Dedicating your day to your dad on Father’s Day

Every dad deserves a special day all of their own, and Fathers Day offers the perfect opportunity! The definition of a good father is the one who connects with us on a personal level and gives us adequate advice. You can always celebrate this day with the pinch of sweetness while order best fathers day cakes for your dad, and make him happy with joy.

Most dads have a really easygoing nature and an effortless sense of humour. They are practical, kind and supportive, and Father’s Day is the perfect time of the year to show them how much you care about them.


Empathising with the challenges of fatherhood

Put yourself in your father’s shoes for a few moments. Imagine yourself as a child. He picked you up and hugged you, and maybe he gave you piggybacks. Perhaps he helped you learn to ride your bike, play football, to learn to swim or ascend the tree at the bottom of the garden. He was and is a tower of strength and integrity, and he works hard and knows what helps him to relax.

Key into his way of thinking, and you will soon be inspired and come up with plenty of very personal ways to spend Fathers Day with your daddy. Does he love gardening? Is he mad about footies? Does he cook a mean curry?


Creating everlasting solid bonds

Father’s Day is only once a year. However, throughout the rest of the year, you should still make time and room in your life for your dad, so here are some ideas of things you could do together regularly or do for him to help him out. These are activities you could do any day of the year, not just Father’s Day, and if you make them a regular date, you will get to see your daddy and benefit from his wisdom more often. Order mind blowing fathers day cakes for your dad on this fathers day.

You could offer to:

  • Mow his lawn on a sunny day and share a cider or beer with him when the job is done. This is a sweet gesture and you can also physically help your dad out. Afterall, an ageing parent needs all the help that you can provide them. Doing their chores can be your new love language.
  • Play his favourite game, be it golf, football, chess, bowling or anything else. Playing an interactive game is highly recommended as it helps you bond with your old man better. Also, these sporty events will allow you to recreate a nostalgic memory.
  • Take him for a pub lunch or dinner once a week (or fortnightly) to catch up. Our parents miss us dearly when we are far away from home. While you go back to meet your pops and mum on Father’s Day, you can take both of them out for a parent child intimate dinner. Especially on this day, take your dad out for a drink and order all of his favourite dishes.
  • Buy tickets to a concert for a band that you both love now, or you loved growing up. This is sweet and simple to the core. Likes and dislikes are always amazing to share with your family.
  • Help out around his house with the DIY or do a spot of painting and decorating. Has your dad been going on about how he needs to start and finish a project inside your house? Lend him a helping hand!
  • Offer to read the same book as him so you can have a mini-book club together. Like the other key shared interest areas, if the two of you are book lovers, you can create a deeper bond. Buy new books for him and weekly have a book club discussion about the new piece that you both are reading.
  • Go and see his favourite genre of film with him at the cinema or a play at the theatre. If your dad is more of an introvert who likes to stay at home, you can always rent and purchase OTT  subscriptions. Sit and enjoy hours of non-stop entertainment on your own screen with your papa you can order the fathers day cake as a dessert.
  • Join a cool club with him, such as golf or a book club or even a recreational sports and events of some sort. This way you both can share more time together all year round!

These are just some ideas of ways to spend quality time with your dad all year round. If you did just one of these or something similar each week, then you would probably be just as close as you were growing up! Some of these also make good ideas for Father’s Day but can be part of your lifestyle easily. Furthermore, if there is something he has been meaning to ‘get around to’ like painting a shed or filling some cracks, you could help him to do it as part of his Father’s day presents.


Choosing the perfect gift

Choose gifts which say something to your dad on Father’s Day, not just useful things or boring old standards. Men do certainly prefer useful things such as tools or new golf clubs, but you can add heartfelt messages to them too. Fathers day cakes from the best bakery in the city would work as well.

For example, you could write something special in a Father’s Day card to go with a pair of new stickers or get him a personalised football shirt or special print. The more original your gift, the more impressed he will be, so try to stay away from generic Father’s Day stuff like cigars and chocolates. You can get him something far more thoughtful than that!

If he loves beer, for example, you could get him a really nicely engraved tankard with a message from you. Or if he is mad about science fiction films, you could get him a sci-fi wall calendar. Think about him as a person, how he spends his free time and what makes him smile.


Pick out a few things which you know your dad adores, and think back to times that have made him laugh or seemed to really move him. For Father’s Day, you can draw from a whole lifetime of experience, and it will help you to plan a party, order fathers day cakes, pick a pub (or restaurant) and most importantly, choose his gifts.

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