Immediate Things to Do As you Shift into Your New House

Shifting your house from one place to another is a multi-faceted activity. It starts with the preparatory phase of fixing the mode of shifting, fixing the moving budget, finalising the moving company, and then facing the challenges on a moving day. The moving day drudgery begins with packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and finally unpacking your belongings as they reach your new house depending on the distance of the move. But is unpacking your belongings the end of the house shifting episode? No, believe me, it is not. In this piece, I will explain to you the immediate things to do as you shift into your new house.

Here are the immediate things to do as you shift into your new house. Read them in the following pointers:

Inspect inside

The moment you arrive at your place, don’t focus on unloading your belongings in your new house. The first thing that you should do is to inspect the inside. Check inside for verifying several aspects. Ensure that the doors, windows, taps, switches, and outlets are working properly. See if the walls are painted fresh and are free of dampness. Make sure that there are no pests or wreckage in the house. It is easier to spot them in an empty house than in one cluttered with objects.

Make it safe from the start

Now that you have checked the basic condition of the house, go into the details. If you have a toddler or a pet or both, you will not want them to get hurt at any cost. Dispose of the packing boxes in a particular room and don’t let your child or your pet get there.

Make sure that the electric fuse box is covered and the water-pump area is gated. Check that the windows and doors close completely and that there is no opening left after they are shut. Don’t stack the packing boxes on top of each other; you don’t want them to topple down over your kid or your pet. Spread the packing boxes on the floor in their respective rooms. This will make the unpacking easier and safe as well. Take kitchen knives, scissors, and other sharp objects on some high rack out of the reach of the kids or the pets. Keep the cleaning supplies in a closed cabinet and lock them. Keep the door of the bathroom closed at all times after use.

Plan out the positioning of the furniture

As you move inside your empty house, plan out the positioning of your furniture. As furniture and home appliances take up most of the space of your house, you should figure out where to position them as they get unloaded and moved in later on. If you plan it out beforehand, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort.

Settle the utility services

Your new house should have the utility services installed the moment you enter the house. But you can’t expect things to go as planned every time. So, if you find that your new house is not yet connected with electricity or water, don’t be surprised. You have to make calls to the utility service providers and request them to do the needful. The other utilities that you should take care of are your LPG, DTH, Wi-Fi, security, and garbage pick-up.

Clean it the right way

Cleanliness can transform a house into a home; apart from love. So, clean your house thoroughly as you move into your new house. Here’s you should go about it:

  • Clean up then down

Clean the cob-webs on the ceiling, the ceiling fans, the curtain rods, and the surfaces located high first. The dirt and morass from the upper surfaces with fall on the floor as you clean. So, don’t start cleaning the floors first.

  • Clean the fridge

No matter if you had cleaned the fridge before it got packed, you cannot avoid the mildew from growing inside it. After shifting, you have to clean the inner surfaces of the fridge using a solution of warm water mixed with freshly cut lemon, baking soda, and white vinegar.

  • Clean the kitchen

Check the kitchen cabinets and the nooks; look if there are any cockroaches. Spray domestic safe pesticides before you load your kitchen with utensils and crockery. While spraying pesticides, make sure that the kids or your pets do not linger around. Clean the kitchen counter, stove hob, and sink with warm water and liquid detergent. Grime off the handles of the cabinets and chimney.

  • Clean the other rooms

After you are done with the kitchen, start cleaning the other rooms. Clean the ceilings and then the floors of the bedrooms, the drawing-room, and the balconies.

  • Clean the floors

After you are done cleaning the ceilings and upper surfaces of the rooms, sweep the floors of all the rooms. Now that the floors are sans dirt, mop the floors using a mix of water, phenyl, and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

  • Clean the bathroom

Clean the bathroom at last so that post cleaning you can directly head for a shower. Scrub the floors well using floor cleaner and water. Clean the wash basin. Lastly, clean the commode using a toilet cleaner and a cleaning brush. After completing this mission, you will not feel like doing or tough anything else without taking a bath. Clean yourself after you have accomplished making your new house spick and span.

Change existing locks

The new house must have been equipped with locks as you moved in. These locks were used by the previous residents of the house. It is mandatory to change the locks for your security purpose. Be rational and do this as soon as possible.

Update the address

You need to update your new address in the bank and post office and your necessary documents like your Aadhar card and driving license. Also, update your friends and relatives and send them your new address.

Repair as per requirement

Since you have already conducted an inspection tour into your new house before unloading the things, you will know about the defunct areas of the house that needs repairing. You should call the carpenter, plumber, mason, or electrician depending upon the kind of repair you are looking for.

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Catch up with the neighbours

After you are done with the basic steps, it is time for an ice-breaking session with your next-door neighbour. Start with a simple smile and a hello as you pass them and then talk to them when and as things go with the flow.

The Final Outcome

As you shift from one house to another, it is natural to feel exhausted after being a proactive participant in such an elaborate process. But don’t let your exhaustion take over your acumen. Follow the aforesaid pointers on immediate things to do as you shift into your new house to make a safe and cautious start. Wishing you good luck!


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