Can I Whiten the Appearance of Old Crowns and Other Dental Works?

It is actually possible to whiten the appearance of old crowns and other dental works. You need to talk to a dentist who will help to improve your attractive smile and confidence level. Teeth whitening on crowns will enable to restore the colour of your teeth. Go through this blog to know how this is actually possible.

How will teeth whitening treatment work?

The presence of active chemicals in teeth whitening can cause penetration to teeth enamel.  It also break down dark colored compounds beneath the surface. This will change your teeth colour and seep into hard structure of a tooth for colour change.

Teeth whitening works on your teeth only

If you want to whiten teeth, you should keep whitening product in close contact with your natural tooth surface for some time. This will make application method a vital factor for the whitening result.

Is it possible to whiten old crowns and other dental works?

The whitening ingredients does not have much power for dental crowns that are made of porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. The presence of peroxide chemicals won’t penetrate these materials and when whitening material penetrates through porcelain or metal, the change would affect underlying tooth structure that cannot be seen through the material. So, the method will not be useful for dental crowns.

For tooth-colored dental fillings, patients usually find a certain level of success with teeth whitening.  This is not because the filling material will change colour but the success depends on the colour change of natural tooth structure.  Based on the size and position of filling material, you will be able to attain tooth whitening as per the reflection of whitened tooth structure into transparent filling.

In case of dental veneers or other restorations that cover a certain part of the tooth only, some dentists ask patients to choose teeth whitening on the uncovered area of your teeth. A patient who already has thin veneers for covering the front part of teeth may try whitening at the back for getting some lightening of their underlying tooth structure.

Can you whiten teeth when you have already performed dental works?

Unless you have performed dental works for all the visible teeth, it is worthy enough to give it a try. Your natural teeth will whiten and the tooth structure behind the veneers or around fillings will become light.

You might find your dental works appear darker. Actually, your surrounding teeth become lighter that makes fillings or crowns appear darker. You should stop whitening their teeth when they find this difference. Many of them feel satisfied with the results and maintain their teeth colour from then. The other group wants to perform more whitening and they need to consult with the dentist to know about options for changing the appearance of crowns and other dental works.

How can you whiten the appearance of old crowns and other dental works?

If you want your smile to appear whiter than the results with crowns, then you have to consider replacing these dental restorations. Teeth whitening has made it possible for everyone to fall in love with their smile. Now, dentists can give you the perfect smile with the whitest natural shade of your teeth. So, you get the colour of your teeth you actually want, despite the presence of other dental works.

Is the teeth whitening procedure costly?

Getting dental works replaced will cost the same as original dental works. Depending on your age and condition of the dental works, you will get the benefits of your insurance.

What is the method for replacing dental works?

Your dentist will try to remove the present fillings or crowns and eliminate tooth decay or underlying stains. By using local anesthetic, you have the possible option to request sedation when you experience less of it.

Replacing dental works are not dangerous in anyway and your dentist will ensure the tooth structure becomes strong and healthy. You may visit at www.teethwhitening.london to book a free consultation with the dentist and get your teeth whitened for improved smile. 

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