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Accelerated Business Growth Guaranteed with Node.js Development

With such a vast array of frameworks available, I can understand the difficulty you may face in choosing something new as well. In the case of Node.js development, I am sure you might have come across statements such as ‘JavaScript Runtime’ or ‘operating on a single thread event loop.’ Hearing these, I am sure you may have faced doubts about trying to decipher its meaning.  

Thus, to make this simple, I bring forth this article for you. It will educate you on the framework, my experience using it, and the reasons why I recommend it for your business as well. So, let me educate you on this framework below in the lines below.  

Introduction – What is Node.js?  

A JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine, Node.js uses an event-driven model to help in tasks like interacting with the disk present within the system and network, apart from reading and writing data, making HTTP requests, and so on and most importantly, operating on a single thread event loop.  

Conceived in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Node.js’ conception took place with the primary objective to support multitasking and handling a multitude of connections simultaneously.  

With an idea of what this framework is all about, let me now educate you on its functioning. In other words, let me help you in understanding how it works.  

How Does Node.js Development Services Work?  

Mainly using the Single-Threaded Loop Architecture, Node.js receives the flexibility to handle a vast client pool seamlessly. Let me explain this in detail below.  

1. It maintains a limited thread pool for request serving purposes.  

2. After the arrival of a request, the framework places them into a queue. The event loop mentioned earlier, also known as the core component, comes into the picture after that.  

3. After the request arrives, the loop picks it up and gets it checked to mostly enquire on the requirement of a possible blocking input/output operation. If the same is not required, the request processual gets done, and the response gets sent. In case of a blocking action to perform for the request, the event loop in that situation assigns a thread. This is from the internal thread pool largely.  

4. Finally, the event loop tracks the blocking requests, placing them in the queue on the processual of the blocking task.  

Thus, through adherence to all these steps, faster task execution gets performed. This is especially when one requires need to build real-time apps.  

Educated now on the functioning of this framework, let me now discuss in detail on its salient features below.  

Salient Features of Node.js Development Services  

Is Easy to Start  

Being relatively easy to start with, Node.js is a go-to choice for those starting their services in web development. Primarily through the presence of various tutorials and a large community of developers, getting started is accessible.  

Is Scalable  

Providing vast scalability and being single-threaded, most notably, it can handle many connections with high throughput.  

Possesses a Strong Backend  

Written in C and C++, respectively, the framework possesses a robust backend. This helps to add new features like networking support, an altogether easy task.  

Along with these features, others like offering a vast array of packages for work simplification are multi-platform and easily maintainable, makes it a popular choice among developers. This is especially when they embark on the task of selecting a framework for app development purposes.  

Getting an idea about the features, I will provide you with a list of companies that witnessed enormous success and observed innovation like never before through Node.js development services.  

Companies that Observed Innovation Channelizing Node.js Development Services  

You would be surprised to know the popularity of Node.js to have grown manifold in the last few years. According to W3Techs, approximately 1.2% of websites have channelized the services of this framework. Additionally, many companies have already utilized its services and observed immense innovation in providing their offerings to their end customers.  

Here is the list for you –  

  • Twitter  
  • eBay  
  • Reddit  
  • LinkedIn  

Now; I want to reflect on a personal experience when I channelized the services of this framework and observed advantages in plenty.  

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Channelizing the Services of Node.js Development – My Personal Experience  

I am of the firm belief that personal experiences go a long way in encouraging someone to use a particular service. Going by the same logic, I would like to share my experience building an app using the framework.  

One of our very old clients suggested that he wished to build a real-time application accessible through multiple platforms. I, along with my team then embarked on this task and let me share with great enthusiasm, the task was, in fact, more straightforward than we imagined.  

We successfully provided the client with the desired result simultaneously; we also succeeded in ensuring that during development we could seamlessly manage the frontend and backend.  

All these factors made me go ahead and say with pride that for a high-quality app that can be built at an accelerated pace, Node.js is the best.  

Now that I have shared my experience regarding using the framework let me now cite its advantages. This includes its benefits for any entrepreneurial venture apart from its support in accelerating app development. 

Advantages of Node.js for Enterprise Growth  

Possesses an Open-Source NPM Repository  

Node.js possesses close to 60,000 available modules. It helps to find a ready-to-use solution as quickly and when the situation arises.  

This is extremely useful as the requirement to place too much effort behind one particular task gets diminished completely.  

Scaling is Easy  

Courtesy of the lightweight nature of this framework, scaling horizontally through the deployment of innumerable instances of the project across different servers is a highly seamless task.  

Additionally, it also provides the flexibility to scale the system vertically through a cluster built-in module to help for the app process across all the different CPU cores.  

Seamless Process to Share Codes  

JavaScript being a preferred choice in the list of programming languages, it is thus worth sharing this interesting fact. You will find it extremely easy to share different parts of a code between miscellaneous components within your system.  

You also get the required flexibility and comfort to use the same parts of the code within the front end and the backend.  

Best for Production Purposes  

Created in 2009, Node.js has been used by almost every other company. This was mainly to check its production capability. Once this area got cleared, that is, its production capability, most of the companies, have in turn gone on to shift towards using the framework to their advantage.  

To know more about this framework and its advantages, have a look at the image below.  

Through this image, you can observe the multifaceted benefits that this framework provides to those using it, such as enhancing the productivity of developers and enhancing their satisfaction level when they embark on the journey towards development, and so on.  

Summing Up  

If you are considering building a real-time web app or one that can seamlessly run across different platforms, channeling the forces of Node.js development services is the best way forward.  

Being an open-source, light, and scalable language, it supports the task of building apps at the enterprise level apart from enhancing the efficiency of the development process as well simultaneously.  

You can also get in touch with dedicated Node.js developers for this task. Through the support they provide and experience they possess in accelerating the overall app development process, they will save you from the pangs of making any further installations of modules due to the presence of already existent ones within the framework itself. 

Pratik Mistry

I am Pratik Mistry, a rare mix of technologist and vice president in sales at Radixweb. My passion lies is in helping companies to grow revenues by delivering top notch custom software development solutions and build value-based partnerships. When not driving high-impact go to market strategies, I love to try new cuisines and going to the movies.

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