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What is a negative keyword in PPC?

By positively optimizing negative keywords, anyone can make their PPC ad campaign more fruitful. Negative watchwords are words or expressions that are utilized to avoid specific outcomes from a web index. This is done by Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, to reduce the number of irrelevant results that are displayed. In this article, we discussed various positive aspects of using negative keywords, which may be more beneficial –

What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are the phrases that can be used in a per click advertising campaign. Help with negative keywords anyone can stop there, in addition to showing up in queries for search results where the user gets nothing or no sales. All in all, negative watchwords set aside clients’ cash. In short negative keywords put some limitations on the ads. For example, suppose a company wants to promote their eBooks and their ad keyword contains “free eBooks”, this will reduce sales chances. So every time, when a visitor clicks on the ad, user money reduces, and in return, they get 0% sales. So by putting this “free” in the negative keyword list, companies can block their ad from showing in the query. Overall, this technique saves money and also makes ad campaigns more effective.

Types of negative keywords

Clients can utilize a more extensive match, express match, or careful match catchphrase (or keywords) while making a PPC crusade. Such phrases are also used to designate their negative equivalents, but they have substantially different functions. To assure that they’re effectively sorting queries, they’ll need to take into account synonyms, misspelled words, and other variations when adding negative keywords.

Negative broad match

Negative broad match is a term used for the keyword matches which do not appear in those searches which comprise all the negative keyword terms. For example, if the keyword is “science books”, then this keyword is used as a “read science and their books. “

Negative phrase match

The negative phrase match is a little bit different from the previous term. This match incorporates every one of the promotions which have similar terms in a similar succession. For example, if the keyword is “science books”, then this keyword is used in a sentence in the same phrase, “read science books. “

Negative exact match

These matches are mostly used for ads that consist of the same term in the same place sequence. It means the keyword doesn’t have any extra attached words. With the help of Digital Marketing Classes in Pune, users can easily find negative exact match keywords. For example, if the keyword is “science books”, then this keyword is used in the same sentence as “science books”.

How to find negative keywords?

Searching for a negative keyword is not a piece of cake, it took some research and a well-made strategy. With the help of some keyword search tools or websites like Google ads keyword planner & Search terms report, anyone can find potential negative keywords

Google’s Keyword Planner

Although Google’s Keyword Planner is intended to help users to identify keywords to compete on, it can also assist them to locate keywords to avoid. Users may find a list of comparable search queries as well as pertinent volume and competitiveness information by searching for terms linked to their business. Simply comb through the list and mark any keywords that aren’t relevant to their company for inclusion in your negative keyword list.


Parser aids in the discovery of a large list of negative keywords based on a certain search. Long-tail keyword extraction is one of the quickest ways to generate a list of negatives for a cluster or advertisement. That’s quite simple to mark all the terms users identify as negative keywords and then click ‘Copy Negatives.’ All keywords are copied to their clipboard and available to be entered into AdWords with a single click.

Google Search Term Report

The Google Search Term Report shows users the exact search terms that people used before viewing their ad. This analysis will aid in understanding how people find their ads and, as a result, which keywords to avoid. Users could further filter this information to discover which terms generate the most or least click-through and conversion rates. Simply add those terms to their negative keyword list that don’t result in any sales.

Advantages of implementing negative keywords

  • By using negative keywords, users can target relevant audiences.
  • These negative keywords are not shown to non-relevant audiences, which makes user campaigns more accurate.
  • This will also save users money. Because if the user limits their ad, they save a huge amount of money.
  • The keywords users might use on their website will be better understood by users.
  • By using negative keywords, users can get more sales with just a limited number of ads running. It means cost-effective productivity.

How to use negative keywords in PPC?

Due to the negative keyword, the user ad campaign does not show in search engines for that keyword, this is called the negative match. Digital Marketing Training in Pune helps user brands to achieve their ROI.

To properly use all negative keywords, use need to add negative keywords to their Google AdWords account. Here in this section, we talked about how to use negative keywords in PPC –

Step 1 Identify all negative keywords related to your product or brand

Step 2 Cluster all those keywords in form of lists

Step 3 Now visit ‘Negative keywords’, in the Google AdWords account

Step 4 Now select a negative keyword for your ad campaign and Enter

Step 1 Identify all negative keywords related to your product or brand

With a little advertising understanding and good judgment, users may simply find their unfavorable keywords. However, users must first examine their webpage statistics and metrics.

Users can also find negative keywords by analyzing search query reports. These reports will give an idea about what the audience is searching for.

Step 2 Cluster all those keywords in form of lists

Now it’s time to cluster all negative keywords. So that users can easily use them. Surround each negative term in [square brackets] as well as precede it with a ‘-‘ to create a list for Google. For example, if “dell laptops” is the negative keyword, then write it in a form of [dell laptops].

Step 3 Now visit ‘Negative keywords’, in the Google AdWords account

Now open an account on Google AdWords and click on the ‘Tools’ Option then click on ‘Edit campaign negative keywords’, and write all negative keywords collected.

Step 4 Now select a negative keyword for your ad campaign and Enter

Now select all negative keywords, then copy-paste them in google AdWords manually, and then click on ‘Add keywords to add negative keywords. This process takes time but once completed, any user can use their negative keywords in their ad campaigns.

After completing all the above steps, users can apply those uploaded negative keywords in their ad campaign.


Last but not the least, Begin with the most extreme negative keywords, but don’t go overboard. Ensure users are targeting the right advertising campaign; certain negative keywords will perform for one advertisement but not for another. Users can end up wiping out profitable and effective keywords by Online Digital Marketing Course that they should be bidding for.

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