Best Cakes Online in Delhi: Try something new with these Five Indian Fusion Cakes

We all like to cut cake and have it for any special occasion that comes in our life. Everyone has a different choice when it comes to cakes. Some like chocolate while some love red velvet. But no one can deny the love that Indians have for their sweets or mithai. Indians like to start anything special with sweets. Different states in India have different specialities in sweets. You will get numerous varieties for sweets in India like barfi, gulab jamun, halwa, milk cake, rasgulla, ras malai and many more. Delhi is well known for its delicious sweets and so you can easily order cakes online in delhi with an Indian twist. It is impossible to name every sweet which is found in India. Considering the love that we have for sweets there is now a new trend of making cakes with flavours of traditional Indian Mithai.

People love these Indian fusion cakes and they have become one of the top choices for cakes these days:
  1. Vanilla Gulab jamun cake-

    Vanilla cake is known to all and all of us have eaten it at some point in our life. But have you ever tried vanilla cake that has small pieces of gulab jamun inside it and is topped with mini gulab jamuns as well? It tastes delicious and looks tempting too. Gulab jamun cheesecake is also a thing now which you can order for cake delivery online.

  2. Kaju katli cake-

    Kaju katli is loved by every sweet lover in India. They are made with cashew nuts and taste very unique. Imagine a cake in chocolate or vanilla flavor being topped with delicious kaju katli. Who would not love this awesome two in one combo? You can find this in some bakeries or you may also customize this sort of cake to bring uniqueness to your celebrations this year. 

  • Malai cake-

    “malai” refers to cream in India. Different sweets are made with this thick creamy layer like malai paan or malai roll. Nowadays some bakeries make cakes with the creamy flavor of these sweets and taste just like a traditional mithai. You can order these for cake delivery online. Malai paan is very famous in Lucknow so you might get this one easily when you order cake online.   

  • Rasmalai Pista Cake-

    ras malai is one of the most popular sweets in India. It is not very sweet and is made with “chena” and milk with a flavor of saffron in it. It is heavenly in taste. A cake with the flavour of this Indian delicacy would taste amazing. It will taste best when combined with vanilla flavoured cake.  


  • Gajar Halwa Cake-

    We all know about carrot cake but have you ever heard about Gajar halwa cake? Gajar ka Halwa is one of the most loved Indian sweets which is consumed by people mostly during winters and you will find it in every Indian ceremony or wedding. So, a cake made with the flavours of this delectable dessert will taste blissful too. So if you want to enjoy the taste of Gajar halwa with the creaminess of cake then this is the best choice for you. 

These Indian fusion cakes have brought a new revolution in the cake baking industry and are the best option for traditional sweet lovers. These cakes can be ordered for festivals as Indian festivals are never celebrated without delicious sweets. So, this could be a unique option for the upcoming festivals this year. You can also send these fusion cupcakes online for your friends and relatives living in different states to give them a flavour of their home land. Do try one of these and leave your feedback here if you found this article helpful.

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