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Help your Horse Jump High

Increasing the height of jumps can be thrilling and frightening for both you and your horse. It is essential to prepare yourself and your horse for success by laying the foundation first to develop the method that will give you success when the leaps grow. This Article will Help your Horse Jump High.

The way to jump large fences starts by bouncing around several smaller fences before becoming a solid rider on flats. Building your and your horse’s endurance will help you move higher and quickly, making it more enjoyable for both of you.

A solid foundation will enable you to build easily and perfect your skills as a jumper. However, an unsound foundation can get you into trouble in the future, which you’ll have to revisit later and deal with.

Remember this in mind whenever you dream of greater levels; the majority of what you need to do is get the small stuff done and enhance your riding and your horse’s riding ability on the flat.

Polish your Technique


Create an Even Tempo

Learning the dressage pyramid and ensuring your horse’s ability to adjust to a constant pace during your flat rides will result in a successful jump.


Of course, horses that have been well-trained on flats can begin to chase fences and get more excited. One of the ways to develop a consistent rhythm is by practicing it on small fences or ground poles. You should also learn how to alter your horse’s stride to allow them to go over jumps faster, with fewer strides even more slowly, by adding more strides upon command.


A competent jumper requires a flexible tempo A horse that cannot keep a rhythm and has an uncontrolled pace will be challenged to effectively and safely navigate through a course of jumping.


Flatwork may not seem as appealing to some. However, it’s the basis that helps build muscular and mental strength that allows horses to leap safely, efficiently, and safely.

Practice riding on the ground while riding on flats, and make sure you can alter your horse’s pace and follow the pole. Then, you can gradually progress to practice over smaller fences when you are jumping.


If you observe your horse becoming faster or out of control, get him right back and concentrate on the areas of weakness on the over and flat poles or the small jumps to determine why your horse is running.


Making sure your horse is taught to calm and concentrate even in the most exciting jumping events is crucial in smooth progress up to the show-jumping levels. Stressed horses are less focused horses. Therefore, ensuring that your horse is relaxed even while jumping is crucial.

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Approaching Jumps

If you are preparing to jump, choosing horses that can walk toward a fence in a straight and steady rhythm is important. they’re wiggling and weaving toward the fence with a curvy blurred line, they’ll struggle to achieve a smooth start and should be cautious to stay clear of the fence.

Even if you’re not planning to participate in dressage events, it’s important to incorporate dressage concepts into your riding routine to establish a solid riding foundation and teach your horse the techniques needed to safely transport a rider over the ground and fences.

If your horse is struggling in confidence, it’s crucial not to punish those who do not comply. Punishing for a fear response isn’t how you can build confidence. Be patient and gentle with your horse, and take the time to gradually build their confidence. Rushing to climb higher fences could cause your horse’s and your confidence to plummet.


Being aware of your body, what your aid is helping, or Impeding your horse’s progress or causing a problem for your horse is also as important. Not stepping off in time or late or stepping too fast could throw you off balance and cause your horse to fall off balance and cause. Making sure you have a solid leg, seat, and steady hand will allow you to support your horse to the highest level of your abilities during the ride.


Building Confidence

Building confidence is about having the patience to establish a solid base while striving to be as hard as possible to slowly push yourself away from your comfort zone.


It is important to slow down and perform this exercise to give yourself and your horse to enjoy maximum satisfaction. Doing too much too quickly can damage yourself as well as the confidence of your horse.


Gymnastic grids can be a fantastic method to gain confidence jumping over fences that are larger as they are designed to precise distances. You can let your horse generally figure out distances while focusing on the area where you are between and above the jumps.


This can ease some stress because you don’t have to help and rate your horse the same way as you do with several strides and grids. They are in a straight line, meaning it’s about making minor adjustments to help your horse keep his straightness and jump over the grid correctly. 


Purchasing different jump fillers to work with at home is an excellent way to improve your horse’s confidence before shows. It’s as easy as going to a dollar store and purchasing several fake flowers or creating a piece from plywood with a striking design.


It’s about trying to replicate the arena and different fences both you and your horse could meet elsewhere, so you can instruct your horse in the comfort of their home.  where they’re most comfortable and prepare for the unfamiliar property.


Groundwork on potentially frightening fences can be a good method to aid your horse’s confidence and learning not to be afraid of frightening obstacles. They will feel safe and secure when you are standing on the ground. You could also offer rewards to help them overcome their fears and inspire them to be brave regarding new experiences.


It is also important to let them go at their own pace and avoid pushing them to the edge of their comfort zone, or you may cause them to become more scared.


Be gentle with yourself, too. Do not compare yourself to others. Don’t compare your horse with other horses. You’re both on your unique journey, with the same strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you work with teachers who build your confidence instead of destroying it. If you are constantly going home feeling down over yourself due to what the instructor has said to you or said, it might be an appropriate time to discuss their teaching style and how it affects you.


You could find a trainer more equipped to help you build confidence rather than destroy it. It is essential to have a supportive and encouraging environment to succeed, and you’ll have to search for this.

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