Off-Site Construction: Everything You Need to Know About

The construction industry experiences the newest methodologies and techniques every second day. This advancement is for good reason that it keeps the industry sustained in this fastest-growing world. you can compare the construction techniques of the last decade with the present one. You will surely find a significant difference in it.

The industry aims to reduce the cost of construction as well. Alongside, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction is also a target of civil engineers who research and experiment with the methods. One of those cost-effective and sustainable methods is off-site construction.

In this article, you will know about off-site construction in detail.

What does off-site construction mean?

In the conventional construction method, the entire building is constructed on-site that uses several construction equipment for sale. But what about the area which is congested and cannot accommodate this construction equipment? It may increase the risk of injuries, accidents, and other unusual events on the construction site. In contrast, off-site construction is free from all these risks.

As the name suggests off-site construction means preparing the parts or components of a building in an area other than the actual construction site. The prefabrication method is a great example of off-site construction. In this method, the building parts such as beams, columns, grid roofs, and floors are prepared in factories. After that everything brings on-site and assembled.

The technique of modern construction can save you money and time as well. It gives you leverage to utilize most of your time and you can work on multiple things at a time. The factories that prepare the building components, can prepare the building parts according to the required measurements. This way, the process of construction boosts up and you end up with the project in meantime. The method, on the other hand, needs an expert and up-to-date construction contractor who has enough knowledge about it.

Characteristics of off-site construction

It is no doubt that offsite construction is rapidly moving the way of construction in almost every part of the world. This method can use different types of building materials including, wood, timber, steel, and concrete. The prefabrication of the building components in the factory saves time and money to bring the budget spending down as well. the key features of the off-site construction are:

  • Less time-consuming
  • Boost up the construction process
  • Easy to handle the tight construction space
  • Easy to build structures on several floors
  • More sustainable and less expensive
  • Required low workforce
  • Reduces the need for heavy equipment
  • Minimize the risk of accidents and injuries

What are the types of off-site construction?

As the construction technologies are growing and updating day by day, off-site construction has developed different types as well. it may range from assembling the parts of building components to the complete manufacturing of the whole structure.

These types of off-site construction may also depend on the size of the actual construction site. The detail about the different types of offsite construction is as under:

1. Sub-assemblies System

In this type of construction, the parts of the building that are hard to build onsite, are prepared in the factory. It may include the pre-construction of stairs, beams, floors/roofs, door locks finishing, etc. This system can imply even in the larger construction area to save the time and rigidness of the job. The sub-assembly system is highly acceptable and popular in almost every part of the world. The industries and contractors are preparing these building components in their stock so that they can provide the client on demand without spending time.

2. Panelized System

Are you familiar with the IKEA closet or furniture? You would know how IKEA provides every part of the closet. All you have to do is just assemble them. In the same manner, the panelized construction system works. The factories prepare all the building parts in their vicinity and transport them to the construction site. The construction contractor assembles them on the marked land and gives them the shape of the designed home.

This is the quickest and easiest way to build a home in no time. Apart from it, the contractor has to be intelligent enough to understand the delicacy of the process. So that he can do the job with precision and accuracy. After assembling the parts of the building, you can now install all the utilities and electric wires to give the finishing to the home.

3. Volumetric System

This is a quite more advanced type of off-site construction. In this type of system, the component of the building needs partial assembling before transporting it to the construction site. It requires a lot of care to transport them. The system may need very big trucks to carry them as the partial assembly of building components becomes more subtle and bigger.

It is also the easiest system of all that doesn’t require construction equipment for sale. The contractor already knows how to place them so he can easily place them with the help of a crane. The only concern of this system is that it needs a little extra space around the site to navigate the transporting truck and crane. After connecting and placing all the parts, now you can give a final finishing to the home by installing faucets and utilities in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other places.

The Bottom Line

In this modern world, every industry is rapidly transforming the way of working and so is the construction industry. The latest approach in the construction methodology is off-site construction. Preparing the building component in the factory and then assembling them on the construction site is how this method works. You can then install all the utilities and faucets in the building once the components are placed. It saves a lot of money and time and reduces the risk of injuries and accidents that may happen to the worker. Off-site construction is of three different types including a sub-assembling system, panelized system, and volumetric system. In this article, you may find all the details about off-site construction and its types.

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