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Easily Migrate Office 365 Groups to Another Tenant – A Reliable Guide

Mircosoft’s Office 365 utility provides great solutions for the Corporate & Educational world. This simply states that organizations rely on Microsoft for their business operation in different ways because of their excellent services. However, in several scenarios, Mircosoft does not provide any direct solution. This is the case when the user wants to migrate Office 365 Groups to another tenant. Here, there is no straight & simple solution for users to opt for.

In this informative blog, the challenges, needs, that cause various user queries. In addition, our main focus is to provide the best solution to troubled users to counter all these fierce challenges. This article can provide great insight to users before they undergo the data migration project.

Why Do Users Perform Office 365 Groups Migration Tenant to Tenant

While discussing the needs of this operation, it’s crucial to know that these reasons may differ from business to business. These reasons are mentioned below.

  • Mergers

When two organizations merge & become one single brand. They need to shift the entire cloud data in one place. This is what makes them realize to perform such an operation. This makes it easier for the management to operate the organization smoothly.

  • Acquisitions

Here, when Firm A buys Firm B or vice versa it’s called an acquisition. Now to make the migration work smooth, organizations need to keep the data together for maintaining the workflow.

  • Re-Branding

When organizations re-name themselves, there are chances that they also want to shift their data files on the cloud to a different tenant.

  • Other Reasons

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are a few more reasons mentioned below:

  • Divestitures. 
  • Regularities & Compliance also play an important role for businesses to take such decisions. 
  • Spin-offs.
  • Despite Microsoft’s multi-geo tenants’ facility, Geography is still a reason for data migration in many organizations.   

What are the Challenges that Users Face& Manual Method for this User Query?

There isn’t any direct manual method to copy Office 365 groups’ data to a different tenant. However, there is a complex procedure available consisting of various steps. Let’s understand in a better way.


  • Lack of Direct Tool

The lack of a direct solution from Microsoft has always disturbed users in many ways. This creates the demands of specialized migration tools that we’re going to discuss later in this article.   

  • Threat to Data Integrity

There’s one thing that users always get scared of, losing their data. This migration process is so complex that without proper knowledge, there is a high chance of losing data or files getting corrupted. This creates second thoughts in the user’s mind to migrate Office 365 Groups to another tenant.

  • Compromising Efficiency

Transferring bulk data files from one place to another through the manual process decreases work efficiency. This is due to the slow speed of the manual method. In addition, reduced efficiency also disturbs the workspace environment.

  • Perfect Strategy & Tool

The selection of a perfect strategy & tool is the biggest challenge as this is the foundation of this operation. Without a perfect strategy, users may get several errors and need to perform several repetitive steps. A specialized tool for executing the operation is equally crucial for businesses.

Manual Methods

  • PowerShell Scripts & EAC

As we mentioned above, there aren’t various manual solutions. The only method is to perform multiple steps in Mircosoft Exchange Admin Center following several PowerShell Scripts. As not every user is proficient in PowerShell scripts, they can easily get confused. 

A Reliable Solution to Migrate Office 365 Groups to Another Tenant

The most reliable solution to transfer Groups data is using the Most-Used Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool can perform the entire operation without hampering the data integrity.

Download the tool and simply follow the below-mentioned steps to complete your Office 365 Group migration in minimal time.

Step-1. Select Office 365 as your Primary & Targeted platform
Step-2. Select Email, contacts, task if required & also Groups in the Workload Selection Tab.
Step-3. Enter Office 365 admin credentials for both primary & Targeted platforms.
Step-4. Add Users & Groups through user group mapping & Validate them.
Step-5. Finally, Click on the Start Migration Button to begin the operation.
Office 365 Groups migration tenant to tenant is a simple task for users if they follow the above steps carefully. 

Unique Characteristics of using the Data Migration Tool

There are various characteristics that make this data migration tool special in several different ways. Let’s get to know the unique features this tool offers.

  • This tool can swiftly migrate email, contacts, calendars, tasks & Groups for ease of business doing.
  • It can also transfer data files of shared mailboxes from one place to another.
  • Along with groups, It can easily transfer data from Teams to Teams.
  • Account-based priority migration & delta migration are some of the key highlights of this tool.
  • Users can enjoy various filters to migrate only the selective data files and leave the rest unwanted files.
  • Not only Groups but this tool can also migrate Group members to the destination.
  • There is a support of various subscription Plans of Office 365 that makes it easy for users to migrate Office 365 Groups to another tenant.


We’ve successfully discussed various challenges and the manual method, in brief. This results in users having a clear insight into the key elements that must be taken care of. If your organization is planning to perform this operation, the above-mentioned tool is the right option. Carefully follow the steps & do not miss any instructions to successfully migrate Office 365 Groups to another tenant.

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