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Reduce Eye Strain: How To Make Tech Easier On Your Eyes

There is no excuse for the number of hours we spend online, staring at screens. Whether it’s the small screen of a smartphone, working on a laptop, or looking at the enormous screen of our smart TV as we surf for streaming options, we are always looking at some screen. In the world we live in today, it is impossible to avoid staring at some digital screen.

Today, screen time means different things to different people. For some, it is a source of their daily bread and butter, it is a source of education and knowledge, it is a means of entertainment, while for many others, it is simply a way to keep connected with their loved ones, far away from home. While this is an indisputable fact that too much of anything is bad for us, the same rule applies to screen time as well.

Especially when the answer may include a variable that means more than many. Even though we may not be able to avoid screen time altogether but what we can do is employ some strategies that can reduce it. When you spend half of your day staring at various screens, it can put a strain on your delicate eyes and harm them in the long run.

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Reduce Eye Strain: How To Make Tech Easier On Your Eyes

The debate that excessive screen time causes both short-and long-term issues, from near-sightedness to chronic headaches is not new and backed by recent studies and research work. Follow these practical steps to protect your eyes from the glare of the screen.

Increase The Font Size Of The Text On Your Mobile Devices

A simple way in which eye strain can be prevented is by increasing the font size of the text on your smartphone. This will instantly bring a change in the way you view your screen. Here’s how you can easily increase the font size of your text on your device. In your iOS device, font options can easily be changed as per your preference. Simply go to Settings, then click on Accessibility, next on Display and Text Size, and slide the text accordingly under the Larger Text option. In Android devices, it becomes even easier to increase the font size of the text. Simply go to Settings, click on Accessibility, select Font Size, and adjust as your requirement.

Adjust Screen Resolution Settings On Your Laptop

Another way to prevent eye strain is by increasing the screen resolution of your desktop or laptop. While a small screen resolution will have less space while keeping all icons in front of the user. But if you end up squinting your eyes to see everything, then that’s not a good sign. What you can do is increase the screen size to comfortably view all items displayed on the screen. To adjust the screen resolution on your Mac, click on System Preferences under Settings and then select Displays. Whereas on Windows, go to Control Panel, next go to Appearance and Personalization, and then adjust screen resolution

Modify The Screen Brightness Levels And Switch On ‘Dark Mode’ For Comfortable Viewing

This is one of the most effective ways in which eye strain can be prevented. Luckily, today almost every other digital device comes with a built-in brightness feature, which makes it easier to use the device without making the actual adjustment in settings. However, if you do decrease the brightness of your screen, then it becomes easier to read and view. Another advantage of decreasing the brightness levels of your device is that bright screens are said to drain batteries quicker.

Another feature that has become popular among developers is “dark modes” that are available on all kinds of electronic devices. This dark mode is usually black and used for the user interface. The concept behind these dark modes is to reduce glare and what feels comfortable for the eyes.

The Bottom Line…

Your eye health may get pushed down your usual check but making a few changes on your devices and taking regular breaks will make your eyes feel a lot better in no time.

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