Everything you Need to Know About Getting a Masters Loan

It is not easy to pay education expenses in the UK. People need a large amount of money for higher education. Education is not cheap, so people are looking for other options to manage its finances (Frost, 2018). They are meeting the cost of living while studying which is not easy to do in the UK. The students use different sources to pay the cost. They take loans for higher studies. They acquire masters loan for postgraduate studies. This loan helps in meeting their education and living expenses.

The fee of a master’s degree varies in different areas. The average cost is £11,000 a year. Most of the students take loans to pay this amount. The amount of the loan is a bit more than this average one mentioned. Students also meet their cost of living from it. This makes things difficult for them. In this article, we share important information that helps the master’s students. They are also able to find out whether it is enough for them or not.

Eligibility for Masters Loan:

It is important to know whether you are eligible for a loan or not. If you are a UK national, you can take this loan. If you live for three years in UK before starting the course, you can avail it. You are eligible if you enrol in a full master’s course. If you are under 60 and studying at a UK university, you can take it (Gov.UK, 2021). Other conditions are also ensured while giving the loan. We make it easy for students by sharing them below;

Cost of Tuition fee:

Tuition fee varies with the place and university. In a master’s degree, cost also changes according to the subject. As mentioned above, the average tuition fee is £11,000, and the amount of loan is a bit more than that. Students need to note these at the start. They also have to bear the cost of living. If students don’t manage it from the loan, they have to arrange it for themselves. It is not easy to meet expenses within the UK.

The students have to use other ways of meeting their expenses as well. They have to work part-time for daily expenses. If you are doing research, then it’s not easy to manage work with it. A Master’s loan is different from an undergraduate loan. In an undergraduate loan, you receive the amount according to your need. But masters loan has a fixed amount. It means that your tuition fee may be more than the amount of the loan given.

Savings-The Saviour:

The extra amount of money for tuition fees increases the benefit of the loan. Your savings saves you from distraction. You are not disturbed by the problems about the cost of living. You can also focus on your study in this manner. People criticise master’s loans because this amount is not enough for each course. Students have to arrange an additional amount to pay the tuition fee. Their cost of living is another burden on them. Students also take loans from other parties to pay their expenses. They need to understand this before starting the master’s program.

Receiving the Master’s Program Loan:

Students receive a masters loan in three instalments. It is transferred into their account by the lender. The lender gives loans for tuition fees and the cost of living. Students have the right to spend loans as they want to. They have to save money after paying tuition fees for other expenses. Otherwise, part-time work is an option to pay off the expenses. Rent is a major expense for the students. Suppose they live in a big city, then the rent will also increase. Students can save money by using savings accounts. They can make small investments to gain profits. This profit is a saving that helps in difficult conditions.

Repayment of Loan:

Recommended by a coursework help firm, students know that the repayment process is not disturbing. You have to pay after completing your degree. You may start after paying as you complete it. This loan does not affect your credit rating. Like an undergraduate loan, it is not registered on your profile. Lenders write you off after 30 years. It doesn’t matter how much amount you pay for it. These things make it different from the undergraduate loans. It is also important to note that government can change the terms of loans. It depends on the policymakers. They can make the terms easy and vice versa, depending upon the situation.

Taking Loan Again:

Students who take undergraduate loans can also take this loan. But the point is that you have to repay both of them at the same time. It takes a large amount from your income. Students also know that they have to pay a tax on their income before the loan’s deduction. It means that you have to pay tax and two instalments of the loan. It is not difficult to imagine a deduction from the income.

Students need to open an account with SFE (Student Finance England) for taking loans. If a student opens an account in undergraduate for taking a loan, it is acceptable for a master’s program. No one can take a loan without opening an account. They also give instructions that must be fulfilled in order to get a loan. Students can also send this application by post to SFE. They are eligible to apply under nine months of their educational year.

Alternative Sources:

Students can finance their degrees in an alternative way. They can borrow some amounts from a private party. They can take the grant and win scholarships to meet their expenses. They also work part-time to make the payments. These are some alternatives for the students.


The masters loan is popular among postgraduate students. They use this loan to fund their study. The loans have a fixed amount that is transferred into student’s the account. Students have to manage their fees and daily expense from it. Sometimes it is not enough to meet these expenses. Students use alternatives like scholarships and grants to sponsor their education. They also work part-time to arrange the money for daily use.

The repayment scheme of masters loan doesn’t affect their pocket. Students can use it as they want. They have to pay it after completing their education. Students who take undergraduate loans can also avail this loan. Hence, master’s loans have many pros and cons. Students think about them before starting the degree. Moreover, it is good to take if you already have some savings.


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