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What Are Social Media Communities & Should Your Brand Focus on Them?

Brand marketing on social media is becoming a popular way for businesses to promote themselves to more customers.

On top of marketing brands on social media, companies are creating communities for people to join. These social media communities offer strong brand awareness, allowing customers to remember your business. Your business can aid in building these social media communities to market your brand better.

If your business needs something to revolutionize your social media marketing campaign, community groups are a great help.

Social Media Communities Defined

Social media communities are groups on different platforms when multiple users have similar interests.

People with similar interests are creating communities for all to spend time together virtually. Social media communities are becoming very popular since people are crafting more of them regularly. 

They can discuss and share: New topics within their communities, Events they are planning, and Other communal thoughts/ideas

These social media communities virtually connect people from all over the world in one place to discuss their common interests.

Online communities are popular for weight loss/exercise groups, specific products, and hobbies like photography, to name a few. Weight loss/exercise groups can motivate each other with updates about their progress and new workouts they find. That allows everyone to see what everyone else is doing and how they can do the same thing.

Similarly, groups that commonly love products and hobbies can join community groups that share the same interests. Some groups love products so much and figure out new ways to use them. A great example is when people love using a specific kitchen appliance and share new recipes to make with them.

There are many hobbies that people make social media communities about consistently, like photography, hiking, and camping. People can share photos, new trails they discover, and anything else these hobbies entail to help each other.

These communities are great because people that live thousands of miles apart from each other can share. Before social media, community groups had to meet in person to share interests, but social communities are how everyone is starting to connect.

Social media communities are revolutionizing how people think about communicating and connecting with people of similar interests.

Different Platforms For Community Efficiency

Each social media platform has different aspects that help people create strong communities amongst users. Here’s a list of such platforms:

1. Facebook


A popular social media platform for community groups since it introduced its group feature is Facebook.

The social media platform has groups people can start and join to create a virtual community. Facebook groups are popular for many users and are proving successful for people seeking a community. Any Facebook user can join a group if they are open to the public, while others are private.

If one is private, the user can request to join, and a group administrator can allow them access. It is best to leave the group open if you want more people to join. They can join whenever they please, and you do not have to add people when a request comes in.

Facebook groups are helping businesses with their marketing strategy since multiple people are in one place. Your business can market a new product or service and immediately share it with people in one place. Using these groups for marketing is also great when you have a loyal group of people that follow your brand.

Creating a social media community on Facebook is a great way to push your strategy forward.

2. Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, making it an easy place for social communities.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has many informal social media communities where people connect over the same thing. It is becoming typical for many brands that have popular products to amass a large following and community. Everyone enjoys the same thing and likes to meet other people that share their opinions.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not have a group feature on the app, which is why they are informal groups. These communities consist of people connecting directly with each other and interacting with similar posts. Businesses create these informal communities because people can find commonalities within the brand’s content.

Since there are so many people on Instagram, these informal groups can boost your overall brand awareness. If you want more sales while growing, you can help make these communities and gain new customers.

Also, Instagram has ways to create group chats in their direct messages so people can build a community there. If you are a small business, you can create groups for people to learn about your new products early and leave feedback.

3. Twitter


Another popular social media platform that many different users are active on is Twitter.

Twitter has its form of groups that they call lists where users can join and create them. People can post tweets that will join these lists, so everyone on it will see them. Then, people can comment on the tweet with one of their own and post whatever they feel is appropriate.

These lists can help your business because you can encourage people to join your list if you start one. You can tweet when new products are launching and their availability, so loyal customers know first. That way, they never miss out on an opportunity, so you continue to make more money.

Using Twitter lists is also helpful in viewing feedback since people might talk about how they feel about your product. Receiving real-time feedback is excellent for boosting your quality and creating a better business plan moving forward. 

Creating better products and promoting them on Twitter can help you grow to new heights you are working to achieve.

4. LinkedIn


Lately, LinkedIn has become a popular social media platform where communities are popping up.

Since LinkedIn is primarily a place for job seekers and employers, there are many communities based around that. People are now struggling to get a job, making them work together to help each other. Everyone shares their expertise on how they got their jobs while motivating one another to keep pursuing their career advancement.

These social media communities on LinkedIn are growing by the day and could prove helpful in promoting new products. Businesses are constantly connecting with people on LinkedIn, promoting their products and services better than before. You can also post jobs for everyone to see if you are hiring because people following you will like your business.

Creating a social media community on LinkedIn is great for boosting your business and overall brand image. Focusing on LinkedIn can help you find new employees and indirectly attract more customers.

LinkedIn is consistently growing, helping your business develop and earn the success it deserves.

Start Marketing Your Social Media Better

Social media communities are changing how brands market themselves, and you can do the same.

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