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Important Tips to Pack Your Glassware and Dishes

Moving your home is not an easy task. You need to remember a lot of important things before packing and moving your belongings. Moving all your goods is a challenge.

But the trickiest task is to move your glassware and dishes. They are so delicate that there are higher chances of their damage.

Packing and moving these items is not an easy job. Only the professional packers and movers can do this job easily. The reason is that they possess the trained staff.

These professionals have wide domain expertise. Due to this, they can take up this task professionally.

Dishes and glassware are the most delicate items in your house. If you wish to move them without packers and movers, use the right tips. There are many fragile items you need to move on your own. Some of them are beautiful serving bowls, teacups, and beautiful vases, etc.

But it will be risky to move them without the right knowledge. Some of the tips that will help you move these items safely are as follows:-

Create an Inventory

Make a note of what you are taking with you. You can also use the notes app of your android phone for it.

Creating a list of all your items will be the right thing for you. This way you will know the quantity of your glassware and dishes.

It would be best if you treat your dishes and glassware differently. They are delicate items and they need a different moving strategy as compared to other items.

Choose the Correct Packing Supplies

You can’t move your delicate items if you don’t pack them carefully. Your dishes and glassware are fragile items that need extreme care from your end.

If you don’t get the right supplies for these items, it will be risky to take them. Some of the right packing materials you can use are bubble cushion rolls, packing tape, sturdy cardboard boxes, glass packing kits, dish wrapping paper, packing paper, etc.

Choosing small and medium-size boxes is the best to move your delicate items.

Label All Your Boxes

This is an important tip to move your glassware and dish safely. When you label these boxes properly, you won’t have any difficulty moving them.

Labeling lets you and your movers know what is inside a particular box. Also, make sure to write the room where you need to place the boxes. Write ‘FRAGILE’ on them so that everyone knows that they are delicate items.

If you have taken the help of the movers, they must know about these boxes. Once they know that they are fragile, they will load them safely.

Labeling will also help you if you are shifting these items on your own. You will yourself take care while loading them to a moving truck or your car.

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Take Out Some Plates

You will be packing your dishes before your actual move. So, you have a few days left before you move.

You need to take out some plates and pack the other dishes. This way you won’t have any problem arranging the utensils for your food.

You can use these plates till you move from your old home. Make sure to take out other essential utensils you need before your actual move.

It is advisable to take out some utensils beforehand. You can also use disposable plates if you want to. But, keep in mind to have extra packing materials. It will help you pack them just before your move.

Check the Insurance Policy Again

You must review your insurance policy again before you move. Your dishes and glassware are breakable items and an insurance policy is essential for them.

You can claim compensation if these items are broken or damaged during transit. To get the compensation, you need to contact your movers.

But there are situations when you like to move these items on your own. If you are self-moving, then consider buying this insurance from a third-party insurance provider. This way, you will be free from the stress resulting from the damage to your glassware and dishes.

Packing Plates & Bowls

Lay the packing paper flat on the ground. You may use one or two pieces of it. Wrap the paper around the plates multiple times. Use the packing paper to wrap the bowls. Make sure to fill any extra gap with additional packing paper and foam peanuts.

Packing the Glasses

Handle your glasses safely. Pack them with extreme care as they are extremely delicate. They may break with a little movement. To pack them properly, use foam pouches, bubble cushioning, and packing paper.

This will protect your fragile items. Once you pack your items with these packing supplies, don’t forget to paste them with the packing tape.

Packing Mugs and Cups

If you wish to pack cups and mugs in a proper manner, use bubble cushioning or packing paper. Mold these packing supplies around these items.

This will protect them from inside as well as outside.  Once you pack your cups and mugs properly, secure them with the tape. Use the cushioning to fill any space. Once you have done the packing, it’s time to paste them with the packing tape.

Sort Out the Dishes And Glassware

This is one of the earliest steps in the moving process. Before moving your glassware and kitchen dishes, sort out them first. Check each article and think whether you require it or not.

Separate the important and the least important items. Now, leave the items that you don’t need. Donate these items or sell them.

You can find many sites on the internet where you can sell these items. There is no need to pack the items which you won’t use in your new house. So, check these articles and get rid of them first. Make a list of all the glassware, bowls, and plates you don’t need.


Packing and moving these articles is easy for you. You can find different packers and movers Delhi to Coimbatore to get these services. But if you like to shift them on your own, try out the above tips. These tips will be very beneficial for you while moving them to your new abode.


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