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Everything you should keep in mind before swimming

The first contact with a sport always occurs empirically: kicking a ball, running, throwing an object, or diving into a pool with lifeguard training. Despite this, all sports disciplines have their complexity and a myriad of things that must be taken into account; In that order of ideas, we will show you what to look for before swimming.

From the outset, swimming differs from most sports when it comes to evaluating the environment where it takes place. This happens, in most cases, inside a swimming pool. Without a doubt, it is a relevant factor to take into account.

Before swimming

It is important to remember that, as already mentioned, swimming occurs on a different surface and, therefore, a series of changes occur in the body that should not be overlooked; In addition, it is necessary to know the technical movements that must be executed. Next, we will show you what to keep in mind.

The adaptation

The adaptive process does not occur only in childhood, at all times during the vital stages human beings are in constant adaptation. Swimming is no exception and, in it, initiation must occur gradually.

This process is the way to accustom the body and mind to being immersed in water. Underwater everything changes and it is necessary for your body to become aware of: perceive the change in movements and the weight of the body itself and notice how the senses are distorted thanks to the water, especially vision and hearing, for example.

Change of body position

Another representative change that you should take into account before practicing swimming in the position of the body with lifeguard training. In normal terms, the human being stands or stands upright; when swimming, it goes to a horizontal position.

Such positioning is experienced when lying down or sleeping; However, when swimming the body is fully active, a situation totally contrary to the numbing process.

Horizontality, in the prone or supine position, within aquatic surfaces contributes to balance in swimming, facilitating the practice of different styles.

Before swimming, manage your breath

Before practicing swimming, it should be clarified that in the water breathing is different with respect to the common environment; It may be an absurd clarification, but there are children who still do not understand some changes with lifeguard training. Therefore, the subject of breathing varies according to the stage in which the individual is and the style that is being learned.

Temporal and spatial location

Before swimming, it is recommended to explain to people how orientation varies within a water surface. This aspect is evident in young children, who still do not understand the concepts of temporality or spatiality.

Even, many people tend to have problems with their location with respect to the environment. The ideal is to advise and explain “checkpoints” or security to them to the letter; as well as what is above, below, left, and right.

The movement of the body segments depends on the type of style that is being carried out. For example: in freestyle, the upper extremities are asymmetrical with respect to each other – stroke -. On the other hand, the lower ones perform a flexion and extension movement starting from the hip, also in asymmetry with respect to the other -kick-.

This totally changes when the style to be performed is chest. Ideally, express the change in movement before swimming regularly for better execution.

You must go calmly before swimming

Based on the above, there are many aspects that you must take into account before practicing this sport. Undoubtedly, learning is a gradual process that requires calm.

Each person must be informed and guided by a professional instructor in the area; On the other hand, if you are a minor, you must be accompanied by a responsible family member, preferably the father or mother.

Swimming is a highly recommended and complete sport that has a wide degree of complexity; For this reason, it must be practiced with prior knowledge, security measures, and the accompaniment of responsible people at all times.

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