How to Restore Data from BKF File – Get Superlative Technique

For many, performing any task that requires regular backups may seem tedious, but it is considered a very important task. Unfortunately, the proportion of these people is high and they do not understand the importance of backing up data frequently unless a catastrophic situation occurs.

There is no discussion about how important data is to every computer user. Unfortunately, your data can always be lost or corrupted for a variety of reasons. To be safe, most people backup their files. In this article, we’ll show you how to restore data from BKF file in case you lose or damage it.

Microsoft has a very good understanding of user needs, and as a result, Windows provides a built-in backup utility to help you backup your data efficiently. An interesting aspect about Windows OS is that each version of Windows has its own options for backing up and restoring data. Therefore, for many people who work with Windows, the most common question is how to recover or view BKF files in Windows.

What Causes the BKF file to Get Corrupted?

  1. Accidental Deletion or Modification: The contents of a .BKF file can be accidentally deleted or corrupted, which can damage the file.
  2. Sudden Power Outage: All files can be lost if there is a sudden power outage during the backup process.
  3. Hard Disk Failure: Some hard disk problems can cause BKF files to be lost. Missing sectors can result in missing data in some BKF files and corrupt them.
  4. System Crash: If the system crashes before the backup process is complete, the files will be corrupted or lost completely.
  5.  Viruses and Other Malware: Malicious software, such as viruses and Trojan horses, compromise the integrity of all files. If a .BKF file is infected, its contents will be corrupted or modified.

How to Restore Data from BKF File? 

Losing .BKF files can be frustrating, especially if you lose the root file, that is, if you actually lose the data. Previously, you had to find a recovery expert to recover your data. However, recent improvements in data recovery techniques have made it much easier to do it yourself using only basic computer skills. 

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automatic Solution

Manual Method to Restore BKF Files Using NTbackup Tool

  • First, Download the Windows NT Backup Recovery Utility from any server. If the download is successful, install it on your system.
  • Locate the NT Backup Restore Setup application NTBackup.exe, right-click it, and Click Run as administrator

download NTBackup.exe

  • Then, when you see the Removable Storage Not Running pop-up message, click OK

removable storage not running

  • When the Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard appears, click Next

welcome to the backup

  • Then you have Two options. Select Restore files and settings from both and click Next

  • Click Browse on the What to Restore screen and find the BKF file you want to restore

select the files

  • In the left pane, expand Recoverable Items, select the files you want to recover, and click Next


  • A screen will appear where you can click the Advanced button. Then select another location in the drop-down menu from File Recovery


  • From the File Restore drop-down menu, select Alternate Location. In the Alternate Location field, specify the path you want to save and click Next


  • In the Restore Method section, Select leave existing files and click Next


  • Then set the Recovery Options as shown


  • In the Backup or Restore Wizard, click Next and Finish to complete the Backup Wizard


  • When this process is complete, the NTBackup utility will restore the files and folders.

Limitations of this Method

  • This procedure only works for the entire Windows BKF file and will not work if it gets corrupted.
  • Not all features work on some Windows operating systems.
  • This method is a bit complicated for beginners without technical knowledge.

Alternative Solution to Restore Data from BKF File

To recover, preview and extract data from BKF file in an easy way, you can rely on SysTools BKF Repair Tool. With just a few clicks, users can retrieve and export healthy .bkf files.  Besides, the user interface of this software is very easy to use, novice users and technocrats can easily work with this application. With this Tool, you can easily extract data from BKF files without losing data. It offers the ability to recover all or selective data in a hassle-free manner. In terms of recovering from selective data files, one can opt for selective BKF file recovery. Users only need to check or uncheck the selective files/folders to be recovered. This tool has several powerful features that make it perfect as compared to others. It widely supports enhanced versions and newer versions of the Windows operating system.

Take a Free Trial to Restore BKF File

The software offers a free demo version to its users. With this demo, you will be able to scan and preview the recovered BKF files. You can test the features as well as the functionality of the tool. If you want to save and extract BKF files, purchase a license key.

How to Restore data from BKF File? – Understand the Full Working of the Tool

  • Firstly, Download the software and install it properly on your Windows machine. The starting screen will be as shown below.


  • Click Browse button to Add BKF file

add BKF File

  • This tool offers three scanning options such as Quick, deep and range scan
  • You can choose any option according to youscan-options
  • The software will automatically start the scanning procedure


  • After the scanning process is complete. You will see a preview of the BKF data fileextract-file


  • Extract the BKF file to the selected location or the original location, depending on your requirements. Then click extract button.

save BKF File

  • When the extraction process is complete, the extracted files will be displayed in the location of your choice.


Notable Benefits and Features of Software

  1. The utility is completely independent to perform its work, so it allows users to restore Data from BKF File
  2. The Software allows users to repair corrupt BKF files and restore healthy data in a seamless way
  3. This tool can add large corrupted BKF files and repair them.
  4. Users will have no limitation to add multiple BKF files and recover damaged BKF files in one process.
  5. This tool not only lets you upload multiple BKF files but also ensures data integrity.
  6. Apart from that, this software can also restore corrupted Veritas backups, Symantec backups, etc.
  7. It offers to Multiple modes namely Quick, Advanced and based scan supported
  8. The tool can be downloaded on any edition of Windows System.

It’s the Conclusion Time

After considering both the steps to restore data from BKF file, we found that the manual process is very complicated and works only for healthy BKF files. Hence, it is a better approach to use an automatic tool for a reliable solution for repairing damaged BKF files in Windows OS. This tool can repair damaged BKF files and extract the original files stored in user-defined locations. The article also discusses the causes of corruption cases in BKF files for user awareness.

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