 100% accuracy.

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