How to Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files from Computer – Know Solution

Are you seeking how to recover permanently deleted video files from your computer? Then don’t worry simply read this blog and get the ultimate solution to retrieve deleted videos from computer.

There are circumstances when in the same place on your computer you cannot find the necessary video. Find into the recycle bin and it is empty. Most probable they were deleted for some reason. What to do now?

In this write-up, users will learn how to recover permanently deleted videos from computers.
Are you ready? Let’s read!

Reasons for Permanently Files Loss

Here we will talk about the main reasons behind the deleted video files from the computer:

  1. Empty recycle bin, Mistakenly or accidentally
  2. Deleted files by pressing the normal delete button and shifting the delete button
  3. File corruption by malware or any virus infection on your computer
  4. Sometimes you don’t know, but large files are not stored in the Recycle Bin, they bypass it
  5. User’s account removal from the disk, which deletes all related files
  6. Deleting a file when “Do not move deleted files to Recycle Bin” is enabled
  7. Deleting a file using the command line

Is It Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos On My Computer?

Luckily, shift deleted files can still be returned. Although, there is one situation. Stop using your device as soon as possible. If you want to retrieve deleted video from a computer. Otherwise, data will be overwritten, and its recovery is impossible. If this does not happen, users can restore permanently deleted files from the computer.

Indeed, they are not removed from your PC, but they are still stored at the depth of your desktop. These data files are marked as inaccessible files by the PC and are waiting for new data to be overwritten on disk. In this case, there are various good ways to recover deleted video from computer which will be explained in detail below:

Method 1: How to Recover Deleted Video from Computer Recycle Bin

  • Go to Desktop and click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ folder
  • Find the deleted files in the Recycle Bin folder
  • Right-click on the file or the folder, and choose the ‘Restore.’ option

The file or the folder will be restored to its original location. Otherwise, you can choose to cut and then paste the file at your desired location.

Method 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Video from Computer with Old Backup

If users follow the ultimate practices for data safety, chances are users should have a backup. Use the backup to recover permanently deleted videos on my computer. Though, if the backup isn’t capable or is obsolete, immediately get a reliable hard disk data recovery software.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files from Computer with Reliable Utility

To perform SysTools HDD Recovery Software users can recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted videos files from hard drive. The tool has is capable to restore all types of data like photos, videos, audio, multimedia files, personal and professional documents, etc. The application supports several languages. It restores formatted data from exFAT, FAT & NTFS file systems. This utility executes recovery from m.2 and NVMe type hard drives. It can simply detect any attached portable hard drive with a refresh option. Anyone can perform this tool whether he/she technical or non-technical background.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Video from Computer

Now we will discuss the working process of the application which is given below. Please follow these steps to recover permanently deleted videos on my computer:

1. Download and launch SofrwarePro hard drive Recovery Software on Windows OS.
2. After that, provide two options Scan and formatted scan select scan option instead of formatted scan.
3. Now the software will display all files and folders including the deleted files in red color
4. Finally, Select the files you wish to recover and click on Save.

Final Verdict

Almost every single user prominently prefers hard drives because it’s enhanced functionalities and portability. However, users can store thousands of files such as photos, videos, music, word files, etc., in it. Though, those files which are saved on a hard drive are prone to delete. Furthermore, once the data file is being damaged so, it becomes difficult to recover permanently deleted video files from the computer.

Thus, in this write-up, we highlight the perfect approaches to resolve how to retrieve deleted video from computer. Mainly, we have covered the professional hard drive recovery tool to do the same. Users can try this and recover deleted videos from the computer.

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