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Advantages of taking care of the design of your online brand

The typography you choose, your logo, your colors, your images… everything is part of your brand, your essence and what they remember about you. Having a good corporate image helps you stand out and be more competitive. A creative, unique and personalized style always attracts more attention. It will give you more visits, possibly more clients and prestige in your sector.

Graphic design is not something we first associate with the online world, much less innovative. However, companies and small businesses have always had to invest in visual marketing campaigns to promote themselves, creating business cards or advertising posters.

The advantage of developing an online graphic design services brand versus an offline one is clear: we will achieve greater visibility for a lower cost.

The design of your brand is your best cover letter. To do this, you must take care of and perfect the presentation of your web content, the appearance of your profiles on different Social Networks, and the quality of the images and banners on the Internet:

  • Give a very good first impression of your brand
  • Positions you as a trusted brand
  • Give credibility to your products or services
  • Expand your online visibility
  • Increase your chances of attracting customers
  • It makes each action carried out have much more repercussions
  • Turn boring content into enjoyable content
  • It represents a saving in investment costs compared to other types of advertising

4 Areas in which to improve the graphic design of your personal or corporate brand

For your brand to stand out, it must have an attractive and coherent design. In addition, the corporate image must be present in all media and channels related to the brand. I recommend you take into account the following aspects of graphic design and branding in the following areas:

  1. Corporate image
  2. Social networks
  3. Websites
  4. Email marketing

In the digital content design course at Aula CM, we teach you how to use all the graphic design tools practically so that you can create your digital content and, in addition, improve your professional profile.

If for work reasons or lack of time, you prefer to do your training in graphics design firm online, you can improve your skills on the subject in the course that we offer at a distance with all the guarantees of face-to-face training.

Corporate Image Design

Let’s start by commenting on the five general aspects of the corporate image that will add value to your online brand, as well as five tips for each of them:

Trends in design

If your image looks outdated, you will not have the professional image your brand needs to succeed. Your brand will not convey what is necessary to attract potential customers. You must be aware of the latest trends in design: colors and fonts.

  1. Analyze design trends in all areas; the best way to do this is to be inspired by good designs. You can look at books or search specialized websites; yes, just be a source of inspiration.
  2. Follow the trends but keep your essence; the best way to stand out is to find the brand’s personality.
  3. Look for inspiration. You can follow the most cutting-edge design studios to find out what is most popular and adapt it to your style.
  4. Distinguish between “follow trends” and “imitate.” Select the ideas you like the most and find a way to integrate or mix them to achieve a unique design.
  5. Do not combine “incompatible” trends. It is clear that you either have good taste or don’t. If you consider that yours is not very developed, ask for help from someone you consider has it; in this way, you will ensure that you do not mix incompatible styles.

Logo design

The logo is a fundamental element of branding in charge of transmitting the identity and philosophy of your personal or corporate brand through the construction of a name (logo) with or without an icon (isotype).

If you’re going to create a logo or update your own, here are some good design ideas:

  1. You can apply flat design not only on the web but also on the logo.
  2. Go for simplicity or extravagance (not both).
  3. Work a lot on typography, giving it a different or handmade touch.

9 . Do not combine many colors (PayPal or FedEx use only two)

  1. Flat logos are much more popular; simplicity is an extra for logo design.
  2. More and more companies see that base their logo on the application of characteristic typography associated with the brand.

Choice of typography

Even if you don’t know it, we associate the curvature of the letters with certain marks or sectors (think, for example, of the fonts used for weddings or medieval movies, they are very characteristic). To choose, base yourself on these criteria:

  1. High degree of legibility; the simpler, the better it will be read.
  2. Proper character spacing. If the default font has a lot or a little kerning, don’t worry too much because thanks to designing programs like Illustrator, you can modify it to your liking.
  3. Adaptability to all channels. You need to consider all the places you could use your logo to see what fits.
  4. Style in line with brand values. The aesthetics of your logo must be consistent with your objectives as a brand.
  5. Forms that are not confused with those used in other sectors. Try not to look too much like any famous logo; this way, you won’t confuse your users.

Application of colors

Along with the logo and typography, good use of color is essential to communicate correctly visually. The meaning of the colors varies according to different factors, so:

  1. Investigate the meaning of colors. Depending on what you want to transmit or the sector of your activity, some tones will be more appropriate than others.
  2. Apply the intensity based on the emotion you want to convey.
  3. Try not to combine more than three colors simultaneously.
  4. Do not abuse contrasts to avoid distractions.
  5. Check the result on different supports.

For example, a brand that uses red in its branding strategy evokes power and an energetic and positive personality. However, even by applying different degrees of intensity, you convey a more or less daring image.


Here I want to clarify that updating the image of your personal or corporate brand does not mean that you lose authenticity. You know you have to upgrade when:

  1. Your brand does not convey business values.
  2. You’ve been through a crisis and want to give the brand an image wash.
  3. Your competition has a similar image, often confusing you.
  4. Your business is growing in another direction and needs a more consistent redesign.
  5. You do not feel identified with the current image, or it has become outdated.

If the time has come to change, you know, it’s about making small changes that make you stronger and more visible in your sector.

Design in Social Networks

Think that many potential clients will receive the first impression of your brand through social profiles, so make sure its appearance is as optimal as possible.

An element that requires special attention is the design of the banners or the header image. Most importantly, these designs are consistent with your corporate image, one more extension of your brand. These and other elements (which you can design with Piktochart or Canva) are very important, but remember that each social network has its peculiarities.

Do you take care of all these aspects of Graphic Design?

With all this compilation of graphic design tips and ideas for the different digital communication channels, I hope I have given you an overview of everything that strengthens your brand image on the Internet.

Being aware that this is a long process of progressive and constant improvement, we must bear in mind that each change we can implement and each cent we invest in design will revert to our benefit.

If you want to apply all these tips on your own, you can find out about our face-to-face digital content design course. In addition, we also teach an online course on digital content design so you can do it from the comfort of your home.

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