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Windows Live Mail Message Body Not Showing – Get Solution

Ask questions about why Windows Live mail message body not showing, then you can read this article with manual procedures to solve the problem. So if you are still looking for a solution please follow the article properly.

Windows Live Mail is an email application and is a very popular email application. But there are many problems found in its functionality such as irregular email changes, hacked message metadata, deleted files or emails, etc. Many people use Windows Live Mail as their email client because it supports all Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. It also helps in exchanging emails and storing other e-mail messages.

In the next section, we explain that Windows Live Mail does not display emails that have problems.

“A few month ago I ran into a situation where the Windows Live Mail email body was not display the text. Also, it stopped showing previews for all emails. I have the Bad time because I can’t access my important emails. Can anyone help me with the process to make the Windows Live Mail message body undetectable?

User Questions

There are many reasons behind why Windows Live Mail won’t display email. If you are interested, then read the following content.

  • Windows Live Mail may not be installed correctly or the download may be corrupted.
  • The Windows registry is not set correctly because of a change in Windows Live Mail settings.
  • The presence of a virus or malware in Windows system files or Windows Live Mail.
  • System files that are important to running Windows Live Mail may be deleted.

Due to all these problems, you cannot view your Windows Live Mail emails. That’s why you need to know how to eliminate these problems and how to fix them.

How to Solve “Windows Live Mail Message Body Not Showing” Error

If the email body is not displayed in WLM, you can fix it by following the solutions below. Here is a way to solve the same problem.

Tip 1: Disable Your Antivirus Software

Sometimes the Windows Live Mail message body is not detected because of the antivirus program installed in the system. Therefore, disabling the installed anti-virus software can help solve this problem.

  • Look for the Antivirus Protector icon in the Windows notification area
  • After selecting the antivirus program icon, right-click on the icon and select the disable option
  • In other cases, you should start the antivirus program and disable it from the menu to solve the body message of Windows Live Mail that does not show problems.

Tip 2: Check for Updates

This is another way to solve such problems. If you are using WLM regularly, we recommend that you update as soon as possible to solve this problem. To do this, go to Windows Live Mail >> Help >> Check for update options. Then reboot your system and check if the problem is solved or still occurs. If these methods do not solve the problem, continue with the solutions below.

Tip 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Live Mail

This method requires the user to uninstall the WLM email application. To do this, open Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> Right-click Windows Live Mail and select Uninstall, After uninstalling, now install it from the official website of the software. Then restart your computer and check if you can view and access the physical email in Windows Live Mail

Tip 4: Clean Temporary Files

  • Install and download Cleaner to fix Windows Live Mail Message Trunks Report without any problem
  • First, click on the Analyze Cleaner button to see the temporary data stored on your system
  • Then click Run Cleaner button to fix such problems in WLM
  • When Cleaner deletes all temporary files, launch Windows Live Mail and see if the problem is solved

Tip 5: Account Configuration

This method requires the user to delete the profile settings and reset the account. When setting up your account, be sure to enter the correct port number in the SMTP and POP3 fields. After giving all the necessary instructions, check if the problem is solved. Otherwise, follow the best practices described below.

Manually Solve – Why Does Windows Live Mail Message Body Not Showing?

At this time, the user can follow the manual process that solves the user’s problem. If you want to know the process manual, follow these steps:

Note: Back up all important emails and files before starting the manual process.

  • First, click Windows + R, type AppWiz.cpl and click OK
  • Now select Windows Essentials 2012 / Windows Live Essentials. Then click on Remove or Change or delete
  • Click Uninstall Windows Essentials. Then select Windows Live Mail
  • Now click on the Uninstall button and download or install the new version of Windows Live Mail on your system.

Automatic Solution to Fix Windows Live Mail Not Displaying Emails Error

Even though Windows Live Mail is an email program that has been discontinued by Microsoft, some people still use it to send emails. When we read and understand the above user requests, we understand the various problems faced by WLM users.

In this case, the user can no longer access or preview the email because the Windows Live Mail message body is completely empty and no text is displayed. In this blog, we describe some troubleshooting tips to help WLM users deal with and eliminate such incidents without any problems.

If you find that the above methods do not work for you, use the most reliable software, Windows Live Mail Converter Tool. This is because this tool provides the best methods that allow users to make their emails readable. Thus, it allows users to export PST files into Microsoft Outlook applications. During file conversion, the folder hierarchy is preserved and the SMTP headers of EML messages are not changed in any way.

Among other things, it ensures that the format and properties of the message are preserved. Thanks to all these powerful functions, the lack of presentation of the contents of Windows Live Mail messages can be easily solved.

Windows Live Mail Message Body Not Showing – Working Steps

  • Download and Install Windows Live Mail Converter and open it

Windows Live Mail Converter

  • Click Open to Add Files from your computer

Add Files

  • Automatic save location detection allows you to identify the storage location of Windows Live Mail files. Select this option to transfer email directly from Windows Live Mail

Automatic save location detection

  • Browse Storage allows you to find files (.eml) from anywhere on your computer. Select this option if the EML file is in an orphaned location

find files (.eml)

  • Select the location of the Windows Live Mail email file and click OK

Select the location

  • Now the application will list all the file or folders in the left pane. The software shows the folders that contain the data files

  • Now use the required settings such as maintain document hierarchy, export empty folders, ignore folders, etc. Then click the export button

maintain document hierarchy

  • Now the program will start the export task  and you can view the details of the export process. Wait until it is 100% complete

software will start

  • When the export process is complete, the software will display the completed message in a new pop-up window. Click OK.

display the completed message in a new pop-up window


Sometimes users may face confusion because the body language is empty and no preview image can be seen. Addresses an issue where the contents of Windows Live mail message body not showing. Users can use the free crafting tools listed in the article above. But if this old method does not work well. Then choose the best and most reliable automation solution now.

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