The Ultimate Money Guide for Students in the United Kingdom

One of the major difficulties that most students have while in school is money guide. It can be challenging to strike the right balance between needing to buy food, pay rent, and keep up with friends. This article offers some general advice on how to maintain a healthy financial account this year, from organizing your student loans to finding a part-time work!

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What is Student Finance?

You have to have arranged your student loans before even enrolling in college. The majority of students in the UK use student loans to cover their living expenses and tuition fees for their university education (Maintenance Fee Loan). Depending on where you attend university and the size of your family’s household income, they can total up to £12,600 for maintenance fees and up to £9250 for tuition per year.

The cost of Tuition

The loan money is given straight to your university; the student never sees it. On the other side, the student receives the Maintenance Fees in three instalments every September, January, and April. Depending on the plan you are on, you must earn a minimum amount (between £20,000 and £27,000) in order to repay these loans. Visit this page for more details about plans and your repayments. Repayments will be deducted from your wages whenever you start earning more than this.

Because you only get paid three times a year, it’s crucial to budget for maintenance costs. Determine the cost of your “fixed costs,” such as your housing, and make sure you have enough money saved from your maintenance loan to cover your rent each month. You’ll be able to plan how many nights out, takeout, and Frappuccino’s you can treat yourself to each month once this money is set aside.

Student Bank Accounts

Setting up your student bank account is one of the first things you should do before attending college. Student bank accounts are preferable to regular current accounts since they frequently include features like interest-free overdrafts. This indicates that you won’t be charged interest if your account goes into the “negative” (up to a specified amount). A lot of student accounts also provide out fantastic incentives like free rail cards, Amazon gift cards, and others.

Why is having an overdraft necessary? It may occasionally become necessary to use a little amount of your overdraft balance until your student loan is paid in because you only receive payments from it every few months. It’s simpler to manage your finances because some accounts allow overdrafts of up to £3000 and you won’t have to pay them back for a while.

A UCAS code, a passport or driver’s license, and proof of your address are all that are required to open a student bank account, which is something that every student should do.

It can be difficult to decide which account to open, so here are some questions you ought to be asking yourself:

What is the amount of an overdraft?

Which gifts do they give away?

What are some reputable business?

How does the app or online banking work?

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Credit Cards and Credit Score Development

While credit cards and credit scores are not necessary for students, moving out gives you the finest opportunity to start establishing them, which will be very helpful in the future.

Credit ratings are crucial if you want to apply for a credit card or even if you plan to apply for a loan or mortgage in the future.

There are numerous methods to raise your credit score, such as:

Timely payment of all invoices and direct debits.

Register to vote and join the electoral roll.

Use or apply for a credit card.

Don’t use payday loans.

Are you interested in learning what your credit score is? You can track it using a variety of websites.

Again, this is not something that current students should be considering in great depth, but it should be kept in the back of your mind because it will become much more crucial once you graduate and apply for credit cards.

How to Budget & Save Money at University?

Money can be a problem while you’re a student, even with Student Finance’s assistance! According to statistics, over 30% of students in the UK still do not have a budget, despite the fact that 78 percent of students worry about managing their funds.

Here are some recommendations for how to budget while attending college:


The cost of eating out, eating in, and even microwave meals is typically far more than that of eating at home. Making your own pasta and sauce can run you less than £1, and it’s definitely better for you than most takeout. Even if you don’t have to prepare meals for yourself every day, the more frequently you do so the longer-term savings will be. Check out our guide here for more advice on cooking for students.

Limit Spending in Clubs / Bars:

One of the biggest expenses of college for many students is alcohol. Alcoholic pre-beverages, drinks at bars, and club admission can all be very expensive. Even if it’s challenging to prevent, there are things you can do to cut costs. It can be rather expensive to purchase drinks in clubs, especially for other individuals. Try not to bring your bank card on a night out, or temporarily limit your purchases (many banks allow this) to prevent overspending! Use student discounts and special offers as well. Focusing on going to these evenings can assist you out because admission and drinks are substantially less expensive on student nights at the majority of clubs. Lastly, stay away from pre-drinking at bars. A homemade cocktail or a bottle of store-bought beer will only set you back £1 to £2 each drink, as opposed to up to £10 in a bar.

Make Use of Student Cards:

Nearly every store and restaurant offers discounts to students. You will benefit greatly from purchasing a “Totum” card or other student card because they only cost £10–£15 and can help you save hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. Similar to that, you ought to definitely purchase a 16–25 Railcard. You can save 33 percent on all train fares, including those for the tube, for just £30! This is unquestionably an investment worth making if you reside in London or travel the train more frequently than twice or three times per year. Last but not least, ask whether there is a student discount before dining there—most do! Simply present your student ID when you request a bill to receive a wonderful 25% discount, sometimes even more!

Find Affordable Housing:

Some students, particularly in large cities like London, spend astronomical amounts on their housing. Before choosing your lodging, it’s crucial to do your research because after you sign the contract, it’s very tough to back out. You can do a lot of things to lower your housing costs, such share housing with additional people, relocate outside of the city, or use university-owned housing. Visit our lodging page here for further information if you need it.

How to Get Work While Attending University: If you’re a student, it may be challenging to find a student job. To present an application, go to meetings, and afterward really turn up for work subsequent to being recruited, you should organize time. Therefore, not every person can get an understudy line of work, and a few universities even disallow understudies from working while they are enlisted.

You must choose what is best for you. Are you having trouble with your schoolwork? If so, getting a student job might not be the greatest move because you risk becoming further behind. Do you have money problems? Then a student job might be ideal for you, giving you an extra £150–£200 per week to help you survive at school.

But how exactly do you locate a student job? Numerous options exist. Of course, there are excellent areas for part-time employment on job search engines like Student Job, Indeed, or Milk round. Upload your resume there and wait for a response. Someone can also adhere to customary practices: Print your CV and walk around your neighborhood to see if any local companies are hiring part-timers. How frequently people are seeking employees might surprise you! Please visit for further details.

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