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Which High Quality Artificial Grass Is Right For You?

If you are looking to buy high quality artificial grass, you may be wondering which type is right for you. There are a few factors to consider before making your final purchase. These factors include durability, non-toxic properties, and synthetic fibers. This article will help you make a decision that is right for you.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are a key component of high quality artificial grass. The fibers are made from plastic granules, usually polyethylene, polypropylene, or Nylon. They are then pressed through an extruder head under pressure to create fibers of varying shapes. There are two basic types of artificial fibers: monofilament and fibrillated. The amount of synthetic material used varies, depending on the product and the supplier.

The type of plastic fibre you use will also determine the cost. The highest performing fibres are made of nylon, but this is not an affordable option for ornamental lawns. Alternatively, you can opt for polypropylene or polyethylene, which are both cheaper than nylon. Each type of fibre has distinct benefits and disadvantages.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Unlike natural grass, synthetic fibers are non-toxic and non-abrasive. They can be made into different shapes and textures. Some synthetic fibers are thermosensitive, meaning that they can absorb heat. This can make synthetic surfaces more comfortable for people. Some of them even have thermostatic properties, which means they are designed to adjust temperature.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass fibers can last years. The main synthetic fibers used in artificial grass are polypropylene and polyethylene. Both of these materials are recyclable and safe for the environment. And they are easy to install.

Polyester tie cord

The polyester tie cord used in artificial grass is an important part of this type of turf. It holds the blades of grass together and provides a strong and reliable anchor. You can find polyester tie cord in a variety of colours, textures, and lengths. Polyester tie cord is a good choice when you want a high-quality grass for a low-maintenance yard.

High Quality Artificial Grass

In order to create an artificial lawn, several steps must be followed. The first step is to create the backing. Then, the grass blades are tufted onto the backing using machines. To create the perfect turf, manufacturers use polyester foam and other cushioning systems. Sometimes, they use recycled plastic or rubber tires for the rubber base. They also use high-quality threads to stitch the different components together.


If you want a safe surface for your dog to play on, you should think about installing artificial grass. It is lead-free and non-toxic and is a great substitute for natural grass. Plus, it is a great alternative to chemically treated lawns. Artificial grass is not only safe for dogs, but also for people.

The materials used in artificial grass are non-toxic and recyclable. Silica sand, a naturally occurring mineral, is used in the production of artificial grass. This material is also used in making glass and concrete. It is mined at phenomenal rates and shipped all over the world. It is also more cost-effective and eco-friendly than nylon. However, it is not as durable as other materials. As a result, it will slowly degrade over time.

High Quality Artificial Grass

In addition, most artificial grass is made from petroleum-based plastic. The production of synthetic plastic requires extraction of raw materials from deep within the ground and involves a high-energy-intensive production process. The use of fossil fuels has negative effects on local physical environments, wildlife, and the atmosphere. Furthermore, since petroleum-based products are carbon-heavy, they produce waste and pollution during the manufacturing process. They also have negative impacts when decomposing in a landfill site.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it does not need chemical maintenance. In contrast to natural grass, it is completely safe for children to play on, requiring minimal water consumption. It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which makes it a great option for playground surfaces. With proper care, synthetic grass can last up to 20-25 years.


When looking for durable artificial grass, it is important to take the following factors into account: thickness, texture, and appearance. The higher quality materials will last longer and can withstand heavy foot traffic. For example, polyethylene will not retain odors and will be easy to maintain. This material is particularly good for pet owners because pet waste will be washed away between the blades, limiting the growth of bacteria.

The pile of the material should be at least 1.6 inches high. It should also have drainage holes, which make it easier to clean. The color should also not fade. Lastly, a durable artificial grass will be able to withstand high-energy activities. Luckily, there are many options that meet these needs.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is available in various colors, and you can find a product that matches your home’s décor. Popular colors for artificial grass include pink, purple, orange, and yellow. You can even get a product designed with your favorite sports team’s mascot. Another popular choice for artificial grass is blue, which is a popular color for playgrounds and water areas.

The best material is the one that is resistant to wear and tear. For example, if you have a small dog, he might tear up your lawn, but your artificial turf will not. A big dog will wear down the material quickly. Similarly, if you want your outdoor artificial grass to last, you should choose a product that is made from polyethylene, which is durable and skin-friendly.


There is a lot of controversy regarding whether or not artificial grass is carcinogenic. The media often sensationalizes issues related to lead levels in synthetic grass, but studies have found that the risk is minimal. It is important to know that there are some valid arguments behind the claims made, but the science behind artificial grass is still incomplete.

For instance, the crumb rubber infill in artificial turf fields contains a number of chemicals that can affect human physiology. A study by the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that 197 chemicals were predicted to cause cancer, but only five are classified as carcinogens. However, most soccer players are not likely to come in contact with the rubber crumb.

High Quality Artificial Grass

There are other questions about the safety of artificial grass. Many manufacturers of turf contain endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens. For example, crumb rubber, which is reclaimed from disused tires, can contain mercury, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals, and arsenic. In high concentrations, these substances can be toxic to humans and animals.

Some companies make artificial grass with the safety of children in mind. One company, Royal Grass, has received EN71-3 certification for playground safety. For this certification, products must be free of PAHs and release no harmful chemicals when a child plays with them. That is why Royal Grass is a safe option for playgrounds.


Whether you are building a swimming pool or renovating an existing outdoor space, the use of Versatile artificial grass can be an attractive and durable solution. It drains quickly and is soft to the touch and it is also an ideal alternative to slippery concrete surfaces and damaged lawns. It is available in a variety of sizes and can be cut to fit a variety of applications.

GreenSpace artificial grass is low maintenance and can be used anywhere. It is made from premium eco-friendly synthetic fibers, and its blades resist matting and crushing. They are also resistant to odors and mold. Whether you want a play area for your children or a lush green for your patio, this versatile artificial grass has what you need.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Another benefit of synthetic grass is that you can choose which type of grass to install. Natural grass varieties are limited by their water content, soil moisture, and sunlight conditions. These factors can make it difficult or even impossible to grow certain varieties of grass. Versatile artificial grass, on the other hand, can be installed in any type of weather and offers year-round appeal.

Pet-friendly artificial grass is available for pet owners. The durable, flexible, and eco-friendly material is safe for children and pets alike. It is also resistant to temperature changes and moderate foot traffic.

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