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A brief history of Air Canada Airlines and what customers are saying

Air Canada, referred to as Air Canada Airlines, or simply Air Canada. Is the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada. It operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to 91 destinations worldwide. Its largest hub is at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario. With secondary hubs at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Dorval, Quebec.

Overview of the Air Canada Airline

As you know, Air Canada Airline is one of North America’s largest airlines. They operate flights to destinations in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to being a major airline carrier. They have also been involved in many events that have shap the Canadian aviation industry. You may not realize that before Air Canada Flight Reservation was form. There were three privately own airlines, Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA), Quebec-Air-Express (QAE) and Pacific Western Airways (PWA). When these airlines merge it marked. The beginning of a new chapter for all Canadians as we no longer had to rely on American carriers. When travelling around our own country. In 1967 all three airlines officially joined forces under one company now known as Air Canada Flight Booking.

Overall rating

3 out of 5 stars. Average customer rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5). The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of our customers, not those of Air Canada Customer Services. They reflect our airlines’ high quality standards and are an important source of information on which to base your decision when choosing a travel destination.

Value score (avg. flights)

Some recent reviews from actual passengers using Air Canada are showing that there’s a lack of space between seats. Long-legged travelers will find that their knees might be bumping up against an armrest, or even another seatmate! While these close quarters may not be ideal for all, they do make it easier to work on your laptop while in Air Canada Flights. Some reviewers have said they were able to keep one seat reclined while being able to use their laptop comfortably in the other seat. In fact, there is enough legroom for most passengers to curl up without stretching out too much!

Seat comfort score

8/10 If you’re flying economy, there are perks. The seats recline to a near-flat position; AC power outlets at every seat let you work or play on your laptop or tablet; onboard WiFi helps keep boredom at bay. Plus, with some extra legroom compared to similar regional airlines (like US Airways), economy is more comfortable than it used to be. But if you’re short, spending six hours in an economy seat will likely leave you feeling sore (or at least not very refreshed). On its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, AC has added a couple inches to each Economy seat’s pitch – though it’s still just 31-32. Still better than most other carriers in North America.

Legroom score

93/100 Legroom score is computed base on actual dimensions of seating space available. Air Canada Flight seat may be considere narrow due to an overly constricte legroom, or too generous if a passenger’s knees encroach into their neighbor’s seating area. This latter situation is a major discomfort to any passenger seated next to an encroaching seatmate, particularly for passengers seated in window seats who must endure that encroachment with no way to defend themselves against it. With ample space between your own seat and either armrests or neighboring seats on both sides you’ll never have to worry about uncomfortable collisions with other passengers.

Cleanliness score

91 out of 100 points possible (Dec 2017) – An 86.4 percent rating for boarding/ deplaning, 84.8 percent for baggage handling, and 82.9 percent for overall experience indicate that Air Canada Flight Booking is doing an excellent job in maintaining its planes during flights — at least according to Delta’s report card. The airline received a satisfactory score overall from December 2017 through May 2018 by numerous sources, including Skytrax, TripAdvisor, and SeatGuru. Overall Air Canada consumer reviews mention only a few recurring complaints: inconsistent Wi-Fi service and outlets with little or no power near them, as well as food that’s on par with other major airlines but comes at a higher price point.

Snack score

8/10 Customers who give Air Canada a high inflight entertainment score say they have several great television channels to choose from. On long-haul Air Canada flight Ticket Booking, some reviewers enjoy watching movies or TV shows via their in-flight Wi-Fi system. There is even on-demand programming to keep you entertained when your flight gets delayed or interrupted. However, if you’re looking for gaming or apps, there aren’t any available. Also, remember that Air Canada Customer Service may be limited on smaller aircraft flying domestically; those with an outdated entertainment system might offer only one choice for viewing—and it’s not free. And that gets expensive quickly!

Inflight entertainment score

6/10: Most people want a bit more variety on their Air Canada Flights. There’s only so much you can do to entertain yourself, especially when you’re in a middle seat. Because it’s hard to move around an airplane cabin, it’s good that they don’t go overboard with devices like TVs in every seatback or large screens on top of everyone’s headrests. But some entertainment is better than no entertainment at all.

Airport service score

9.1/10 Good Air Canada Check-in: 8.6/10 Great Boarding: 9.4/10 Excellent Seats: 8.9/10 Superb Value for money rating: 9.5/10 (based on 1,722 reviews) Passengers on board report that flights tend to be either Good or Excellent. They say that overall, there’s a good atmosphere on board, with flight attendants described as pleasant and helpful, but slightly understaffed. The food is also deemed above average—tasty but not too filling—and passengers say it’s reasonably priced too. However, one passenger complains about his pork meal being overly salty; another wishes there was free booze on board longer Air Canada Flights.

Baggage handling score

In recent years, Air Canada has had a few customer service blunders. For example, in February 2017, one Canadian family said they were stranded in Costa Rica after their Air Canada Flight home was canceled. So where is AC lacking? Currently, AC is only awarded 1.7 stars on a 5-star rating scale by its customers; most say that they will not be flying with them again due to poor baggage handling, airplane cleanliness and frequent delays. In December 2017, Rana Junor stated that she had never seen such awful handling of luggage during her travel experience with AC.

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