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Latest Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques

Owing to the pandemic,  we have all become digitalized. This has emerged to the rise of exploring online before buying any particular product. And due to this, the importance of displaying real estate photos on the website has increased to a great extent. That is the reason why it is extremely essential to upload picture-perfect shots. But does it happen to you that you get annoyed when you fail to achieve a flawless shot? We are sure you do. So, to ease out this problem, we have chalked out this informative piece of write-up to guide you better for Real Estate Photo Editing. So, before any further delay, let us dive into it.  

Why is Real Estate Photo Retouching Important? 

The pictures we tend to use of the real estate require editing or a touch of improvisation here and there. The reason is while clicking the real estate shots; there are some irrelevant elements that also get captured. It is essential to remove them, or else they take away the entire charm of the pictures.  

In addition to this, as per recent research, it was found that the properties that have great pictures tend to get sold out at a faster pace as compared to the ones with low-quality pictures. So, in order to boost property sales to a great extent, photo editing is required.

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Photo Editing Techniques 

Let us familiarize ourselves with the latest photo editing techniques and how to use them.  

Conversion of Day to Dusk 

At times, while editing the photos, converting from day to dusk is essential. It dwells on replacing the white balance, fixing minor issues, adding interior lighting, and upgrading the color tone to make it appear more appealing. In addition to this, it is cost-effective, thereby becoming eye-catching for the viewers.  


In real estate photo editing, decluttering removes all the blemishes from the images of the property. For instance, removing unwanted objects, messed up the kitchen, or even replacing the furniture. It assists in displaying clean, beautiful pictures of the property. Consequently, increasing the sale of the property.  

Virtual Staging 

If there is an image of an empty home, in such a situation, virtual staging uses special technology and adds beauty by adding virtual furniture to the space. However, if there is any unwanted furniture in the room, with the help of virtual staging, it helps to remove that.  

Lens Correction 

While capturing the real estate pictures, you might come across the reflections of the indoor glasses. In such a case, lens correction helps enhance the property’s visibility.  

Perspective Correction 

A lot of photographers make use of this feature to click the pictures of panoramic view with HDR resolution. Perspective correction is generally used to capture a wide-angle perspective and enables the photographer to capture a 360-degree view of the landscape. Perspective correction helps capture one angle to another with a clear landscape view.  

Color Correction 

At times what happens is that while clicking the pictures of the real estate property, the property’s color is different from the actual color. Color correction helps in editing the color of the real estate property. It enhances the actual color, and this way, the viewers get to trust the vendors. It is essential to capture and showcase the actual colors of the property.  

Sky Replacement 

One of the common mistakes photographers make is waiting for the correct weather. Instead of waiting for the perfect sky, an alternative option is to opt for sky replacement. It helps in replacing the sky with a beautiful and enthralling sky that beautifies the quality of the pictures, thereby making them look attractive.  

It is the best photo editing technique when we want to enhance the beauty of the sky. With the help of sky replacement, it is quite easy to add various types of the sky, like the spectacular sky, blue sky, etc.  

Photo Retouching 

Photo retouching solely focuses on eliminating all the imperfections from the real estate photo. Be it eliminating the dust particles, tone of the color, blemishes, and other issues that contribute in affecting the quality of the real estate pictures. By virtue of photo retouching, it is quite an easy task to transform imperfect pictures into picture-perfect shots.  

Image Blending 

Image blending helps in enhancing the sharpness of the pictures, thereby making them appear quite appealing. While dealing with real estate pictures, it is essential to increase the sharpness of the real estate segments like the interiors, including room, furniture, etc. It will draw the viewers’ attention to the additional features of the property.  

Balance Lighting 

While dealing with real estate photography, it is a crucial element to consider the lighting. The reason is appropriate lighting helps to click good shots. However, you have the advantage if you want to choose natural or artificial lights. But there are some areas where the light is not up to the mark, or at times the dark shadows also peep. This technique of balancing the light helps to deal with such a situation. It manages to enhance the light and eliminate unwanted shadows.  

Crop the Flop 

We cannot neglect the fact that cropping is a great way to beautify pictures. The main reason to use the cropping technique is to eliminate the extra element that got included in the picture unintentionally. In addition to this, it also gives the image an attractive perspective. Moreover, virtual staging for real estate photography has been trendy to a great extent.  

Photo Manipulation 

Photo manipulation is an unusual famous photo editing technique that is not just well known in real estate photo editing but also famous in editing as a whole. This is the technique that works well in creating beauty by inducing a rich element. It focuses on using techniques such as darkening, dodging, dark room exposure techniques, etc.  

Noise Reduction 

Noise dwells with the blurry dots present in the image that impact its clarity and Noise reduction is an interesting and quite useful technique that removes the haziness from the pictures. However, this haziness is generated due to a few aspects like sensor size, poor light setup, the density of pixels, etc. The expert photo editors reduce the noise using the editing procedures. The main advantage of noise reduction is that it helps make the product pictures vibrant and appealing.  


We hope this informative piece of writing might have familiarized you with the latest real estate photo editing techniques. It is an understood fact that the buyers frame their opinion of buying the property on the sort of images displayed on the website.  

Suppose you feel the task of editing real estate pictures might be overwhelming for you. In that case, you can get in touch with a reliable company that is proficient in providing the best real estate photo editing services. And this way, you can boost the sales of your property. 

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Sumul Padharia, a man of many talents is a BDE by profession at IIPVAPI, a world leader in photo editing services. He is also a photographer by passion and a cricketer by heart, but his first love is delivering client success through premium grade image editing services. In his free time, you can find him honing his aim in front of a dart board

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