Home Remodeling Ideas That Win Customers

Incorporating visual aids in your home design presentation is key to winning customers. Borchert Kitchen & Bath uses 3-D software to show clients their design choices before any work begins. This helps minimize surprises and moves from sketch to rendering remodeling ideas to finished design as smoothly as possible. Borchert Kitchen & Bath president Bob Borchert uses his architecture degree to make the entire design process as seamless as possible.

Gift cards

One of the best ways to increase sales during the holidays is to offer gift certificates to your customers. But gift certificates are not going to sell themselves. That’s why you need to have an effective marketing strategy for them. Here are some tips for creating a gift certificate marketing campaign. The first step is to come up with a catchy gift certificate design. You should use the gift certificate as a luring tool to entice potential customers.

Make gift certificates. Gift certificates are a great way to generate repeat business and boost sales. Consider offering a 20-dollar gift certificate for every $100 spent by a customer. Even if the customer does not spend more than the gift card value, he or she is likely to return to the store and make another purchase. In the case of a restaurant, a 20-dollar gift certificate can be a great way to increase repeat business.

Create a holiday atmosphere. Guests will be in the mood for gift-giving during the holiday season. You can do this by making your restaurant’s gift-card marketing strategy more festive. For instance, playing holiday music may attract more guests, resulting in an increase in sales. You can also increase the value of gift cards through various marketing strategies. One of the most effective is to place a gift card sign on your business’s website.

Present the gift card in a fancy way. Gift cards make great gifts, but you can also do it yourself to save money. Instead of spending money on wrapping, bows, and tape, you can create a unique presentation for the card. You can use gift cards to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and Mother’s Day.


One way to get a discount on the cost of remodeling a home is to ask for it. While it might be tempting to buy a home that has remodeling costs already built in, it’s not always a good idea. Firstly, it can be difficult to negotiate if the price has already been discounted. In such cases, the seller is less likely to agree to offer you a discount. Secondly, the seller’s reason for lowering the price could be related to personal preferences, and therefore, is less likely to offer you a discount on the price.

Another way to get a discount on the cost of remodeling a home is to shop at Habitat for Humanity ReStores. These stores sell new and gently used items. Some stores also have free materials. So, you can get a lot of stuff at affordable prices. Moreover, if you’re a DIY-er, you can make use of discount materials to finish the renovations yourself. These stores are found in many cities and regions.

Service awards

If you’re looking for a contractor that will provide top-notch service, you might want to consider home remodeling ideas that win customer service awards. This honor is given to companies that consistently provide excellent customer service. Customers rate service providers according to several factors, including how many reviews they receive. The top companies on Houzz are considered worthy of the honor, and they’ll be highlighted in a listing for prospective customers.

The Angie’s List awards Super Service Awards to A-rated companies who meet strict criteria. The company must have an “A” grade overall, in recent grades, and in their review period. They also must abide by the operational guidelines of Angie’s List. To qualify, the business must meet the standards of the company and adhere to its guidelines. Angie’s List also looks for consistency in customer service, so make sure you check out the company’s website to see whether it has a consistent history of high-quality work.

home remodeling ideas

Using hashtags to promote your business

Using hashtags can increase the visibility of your home remodeling business on social media. One way to increase this visibility is by tagging your project photos with the appropriate hashtag. Using hashtags can also help you engage with your target audience. These hashtags aren’t meant to be competitive, so you can share content that is relevant to your audience. You can get some help from a social media marketing expert or a social media consultant.

Ensure that the hashtags you choose are relevant to your industry. People use hashtags to find local businesses, so you should use those that are relevant to your business. For example, #shoplocal and #shopsmall are two popular hashtags for local businesses. Likewise, a hashtag for food establishments can be helpful for your business, as some popular food accounts will repost pictures of the food you serve. You can use hashtags to create a strategy for your social media marketing. Whether you are trying to sell quick bathroom remodels or recruit a new estimator, you should be able to find hashtags that will fit your goal.

To choose the right hashtags, you should make research and determine the most popular construction-related hashtags. It’s best to use industry-specific hashtags since these can attract a wider audience. But if you’re still unsure, you can always use broad hashtags. You’ll be surprised at how many potential customers your home remodeling business can reach! There are dozens of tools on the Internet that can help you research the most popular construction hashtags.

Another great way to use hashtags to promote your home remodeling ideas business is to create a campaign based on trending topics. On Instagram, you can follow individual hashtags and keep an eye out for popular topics. These will help you build your brand on the social media platform. You can also create your own hashtags and use them for advertising your home remodeling business on social media. There are thousands of people using hashtags on different social media platforms.

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