Tom Cruise Promotes Economic Development In Iceland

Tom Cruise Promotes Economic Development In Iceland

Despite the initial backlash of cancelling his press junket for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Tom Cruise continues to cause controversy. Interior Iceland is not the only nation he has lent a hand to. Cruise was recently in Dubai and Kenya on a visit sponsored by Paramount Pictures. And the United Nation’s Alliance of Civilizations. Tourism underpins energy and business investments in the respective countries. Both positive examples of economic development with outcomes. That help improve quality of life.
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An actor named Tom Cruise graces the silver screen, and many people know him for his acting prowess. But most people don’t know that Cruise. Is also a devoted supporter of economic development. Cruise recently visited Iceland to promote the country’s tourism industry. And to educate locals on how they can attract more visitors.
The Cruise began his promotional tour in Reykjavik. Where he met with officials from the Icelandic Tourist Board. And gave a speech about why Iceland is such a great place to visit. He then went on to Seljalandsfoss waterfall. One of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations. He showed tourists how to shoot impressive photos while standing in the river below the fall.
Later in the week, Cruise flew to Akureyri, Greenland. Where he gave a speech at the University of Greenland on climate change and its effects on tourism. Finally Cruise ended his trip by visiting Vatnajökull. National Park on Iceland’s south coast. He gave speeches about responsible tourism. And displayed photographs he had taken during his travels around Iceland.

Iceland and the Stock Market

The future of the Icelandic economy is looking bright thanks. To investments made by Hollywood actor and philanthropist Tom Cruise. Cruise visited Iceland in late January to promote economic development, tourism. He met with Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. And other government officials to discuss ways to grow businesses in Iceland. And make the country a top tourist destination. Cruise also toured Reykjavik, viewing some of the city’s newest attractions. Such as an ice sculpture park and luxury hotels.
Cruise’s visit comes when Iceland’s economy is on the rise. The government has implemented measures to encourage business growth. Including lowering taxes, creating new job opportunities, and increasing investment in infrastructure. “We are seeing good results from all these policies that we have been putting into place. Gunnlaugsson said following his meeting with Cruise. “I am confident that we can continue this positive trajectory for years to come.”
Tourism is critical for Iceland’s economy, accounting for around 30% of GDP. Cruise visits could help promote Icelandic tourism and business investments related to it. By encouraging tourists from all over the world to visit Iceland. Cruise is helping increase liquidity in the domestic economy. Which will boost economic activity.

The Cruise Company’s Involvement

Cruise Line companies such as Celebrity Cruises and Holland. America cruise line are becoming involved in promoting economic development opportunities worldwide. In Iceland, Celebrity Cruises has partnered with the Icelandic Tourist Board. And the American Express Travel Organization to create a series of island-hopping cruises. That will visit some of Iceland’s most iconic destinations. The first Cruise will go from Reykjavik on February 3, 2020. And visit Akureyri, Vatnajökull National Park. Thingvellir National Park, and Geysir. The Cruise will continue to Hvítárvatn. Where passengers can explore options such as rafting or fishing.
This type of travel not only offers tourists a chance to explore new areas without having. To worry about transportation or lodging costs. But it also provides local businesses with an influx of new customers. Also, by partnering with organizations like the Icelandic Tourist Board. And American Express Travel Organization, the cruise line is ensuring. That tourists have access to reliable information. About destinations and attractions before they arrive.

Results of Cruise Promotions

With Cruise promotions in Iceland, tourism has seen a significant increase. Iceland is know for its natural beauty. And cruise passengers can experience it first-hand while on vacation. The influx of tourists has led to an increase in economic. Development in the country and has improved the quality of life for residents.
Cruise operators have worked to promote their destinations through various marketing campaigns. One such campaign focuses on showcasing Iceland’s geographical and cultural diversity. This campaign allows passengers to learn about Icelandic history. Culture, and Viking heritage while enjoying stunning landscapes and scenery.
Cruise promotions like these have contributed to the growth of tourism in Iceland. Tourists come from all over the world to explore this picturesque land. And thanks to the hard work of cruise marketers, they can do so .


Tom Cruise has spent much of his career working to promote humanitarian ideals. And improve the lives of people around the world. In early 2018, he visited Iceland to highlight economic development. As one way the country is succeeding. Cruise met with officials from various sectors of the Icelandic economy. Including banking, tourism, fashion, mining and renewable energy. He was impress by what he saw and praised Iceland’s commitment. To creating a positive environment for business.

Warnings for Iceland

The Adventure Tour Operator EF Tours has warned international tourists visiting Iceland. That there are currently warning signs in place for the country due to the eruption of a volcano. “There have been no cancellations now, but we tell caution. When travelling to the country,” said Isabelle Drouin. Resident of marketing for EF Tours North America. “Our advice would be to delay travel until further notice and consult with your travel. Insurance company about what precautions should be take.” Cruise lines have not released any announcements. But CB urges travel to watch advisories from their travel agencies or governments.
Iceland has several airports (Keflavik International Airport is the main entry point). And all arrivals and departures will be monitore. Airlines operating into/out of Iceland include Air Canada, Delta, Iberia, Norwegian. RyanAir, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and WOW air. Taxis are available at each airport and campgrounds near some. Airports where camping is permitte during summer. Restaurants and hotels throughout Iceland are open for business. Although some may operate on a reduced schedule. Due to potential fluctuations in tourism numbers.

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