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How to remove the background from the image without losing quality?


In the competitive e-commerce space, only the most perfect photos are praised and enhanced. While perfection can be achieved by changing the background of the photo, that is an essential editing task.

You can remove the background from the photo using a hand-drawn clipping path and a magic wand tool. Both ways have some pros and cons compared to each other. This content will discuss which one will be best for your images.

This content will guide you on which image background removal services to choose based on your budget, image quantity, and quality.

So let’s compare –

remove background
Background removal service refers to the process of erasing unwanted or distracting objects, people, or items from the subject’s background. The process involves various tools and techniques by using editing software, that is, Adobe Photoshop, to change the background.

But why is it necessary to remove the background from the photo?

Most of the time, products are recorded with unwanted elements in the background, which makes the photo unappealing. Consequently, this opaque image will not produce the best result for your business, as the subject seems boring. To bring the subject into focus and make the images compelling, you need to remove the background from professionally made images.

Additionally, the backdrops have distracting items, accessories, and artifacts that need to be removed as well. After de-funds services, these de-funds can be replaced with whatever suitable funds are best suited.

Different methods of removing funds
The expungement can be done in two ways depending on the client’s needs.

The shapes are

✔ Magic wand tool
✔ Clipping path with the pencil tool
There is also another way called the Quick Selection Tool, which does not offer the best result. Therefore, this tool is not useing by retouchers.

Let’s see what these methods do.

Clipping Path: Pen tool
A manual clipping path to select the subject accurately is the best practice to change the background without losing quality.

A clipping path is a process of drawing a selection path or line along the edges to trim the product. Typically, Photoshop’s Pen Tool is used to isolate specific parts of an image.

A pencil tool is an essential tool that allows one to draw precise clipping paths around subjects. However, the removal of the background is perfect and very precise; with its high reliability comes greater difficulty in its use.

Because a hand-drawn clipping path produces cut-to-cut results on all edges of the products, it takes more time to draw a line around the subject. Therefore, clipping with the pencil tool may cost a little more than magic wand work, as the magic wand takes less time. But in that case, you have to commit to quality.

Magic wand
Magic wand in Photoshop is used to remove the background from the photo. This is primarily a selection tool that allows you to crop-specific areas with similar colors.

For example, images with simple subjects with simple backgrounds where similar color ranges (ie the product or theme) are selected and contrasting colors (ie the background) are omitted. The unselected background is then removed, isolating only the product or subject.

Using a magic wand to remove the background from the photo is easy and saves time. But some parts of the subject will be lost when matching the color to the background. If the texture and color of the background are similar to the product, parts of the background can also be selected.

Since the magic wand produces a quick output, the result is not as sharp as the clipping path. This tool follows some simple algorithms; that is why using the tool makes images smooth and forceful.

Image quality comparison between crop and magic wand
You can easily compare the output quality between the clipping path and magic wand work by viewing the sample image below.

The top of the mug and its handle are very similar in color to the background in the image below. This means that the edges do not create any contrast with the background.

Therefore, if the Magic Wand tool is used for this image, the output will not be as sharp as the manual clipping path. Also, because the magic wand will make an incorrect product selection, some parts of the product edges will be lost.

Background removal with the Pen tool
In contrast, the Pen tool does a good job of precision cutting, creating a precise clipping path around the product. But it takes longer than a magic wand and you need an expert hand to draw the line around the edges of the product.

Cropping provides a better result than the Magic Wand tool
In general, the pencil tool allows for better isolation of the subject and helps make product photos look better. That doesn’t mean the Magic Wand tool is useless, but the clipping path provides a better result.

Better photos lead to higher product sales, which can strengthen your company’s brand with an overall better brand image.
If you need to process high-volume images in a fast turnaround time and save your post-processing cost, go with the Magic Wand tool. But if you need the best output quality and budget isn’t an issue, it’s best to go the clipping path.

Prices to remove the background
If you are looking for an expungement service provider, you should look at the price. The price range depends on the quality of your photo. Also, the quality of service you need can add to your cost. On the other hand, a good quality photo doesn’t need much editing, it also takes less time to edit.

As a provider of photo retouching services, Color Clipping considers your photo quality, image quality, and services that best fit your budget to offer the value-based pricing for background removal service.

In conclusion

The Pen tool creates a more precise clipping path and is time-consuming. On the contrary, the Magic Wand Tool is a quick solution to remove background from photos and save money.

In the end, the decision is yours. Do you want a clipping path or a magic wand? Contact us for more suggestions.


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